Tea Obstacles

I am watching Chopped and I had a sudden and intense craving for some good chai… Except how can I possibly move this sleeping angel, no matter how strong my craving…?: http://photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/s720x720/46829_10151419470756335_1045096986_n.jpg

What stands in the way of you and your tea?

P.s. my current cup of tea was deemed undrinkable awhile ago after sleeping beauty’s sister saw the sun reflecting off my phone on the wall and jumped feetfirst into my mug on my lap…

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Kamyria said

That would be my cat…. My cat comes between me and my tea…. He loves to sleep in my lap often. :)

Oh how I want a cat, but my opinion has been vetoed time and time again :(

Luckily my dog’s cuteness has no relevance on my bladders needs, so I can make my chai and not feel guilty now:-)

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Worst of tea obstacles would be the time of day. How often do I come home from work and look longingly at my caffeinated teas before finally brewing an herbal or rooibos? All. The. Time. If only I were immune to caffeine like my sister. She passes out from coffee, calling it a warm relaxing drink.

My pups don’t pose a problem for me since one of them is a very dedicated lap dog. If I didn’t develop the ability to hoist him off when I needed to get up, I’d be stuck to a chair for the majority of my life. He’s right there waiting for me when I come back with another cup. :)

I drank 2 cups of mate last might before falling promptly to sleep at 745pm LOL

Denny said

lol @ warm relaxing drink!

I used to be able to drink caffeine at night and fall asleep without a problem, but lately I’ve noticed I’m less tolerant. One night last week I was up until 4am. Not fun!

Serenity said

Craving black tea right before bed: sooo common for me! Must resist…!

yssah said

how abt decaf?

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Maria said

I second Mercuryhime, this happens to me all the time.

Also not having enough time to enjoy a tea that re-steeps well, and putting a quicker and simpler tea in my tumbler as I leave out the door in the morning.

I second that! Early mornings usually equals teabags which isn’t always quite what I want!

Denny said

Totally relate.

Claire said

Third relate! I usually end up having simple black tea in my thermos all day while at school/work.

I’m suffering from this today… Boyfriend was rushing me out the door, so I just grabbed a cheap black tea bag that I had (well, 5 of them for my 32oz mug Haha) and now I’m suffering the consequences for that decision lol. I need to take this weekend to pre bag some of my loose leaf into tsacs…

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Uniquity said

My cat is also my main obstacle. Once she settles in for snuggles I rarely move her. She’s got me wrapped around her little finger, clearly.

I just got a tea mug that says, “My dog has me wrapped around its little paw” Haha

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My main struggle is that I don’t check my schedule well enough to enjoy a cup sometimes. I tend to make a cup to enjoy a little too close to my next client appointment and it ends up cooling and settling by the time I’m done.

Serenity said


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Serenity said


I could be having the worst day in the world and I just look at my puppies gorgeous faces and all my stresses just melt away!

Coming home to two fuzzy little pups who are besides themselves with joy simply at your return…puts a smile on my face and a lift in my heart every time.

One of them is a mischievous little escape artist who occasionally can be found on the wrong side of the gate upon my return home. I get a good laugh watching him alternate between joy and panic because I’ve caught him doing something bad. I love that rascally little bugger. :)

We put up a $400 fence… They went through it. Put up $40 worth of plastic chicken wire stuff… They went under it. Finally we put boards under it and it’s kept them on the right side of the yard!!

Thankfully, my pups have only managed to escape the gate the keeps them (on good days) in the kitchen. They haven’t figured out how to leave the house unsupervised…yet.

Oh yea, mine can’t either! They are in a pen all day! This is just when we let them out into the backyard! HOPEFULLY they will eventually graduate to the whole house with a dog door but… that’s not for a long while!!!

And by pen, I mean a 17×6foot entryway with a gate!!!! Not a crate all day!

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Does anybody else keep getting an error message today? I’ve lost 4 posts already today! Ugh!

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Frequent hospital visits are the only thing that stands between me and my tea, I don’t like to drink hospital tea or tea made with microwaved water or teas from the coffee shops in paper cups but thats the only options I have when we have to go to the hospital.

Serenity said

Hospitals would be so improved if they had proper cups of tea for patients…here’s best wishes for your health, Tommy!

Alphakitty said

I braved some Lipton when visiting my bf in the hospital, the water tasted like coffee ;~;

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Lazey said

Cats here too, especially the fluffy Cheeto. If the tea is cool enough and milky she will help herself if I don’t watch it carefully. When she doesn’t want to drink it she likes to soak her tail or ridiculous fluffy fur in my tea. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/aDYwofZrWURWCaK5B7TlsXPM9mUmabP8p7S9AsCrwv0?feat=directlink

At first I thought your cat looked ashamed at being caught in the act, but then I realized she was just concentrating on digging her paw through your yogurt. Awesome.

Lazey said

:D Cheeto loves yogurt. Wonder if Cabot will sponsor her.

They should. She gorgeous. :)

Uniquity said

My kitty is also a yogurt fiend. It is her number two food (bacon being number one). I think ice cream is a close third.

Lazey said

My cats don’t really like bacon, I think it’s too salty for them. But they LOVE chicken, I think that’s their #1 food. They especially love to steal chicken wings and scare me about the bones so I have to steal it away from them before they choke themselves. Then they give me hurt looks. I prefer them eating yogurt.

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deafeningly, sometimes apartment shakingly loud neighbors. sure, I can still drink tea, but it is hard to be with it, enjoy it fully.

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