Handle-less teacups that retain heat but cool-to-the-touch?

I’ve gathered so much information from this forum and have become a regular tea drinker as a result, so thank you everyone for sharing my knowledge! I’m sorry my first post is another “what should I buy?” question. :D

I’m looking for a smaller size (4 oz?) handle-less teacup (like those in Chinese restaurants) that won’t get hot on the outside. I’d prefer a shape that will retain heat, versus the “tulip” shape some Chinese teacups have.

I don’t care if the “cool-to-the-touch” attribute is of the material itself, or design (I’ve seen cups with a band of tortoise-shell on the outside that stays cool).

I’m not sure how many oz. are the Chinese teacups, but they’re smaller than the Japanese ones I find, which are more mug-size.

Thank you so much!

PS – Thank you for your suggestions so far, but I feel I should state that I feel glass is not good at retaining heat and makes the tea cool quicker than ceramic or other materials.

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ashmanra said

Teavivre has some tiny double walled glass cups that I use. Beautiful, and no heat transfer to my hand! They are really tiny, but I believe that Bodum makes a similar product in a larger size that is still as small as you want.

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TeaLover58 said

Try and see if you can find anything on Etsy.com They sell a lot of handcrafted things, Chinese style items, custom items etc, so even if they make a cup you really like, but it’s a 6-8 oz cup, there is a possibility you can request them to make you only a 4 oz cup. Everything I’ve purchased from the cite is priced well, depending on the seller of course. Also, it is nice because people sell products from all over the world, so you don’t have to worry about being restricted to just stateside or overseas purchases. Hope this helps at least a little.

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I agree with the double walled glass cups. I have a set from David’s Tea that are small (tiny, actually, I think the hold 2oz) and I regularly pour boiling water into them and am able to pick them up without feeling the heat. In fact they can be dangerously deceptive – the outside of the cup feels slightly warm but the tea in it will be extremely hot!

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