iHeartTeas.com Sale Update: THANK YOU!!!

Final Update: Thank you so much to everyone for making my first Valentine’s Day Sale such a success. :D

All orders have been shipped out can’t wait to hear what you all thought of my tea blends.

Raspberries & Champagne {White Blend} – Sold Out
Gingerbread Chai – Sold Out
Honey Orchid Black – Sold Out
Caramel Apple Honeybush (Qty: 1 Left)
French Vanilla (Qty: 4 Left)
I’ll make this sale even better. All those that order before the sale is over tomorrow will receive 2 Free Samples of random 52Teas blends until supplies run out. Those that include a regular pouch in their purchase will receive an additional sample for a total of 3 samples. * Don’t worry if you already made a purchase I will be sure the samples are included in your package.

With all the snow all I could think about is family and tea. What better time than now to celebrate both.

Coupon Code: ILOVETEA20
www.iHeartTeas.com and
Ends: 2/12/13

Last Chance Items:
52Teas Teas (Gingerbread Chai, French Vanilla, and Caramel Apple Honeybush)
Raspberries & Champagne {White Tea Blend}
Royal Tea {Black Tea Blend}
Cabernet Whispers {Black Tea Blend}
Sourenee 2nd Flush 2012 Darjeeling
Happy Fish & Frog Yixing Teapot
Mint Julep {Lip Balm}
Platinum Tea Collection

Sold Out:
Honey Orchid Black from Golden Moon Tea
Tea Accessories
Buttered Popcorn – 52Teas

33 Replies
T.C. said

Knew I should have held off a few days on my order!
….dare I order again…

LOL :) You can never have to much tea.

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Hmm…2-3 catch my eye. This might be my tea order for the week.

T.C. said

or my tea order of the day :(

I’ve got plenty to go around. :)

If only I could make as many tea orders as you, TC! :/

T.C. said

Why? You just have to find room for them then :/

the $ side is my issue.

T.C. said

I hear ya…I’ve gone a bit nuts the last month. Hopefully I get a more moderate approach in the future

Sil select said

T.C yeaaah…i’m still waiting for that to happen 8 months later lol

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Azzrian said

Noooooooooooooo lol I just made an order oh well it happens to all of us. :)

There is always room for more. ;)

Azzrian said

Oh wait Rachel Im sorry I was not really paying attention and I had not made an order with you- but now I can and not feel I missed out :)

That’s ok and yes you sure can. I have a nice variety of options. Even a few remaining pouches of 52Teas reblend, the Fish & Frog Yixing, Bath Teas, my tea blends, and more. :)

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Tea is one of the few passions in my life that I have practically no self control over nor any guilt. Well, maybe a little guilt. ;)

Azzrian said

Hey Rachel am I missing the info or do you post how many ounces we get in each tea? I got a couple already but was just wondering – thanks :)

Thanks for the heads up. I have added them to the ones in questions. As a general fact most all quantities for the tea is 2oz with exception to some of the 52Teas blends which are generally 1.75oz.

Thanks for letting me know. :)

Azzrian said

Wow even on the Honey Orchid Black? If so that is a killer deal! Your welcome :)

Azzrian said

Dang I just saw it IS 2 ounces! 1 ounce at Golden Moon was 11.00 plus shipping! Thank you for the awesome deal on this very highly rated tea!

Yes, I did sell it at per ounce before but I’m really trying to get through inventory. Need to make room for some new goodies. So yes it is an outstanding value. :)

“new inventory? so some/ all? of these are “last chance” type of blends?

Yes but not all. The last chance items would be the 52Teas items, Mint Julep Lip Balm, the Honey Orchid Black from Golden Moon Tea, Raspberries & Champagne White, Royal Tea, Cabernet Whispers, and Sourenee Darjeeling, and the Fish & Frog Yixing Teapot. I am sorry I hadn’t thought of mentioning that earlier it was only because the 20% off applies to everything. Thanks for asking. :)

ah, thanks for clarifying! good to know I Dream of Milk & Coconut is a part of the permanent collection…I could fall hard for that one.

Yes it is. It’s pure heaven. :)

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WOW! A few items have already sold out. :)

pavl said

I’m glad I was able to get some of the Honey Orchid last night before it ran out!

I’m so glad. That one was very popular and for good reason. :)

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Just 2 days left. Don’t be left out. :)

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Azzrian said

Thank you for the bonus samples!

You’re welcome and enjoy your order shipped out this afternoon. :)

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Azzrian said

My order arrived today – SUPER fast shipping! Thank you Rachel! Thank you also for the samples! Some goodies in there! :)

Wow you’re welcome. That’s great! Hope you like it all. :)

Azzrian said

Thank you! I am sure I will enjoy them all and in the case that I don’t I will happily share with others :)

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