Best decaffeinated loose leaf tea?

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Dr Jim said


A couple days ago I promised an update on Upton decaf teas; here it is. I found that the Upton Assam and China Green were fairly comparable to the Harney & Sons Assam and decaf Sencha in quality but a bit higher in price. I like them all.

I just finished a side-by-side tasting of the Harney Vanilla Comorro and the Upton decaf Vanilla. My notes are copied below. I was surprised by how much the sweetener brought out the vanilla in the Harney’s tea. Without sweetener I judged them to be similar, but I liked the Harney’s much better after adding sweetener (nutra-sweet), while the NS didn’t make much difference to the Upton.

Harney’s Comorro has more vanilla in the nose, while the Upton smells more like tea. Taste is simlar. Upton is tea with a bit of vanilla; Harney has a bit more vanilla but the tea still dominates. Upton has a slightly bitter undercurrent that isn’t enough to be unpleasant. The Harney has a bit more vanilla and overall flavor, but is only a tiny bit better. Added NS: Uptons lost bitterness; Harney became much more Vanilla. Harney=76, Upton = 74.

Update: The Upton is really good at room temperature

TeaGinner said

Hey Dr. Jim! Thank you so much for the update!! :) I’ve been eyeballing the Vanilla Comorro from Harneys’ so that’s on my list!! :) Also, thanks to your recommendations I found that Upton has a ton of great looking decaf teas which I thank you again for showing me!! :)

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TeaGinner said

Thank you!! :) I’ve been eyeing Harneys’ decaf section and will have to place an order there sometime soon!

Np. many tea sites have a decaf section, I have now noticed :) lucky for those who needed it!

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