Twinings New Zealand Breakfast Tea

I got some Twinings NZ Breakfast tea in a swap last year, then again when the round robin in my knitting group came back around. I fell in love with this tea, and a friend gave me a box and a bag of loose leaf. Now, I’m almost out, and I’m desperate for more! I just found I can’t order it online anywhere(or at least anywhere I could find), so I was wondering if anyone had any or could get any that I could swap for or buy. Thanks!

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gmathis said

Ever since I read your posts, I’ve been coveting it, myself :)

I’m sorry, I just love it so much, I can’t help but sing it from the rooftops! lol If I do find a way to get ahold of some, I’ll order extra so I can share with you :)

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I read your reviews and it does sound good :) Have you tried emailing Twinings, to see if it’s available for purchase or order anywhere outside AUS/NZ?

I haven’t! That’s a great idea- I’ll do it ASAP! Thanks!

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I believe I’ve mentioned this before on your tasting note, but I would be happy to send you (and others) some in a month or so once I recover from upcoming surgeries. I have access to both bags and loose leaf.

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I’m going to New Zealand in the fall for four months, so if you want me to pick you up any and send it to you, PM me! It’ll be a bit of a wait though :)

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