Java Jive!

“I love coffee, I love tea…”

I just watched an episode of White Collar where Peter is making coffee, hoping to smooth things over between himself and Neal, and this song accompanied the exchange. Here is the youtube song (no visual)

And a video montage, Java Jive starts at about 1 min 45 sec, but is different than what you see on the episode.

And finally, the episode with the actual song! Sorry I couldn’t find a shorter clip.

Anyhow, I have a teeny crush on Matt Bomer so any link between Matt and tea has me giddy, even if it does focus more on the coffee! :D:D:D

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Dustin said

I LOVE The Ink Spots! My favorite song is I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire. Most of their songs start out the same with that intro guitar.

I don’t know that one, I should look it up!

Dustin said

I was turned onto them when my husband was playing a game, Fallout I think. That song was on the radio in the game.

I found the song, no video. Pretty awesome!

That is pretty much THE song from Fallout 3. I have that song on my iPod, but sometimes I still re-watch the game’s opening intro to sing along to the song over it.

Here’s the game’s intro, for the curious:

Almost enough to make me wanna play lol (I’m not much of a gamer)
I love that, thanks for sharing!!

Dustin said

Just get someone else to play it and you can watch. That’s what I do. I’m a back seat gamer. :)

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Dinosara said

Haha I remember that scene. Love White Collar (love Matt Bomer!) I also have a version of that song by the Manhattan Transfer.

Bomer = my boo!! well, if he were straight and single lol

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