Hondo said

Non dairy milk for black tea

I am trying to eliminate all dairy from my diet as I am trying to determine whether or not I am lactose intolerant. The only major hurdle I have is that I have to have black tea with milk in the morning- it’s pretty much the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. Anyone have any recommendations of substitutes that they have found to be successful in black tea? I’ve heard several people say that there really is no good sub.

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I’ve always used soymilk in my tea, and I think it tastes just fine. My houseguests never seem to mind it in their tea (I don’t keep dairy milk on hand), and I have one friend who actually prefers his tea with soymilk. You might need some time for your palate to get used to the change, so take that into account, too.

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It’s kinda costly, but you can try lactaid milk. Regular cow milk without the lactose.

As for tea, I like almond milk.

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AJ said

The reason people are often reluctant to substitute a non-dairy milk, is because dairy milk actually removes the bitterness (milk protein binds with tea tannin) encountered in black tea. Non dairy milks don’t do this, but you could easily fix that just by messing with the steep time of the tea (and then adding your favourite non-dairy milk).

Otherwise, though I don’t like milk in my tea usually, almond milk is quite nice.

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momo said

Similar topic from a couple days ago: http://steepster.com/discuss/4987-which-vegan-milk

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sandra said

i am a vegetarian and don’t drink dairy milk.
I take soy milk in my black tea in the morning. Sometimes I also add whipped cream for an extra treat. (on soy bases as well.)

Since people in the Netherlands do not take milk in their tea, there is no need to have dairy milk in the fridge when peeps are coming over.

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Rachel J said

Check out this thread I started a few days ago: http://steepster.com/discuss/4987-which-vegan-milk

I also need milk in my first tea of the day or my stomach has issues. I’m vegan, so it’s obviously non-dairy. I’ve been using soy creamer, but it is a little sweet. I find almond milk adds too much of an almond-y flavor to my tea (though I use almond milk for everything else). It was suggested to me that un-flavored, un-sweetened rice milk is creamy with a neutral taste, but I haven’t tried it yet.

OMGsrsly said

I find it depends on the brand of almond milk. I’ve been using almond breeze unsweetened, and quite like it. Unsweetened soy milk is also good, but I prefer the creamer because I use less. I find rice milks can be oily (check the ingredients!) and lots of them taste strongly of rice, so you should get a brand recommendation.

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Serenity said

I am right there with you. Lactose free milk? Is it available in your area? It makes tea tastes sweeter, which I don’t care for, but if you are eliminating lactose that might be a good place to start.
There are so many wonderful non dairy “milks” available now: coconut in the dairy section and it does not have a strong coconut taste, all kinds of soy and almond milks…it is ridiculous but I crave milky tea, with cow’s milk, each morning like a total addict. I am reduced to having black tea, made weakly, with a bit of honey…and I’m not complaining, really, I’m not…!

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eh.mio said

Love cow’s milk for my blacks but my roomies are dairy free, so today I tried Samovars chai with almond/coconut milk, so far so good. You can taste a little coconut but does not affect the chai flavor. I’ll try later with my Earls.

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Cwyn said

If black tea is the choice, for a stomach issue a grain milk like rice won’t coat the stomach because it is the fat bound in milk which provides the coating. If rice or oat milk are the only options, consider stirring a bit of melted vegan butter into the milk before adding it to the tea, and whisk well before pouring in.

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AllanK said

This discussion makes me glad I don’t take milk in tea as I drink no dairy milk too, for several reasons including Lactose Intolerance and the fact that it is high in FODMAPS.

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