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Tea in Movies

Hey guys! I love sipping, talking and writing about tea, but sometimes I have to admit my creativity isn’t feeling too well, so I need to get inspired.
I believe that tea has influenced culture in such a way that life without this beverage today would be empty, to say the least.
Anyway, there are books about tea, songs about tea, paintings about tea, etc. I have written at least an article about all of those cultural aspects, and now I want to write an article for my blog connecting movies and tea. But to achieve this, I need your help.
My question for you is, can you think of any movies in which tea plays an important part?

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sandra said


what about US (history) Just think about the Boston Tea Party.

RiverTea said

Thanks for the idea! Indeed I do want to extensively write about the Boston Tea Party and I already have something on my blog about it. Here it is: http://rivertea.com/blog/world-of-tea/amazing-tea-traveling-tea-history-and-tea-traditions/

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forsythia said

The first movie title that came to me was “Tea and Mussolini”. If I remember right it was about English women living in Italy as WWII begins. It’s on television fairly regularly.

ChaMei select said

Title is “Tea with Mussolini”.

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Katiek said

The documentary All in this Tea ? Tea and Sympathy?

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Lots of disney shows/cartoons feature tea. The first scene that came to mind when I read this thread was from Pocahontas II http://www.cornel1801.com/disney/Pocahontas-II-Journey-to-a-New-World-1998/video-quotes/Put-on-some-tea.html

I love that scene :p

Or how about the teapot and cup in Beauty and the beast? Alice and Wonderland was a book first, but many of the remakes may have different takes on the tea party scenes with the Hatter. All that’s coming to mind for me are Western traditions. Can’t think of movies with Eastern traditions just yet. . .

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