Kaylee said

migraine help?

Ok folks, this is a desperate move, but I am wondering if anyone has thoughts on teas that might soothe a migraine. I have been up with one since 4:30am and simply HAVE to be on my game at work today. My usual medication, Excedrin extra strength, has only helped a little. Alas, no healthcare coverage and therefore no scrips. So it’s time to get creative. Ideas? Thanks!

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A friend of mine who suffers often insists that eating a banana helps. For awhile she used to use it as a face mask, kinda like we do with cucumbers.
Feel better soon! xx

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Uniquity said

Mint. Lots of it, brewed strong. Does something with the blood vessels (opens them?) Might just be psychosomatic, but I find it helps. My trick is a hot water bottle, but that takes a couple hours of resting with it, and apparently does not work for everyone!

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I get migraines almost every day, and have for over three years. I’m at my wits end myself, but I’ve learned some tricks over the years – and yes, tea can help. I have to avoid red rooibos because it gives me migraines, but here are some teas and blends that work well for me:
-Mint Medley (blend of peppermint and spearmint)
-Tumeric Snap (David’s Tea) – this is one of my faves, because it starts working immediately, but doesn’t necessarily put you to sleep like mint can.
-Ginger Citrus Twist (from Mighty Leaf Tea)
-Organic Detox (also Mighty Leaf)

I avoid anything remotely sweet smelling – the chocolate and dessert teas, but that’s because I’m usually sick to my stomach.

If you use tea bags, especially the mint ones, instead of immediately throwing them out, try putting them in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes. Just stick them in a ziploc bag and cool them down for about 15 minutes or so. I use the freezer, because I’m very impatient when I’ve got a migraine! It becomes an ultra-cool compress; place it on your face, temple or neck, wherever the pain is radiating the most. I usually put it on the right side of my face, where my cluster headaches start.

Another blend that works well for me is Sleepy Bear Tea from New Mexico Tea Company. It’s calming and soothing. I also use my own blend of cinnamon, lemon, vanilla and lemongrass, or lavender and chamomile.

I literally feel your pain most days so I hope this helps – and I hope you feel better soon!

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Emily M said

I’m so sorry you have a migraine! I used to get them almost three times a week when I was a teenager, but luckily they seem to have died off a bit. They are the worst and they are so stubborn!

When I do get a migraine, I also find that mint tea is helpful. I don’t know what it is, but it relieves some of the pressure for me. Even just the smell of mint helps a little. I’d avoid black teas and anything really sweet, like KeenTeaThyme said, especially if you have an upset stomach with this. Plus, sometimes just the strong aroma and taste can make the migraine worse.

I also like to use a cold compress or ice pack and place it (for short periods of time) on which ever side of my head is giving me the most trouble. Sometimes this helps. Sometimes I alternate it with a damp warm washcloth, too.

I really hope it starts fading for you soon, and hopefully some of this info we’ve shared with you takes a bit of the edge off. Feel Better!

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Lynxiebrat said

If you can, drink something caffeinated. It might help give you some relief.

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Lala said

My mom used to drink alka seltzer for migraines. I have never tried that. I don’t even know if they sell it anymore.

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looseTman said

Hello Kaylee,

My wife & I both know & feel your pain. Unfortunately, most of the migraine rescue meds are RX only. Have your tried OTC Excedrin Migraine – https://www.excedrin.com/products/migraine.shtml?

For migraine prevention try using the following neurologist recommended OTCs everyday:
– Vitamin B-2: 200 mg twice a day
– Fish Oil: 1 softgel capsule twice a day

Ditto: “cold compress or ice pack and place it (for short periods of time) on which ever side of my head is giving me the most trouble.”

Hope you feel better soon!

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gschuschke said

Peppermint essential oil drops mixed with a few drops of jojoba oil on your forehead or bridge of your nose or back of neck, where ever the pain is. I use it and my kids use it for headaches and it really does help.

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Rachel J said

I have had luck beating back ridiculously awful headaches by taking all at once:

Maximum recommended dose of extra strength acetaminophen (Tylenol)
Maximum recommended dose of extra strength ibuprofen (Advil / Motrin)
Maximum recommended dose of caffeine (No-Doz, Vivarin, etc.)

Of course, check for any interaction warnings if you are taking anything else! Only do this once. I am not a doctor, but my doc did say it is OK to take these meds all at once. Sometimes it’s the only thing that will work.

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moraiwe said

I actually ran into the same problem not so long ago and I get migraines with aura way more frequently than anyone rightfully should, so I actually have a tin of organic Migraine Relief tea with Lavender, White Willow, Sage, Rosemary, Nettle and Feverfew. I bought it thinking that even on the off chance it worked it would be well worth it. It doesn’t taste the greatest, but I’ve had excellent luck with it alleviating some of the terrible, horrible no good very badness.

Editing to add a link!


Their tea is actually pretty good quality in general. :)

Anyanka said

Terrible horrible no good very bad days are indeed unpleasant.

I have migraine auras several times a week, with and without the actual headache- and other nastiness. I don’t like most of the meds that have been thus far suggested by my doctors, so thanks for the link, it’s interesting.

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