Storage for a pound of tea

I just ordered a pound of tea from Rishi so I can make ice tea all summer. I’ve got tea tins, but they’re smaller (4inx5in). I’d love to order some large square tins, preferably silver to match the others I have, if any one knows where I can find some I’d appreciate the help.

Thank you for all the suggestions everyone. I picked something up today that will work great.

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Erin said

Go to the thrift store- they have plenty of tins for very cheap. I have a couple of 2-lb tea stashes. I have sealed them in heavy-duty, smaller plastic bags (so I do not have to continually reopen the one large bag), and all the smaller bags live in a Christmas tin from the thrift store. Best of both worlds, for cheap.

The town I live in is small enough that we don’t have a thrift shop, otherwise that would have been the first place I went. It’s easier for me to just order online rather than drive 45mins round trip on the off chance I might find something.

I do like the idea of multiple smaller bags. I’ll be opening this every other day so that’s a great idea.

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ifjuly said

Specialty Bottle has large square silver tea tins, might wanna check them out.

EDIT: oh, I’m dumb. Looking now I see they don’t have any with larger dimensions than those you already have. Aaand now I realize you are the one who already commented elsewhere about using Specialty Bottle ‘cause I mentioned it before. D’oh. Disregard.

Yup it’s me again :) I really liked your idea now I’m looking for a larger container to match what I just bought.

I found a canister at Cost Plus World Market that made me think of you since it’s coated with chalkboard paint. The manager marked it down dirt cheap for me since the seal that makes it air tight was broken (easy enough to fix with hot glue until I can find a replacement). Might be a good option for you if you need anything bigger than you already have.

ifjuly said

Thank you for that! So bummed—we had a World Market here, then it closed. :( I loved it for little treats normally unavailable in the States (violet pastilles, yum) and tea time goodies (used to get all my clotted cream and lemon curd there) and cute Pier 1-y house decor.

I’m such a tea flirt, flitting here and there among a bajillion types at any time, that hopefully I won’t need bigger containers for a long while. Even with my regulars I don’t use up more than a couple ounces for quite some time since I’m always sampling, ha.

It is such a long drive for me to get to ours, but I had other business on that side of town so I just had to pop in. I could spend a fortune there on all the goodies so I try to limit myself to only coming in at Christmas to get special gifts.

I’ve never bought a pound of tea before because I really do love variety, but I jumped on it when my husband commented he liked what was in the ice tea pitcher (it was just a random sample I had). That is just such a rarity in this house, it was hard enough to get him to give up his Lipton when we got married.

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Fiddling said

Harney & Sons has a few options for large, black square tins. You could probably paint the tins if you really wanted them to be silver. While they might not be exactly what you are looking for, they are pretty cheap.

It might be overkill, but you can buy a tin large enough for 3lbs.

The 8 oz. size is plain black, though currently out of stock :/

Good luck! :)

I’ve been wanting to order from Harney & Sons, this would just give me the excuse to order tea as well. The large tin might be overkill, but the price is right. I’ll have to keep it in mind. Thanks!

I wish they’d get in the 8oz size again. I’ve been checking back for a few months now but it’s never come back in stock.

Specialty Bottle has some that are similar, but they are silver.

The only downfall is they charge a mint for shipping so if you don’t plan on ordering a bunch it isn’t worth it. I ordered 24 and shipping was about $18.

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Dr Jim said

I prefer to just take out a few ounces at a time and leave the really big bag upstairs where it’s out of the way (my wife gets upset if I have too much tea in the kitchen). I have a bunch of 1 and 4 oz tins for the kitchen stash.

I have a dedicated space in the kitchen for tea, it just isn’t organized in any way shape or form. I’ve been looking for some nice containers to leave on the counter for my every day teas. The rest gets put away so the world doesn’t have to see my addiction.

Uniquity said

I do that, pretty much. I bought 1lb of a tea once and keep a few ounces accessible in a tin with the rest sealed in the bag. My advice is to never buy 1 lb of tea though unless you drink very few teas, heh.

I have no doubt we’ll go through this quickly over the summer and it may surprise me and not be enough. I make a 64oz pitcher of iced tea a day and 2 -3 on the weekends since we always have company. We have a major tea addiction in this family :)

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Cheryl said

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Lynxiebrat said

Ohh I miss the World Market store we used to have! it was in the same area as a Pier One Outlet and a Barnes and Noble. I could of easily spent a few hours in each! I liked it because of the funky pops that they sold, some pops that had a brief popularity when I was a teenager. (Like a red pop that I think was called Brain Drain? lol. Been so long.)

The shops closest to me, 1 I like her wares and she has some tins, but only kind of biggish square ones that I would have trouble fitting in my cabinet and they are $$ and she doesn’t have a sense of humor. The other is a Teavana, but I mainly keep their teas in a few big canisters that I occasionally buy from them. The favorite tea shop near my Grams luckily has cheap tins but it is a little far to warrant going there very often. (I go about every 2-3 months. But the bags of tea are foil so they keep for a long while.) I only got so much room in my tea cupboard, so it is just as well I am not able to buy many more tins nor tea. Going to try and concentrate on buying samples for a long while.

I love World Market. On one hand I wish they were closer to me, on the other hand, it’s probably a good thing they aren’t. I could spend a fortune there. Lately I’ve been drooling over an drink dispenser they have that looks like the old blue mason jars. They never seem to have them in stock in the store, otherwise I would probably have broken down and purchased one (or two) by now since they’re only $20 and it matches the theme in my kitchen perfectly.

Yup, probably a good thing that they’re a 60 minute round trip for me, it keeps my trips down to Christmas and birthday shopping only.

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