Tea farms in Tanzania

I have done some looking online but can’t seem to find much information about tea farms in the northern part of Tanzania. I find larger ones further south and east but nothing near the Kenyan border between Kilimanjaro & Lake Victoria. Maybe there aren’t any in the northwest.

I will be traveling in that area in late June (Kilimanjaro, Tarangire, Ngorogoro and Serengeti) and was wondering if there were any smaller tea farms that anyone knew of around there that could be toured. Not sure if we will have time between the safari camps, but it’s possible. We can set our own itinerary to an extent so I was curious about the possibilities.

Short of that, are there any recommendations on Tanzanian teas to try to grab? I have only had the Kenyan teas that Butiki offers thus far. And a couple of Kenyans from other sources.

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Angrboda said

I’ve only had one tea from Tanzania which was very generic. I quite liked it though. Relatively strong, but not overwhelmingly so. While I can’t recommend any particular estates, I would say definitely give one a go if you get the chance.

I’m definitely planning on trying whatever they have at the camps and keeping an eye out for stuff in the airports. We might have time to look around Moshi as well and I think we can take a village tour from our first lodging place. Maybe there will be something there!

Angrboda said

I don’t know how you stand on teabags, but if that’s all you can find, get a few anyway. Even if they’re sub-standard, you’ll still be able to say you had the locally-grown tea afterwards. :)

I brought a few back home, a few varieties of African Pride, a couple of Kilamanjaro Tea and a few Tanzania Highlands Organic Tea. All are black teas.

I don’t have too much tea snob in me to not drink bagged. :)

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I couldn’t find any when we were there in December. Everyone drinks CTC bagged tea like African Pride. You may see an attractive looking tin of what appears to be loose leaf tea in the duty free shop at Kilamanjaro airport, but don’t buy it. You’ll find when you get home that it just contains a foil wrapped bag of CTC tea; same stuff as in the teabags you’ll be drinking while on safari.

Pretty much the same goes for coffee too. 99% of the good stuff is for export and it’s next to impossible to find or be served anything but powdered. But if you also like coffee or someone you are travelling with does, you might try spending a night or two at or visiting the Plantation Lodge in Karatu when you’re visiting Ngorongoro. It’s a beautiful place right next door to a working coffee plantation (they also grow their own veggies and coffee in their own garden). They serve and will sell you bags of fresh roasted coffee.

Good info. Thanks! I will plan on taking a few bags of my own for in the camps, just in case. :)

I brought my own home made bags, and you probably should too, especially if you drink green or oolong. But even in the best camps, tea on safari is a lot like those bucket showers: highly welcome, but brief and utilitarian. Kuwa na safari nzuri!

So, did you enjoy it when you were there in December? How long were you there? And by the way, every time I see your name that song goes through my head for hours! :)

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Sil select said

i’m so jealous! I expect lots of great stories when you come back!

I hope to oblige. :)

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You are going to have so much fun! My husband is Tanzanian and I’ve been there several times. I brought my own tea there as well. There are a few coffee farms in Moshi and Arusha – Kilimanjaro region (they even have coffee tours), but I think the best way to find out is to inquire locally about tea farms.

You lucky duck! It looks absolutely gorgeous.

I have seen the blurbs about the coffee tours. The village tour I mentioned has a coffee farm stop included. I’m not a coffee person at all, but it would be neat to see a farm. I’ll have to ask our guide about tea farms in the area. :)

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