Thrift Store/Estate/Garage Sale Finds?

So I was at an estate sale the other day and I found a really neat teapot & a beautiful teacup/saucer set for pretty cheap.
It got me wondering what sort of teaware everyone here has found since getting into tea.

This is the teapot I got –
And the cup/saucer is here –

I also picked up a pair of mugs someone made either in a pottery class or something similar at my local Savers (which is similar to Goodwill & Salvation Army) –

So what sort of tea ware stuff have you found? Anything unexpected or shocking? Inquiring minds want to know. Lol.

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Oh awesome! I love thrift shopping :)

I got this little Japanese tea cup at my local Goodwill a few weeks ago for $.50. They had 2 other ones that matched but I bought the only one with no chips.

I am always on the look out for cute tea cups! I collect Pyrex and most of my thrifted tea cups are different vintage Pyrex patterns…

That first one is pretty. Bummer about the two that were chipped. I passed on a pretty blue/gray speckled one with bamboo because it was chipped.
Random question for you – What’re your kitties names? I saw a picture of a black & white and a torbie on a cat tree so I couldn’t resist asking. ^^

The black and white kitty is Sprinkles and the tortie/tabby is Terra. The funny part is my husband named them both! hehehe

K S said

My mother has a set of the green Corelle mugs. We have the brown cups. I use a tiny herb pattern Corelle cups as a make shift gawain.

ashmanra said

I love them! What a great find!

Oh man I remember those old mugs. We had them up at camp!
That first mug is gorgeous!

I grew up with the whole brown Corelle plate, cup and bowl set. Mom keeps talking about changing them out for a new set, but hasn’t done it yet. 40 years with the same dishes, and she’s finally getting tired of them.

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Katiek said

I love that bunny teapot! So wonderful.

Thanks! I’m never actually gonna use it since I’d be afraid of breaking/chipping it. But I am trying to find a way to display it in my kitchen along with all of my other eventual teapot collections. Lol.

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Kittenna said

Lovelovelove the teacup/saucer and the teapot. That sort of stuff is right up my alley :)

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Love the mugs!!!!! I love the look! Just my cup of tea;)

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Molly select said

$3.75 at my local thrift store in April. Perfect condition. It’s originally from World Market. It holds 10.0 oz (1 1/4 cups) of liquid, so it’s a great sampler.

Oh I love it!

ashmanra said


Molly select said


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Shadowfall; I LOVE that tea cup & saucer!

Great now I’m gonna be in the second hand stores

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There’s a little store in Northampton, MA, called Deals and Steals, that carries discount nonperishables. It’s got boxed and loose teas for less than $5 each, some even less than $1.

Dollar stores also tend to carry bulk bagged green and oolong teas.

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Resurrection time! Lol.

The owl mug, glass pitcher and the two tins I found at Savers. There were actually two of the owl one, but the second had a sizeable crack on the inside starting at the lip, so I had to leave it. The glass pitcher I’m planning to use for my gong fu setup. Unfortunately when I got it home, you nearly have to upend the whole thing to pour and the pour itself is kinda dribbly. So I’m still going to be on the lookout for something better. But it’ll work for now.
My Mom got me the mug when we were at an estate sale. I’m considering bringing it to work. Lol.
And the two tins I want to keep tea in since they seem pretty air tight, or at least as airtight as these can get. I’ll still keep the tea in ziplock bags, but at least the outside is pretty. Now I’ll be on the lookout for other Disney themed tins like this one since I really like the size and style of it.

RogersCK said

Those are some pretty finds :)

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So I’m resurrecting this again. Come on! I can’t be the only nutjob that shops for tea stuff at thrift stores…..can I? ;.;’

So I found this awesome little seashell teapot today at an antique store that was having a going out of business sale.

And this was technically a thrift store find since I found it, then my Mom ‘hid’ it from me for Xmas. Lol!

That Schoolhouse Tea pot is adorable! What a great find!

Lynxiebrat said

OMG! That is so cool. I adore miniature stuff. There was this teapot that looked like shoehouse, (You know the story about the Old Lady Who Lived a in shoe?)at a tea store nearby…really wanted to buy it but it cost $80, thought about seeing if I could layaway it, then i thought i should think it over…when I went in next…it was gone! Hmph. lol

OMGsrsly said

That schoolhouse pot is so amazing! Wow. The shell is lovely too. :)

Ubacat said

Love all your finds! I gotta go check out the local Goodwill store more often.

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Here’s a mug I found earlier this week at a local thrift store. :)

(trying to figure out how to post a pic…)

Excellent! Another participant! I was getting depressed being the only one to keep posting. Lol.
Edit – It had come up fine before. Links are usually what people use, instead of full pictures.

Haha, no worries but I did/do have issues with trying to post an image. Sorry for the multiple updates!

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