What are your tea goals?

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For now, I want to familiarize myself with Chinese teas, and am aiming to get to know longjing first. Pu-erh will come much later because it seems like such a beast to tackle, so that’s a long-long-term goal. I’d also love to have a small collection of yixing tea pots. And maybe a few tea pets, not just one because they’re such cuties. x3 Also, a tea tray is next on my list of tea things to acquire.

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So far…

1. Try more of Della Terra’s seasonal teas (they’re addictive, and the Summer ones look really good. Seriously… fudge tea!)
2. Have better storage for my teas. (Bags and boxes are all I have now.)

Mrs. Tea said

Try glass jars. Just make sure that they are in a pantry or dark cabinet away from light.

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momo said

1. Try to get rid of more tea, I feel like I have hit a fence with that though.
2. Make sure to always have iced tea going in the fridge. I feel like last year I didn’t drink much because I was too lazy to make it, when just preparing another 2 quarts a day really isn’t hard when you have 3 pitchers.

Lala said

I like your iced tea cold. I have been cold brewing/icing for a few months now. I enjoy having a pitcher in the fridge as an alternate to hot tea. I usually do a herbal during the week and go nuts with the real iced tea on the weekends.

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Dexter said

Goals hmmmmmm….
1. Gain more knowledge. I’m still too new to really understand the difference between some teas. I got Shui Jin Gui Wuyi Oolong and Mi Lan Xiang Phoenix Mountain Dancong Oolong, I have no idea what the difference is. I need to learn more about the teas that I’m drinking.
2. Pu’erh storage. This is something else I really need to learn more about. I’m not planning on storing cakes for long term “ripening” (is that the right term?), but I also don’t want to spoil them by not storing them properly. Need to learn!!!
3. Find a better storage method for my teas, I haven’t really found the proper home for them. Kind of all over the house right now. Need to get them organized.
4. Keep cupboard numbers under control. I’m not even sure what’s realistic, but I would like to stay around/below 100.
5. Don’t binge buy. I’m good for awhile then place 4 orders in a week. My tastes are changing almost daily, and I should be ordering more regularly to keep up with the changes. Set a budget – order time frame and stick to it.
6. Teaware. I desperately need proper/better teaware.

I’ve been really terrible about the binge buying lately. Personally I blame Steepster for making me aware of all the good sales, some of which are really hard to pass up.

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scribbles said

My goals are to try as many as I possibly can. Good or bad, I will sample, with no issues.

My goals also include purchasing proper tea ware (gaiwan), and learning how to use same (newbie).

I am lax about keeping cupboard updated, which I know I should because I am so willing to share my teas with everyone, residence no matter . That being said my immediate goal for tomorrow is updating my cupboard.

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My only goal, besides continuing to enjoy my tea despite people criticizing the amount I consume, is to have regular (monthly?) tea parties with friends. The only thing I enjoy more than sipping a cup of tea, is sharing my love for the leaf with friends! I have a little black Bubble tea set from DAVIDs (the black small pot and 4 bubble cups, also black), one of the glass gong fu pots and the TEENY double walled glass cups for more tasting-style parties, and I’ve got enough mugs and infusers to serve a group of 4 (which is the most I’ll probably ever serve at one time).

Sil select said

Yay! Monthly get together a for tea sounds lovely!

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For those who want to reduce their current tea supply, go with ShayneBear’s goal! Tea parties are a fantastic way to de-bulk your collection as you hand out samples to your friends and swap those leaves like Pokemon cards. Or Magic cards. Or Yugioh. Or whatever kids are playing these days.

My goals? Too many.
- Get the most out of a pu erh.
- Experimen-tea-tion with the taste/brewing differences between porcelain and cast iron.
- Get more people into fair trade tea and local independent tea bars/shops. There’s a bunch of tea startups these days and I just want to grab them all in my arms and toss them into the spotlight. Enough with the mainstream go-tos like Teavana, how ’bout some real honest tea? (Pun intended.)

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Lynxiebrat said

1.) Though I prefer flavored teas and hope to never grow out of loving them, I do want to try more higher quality traditional teas.
2.) Try to concentrate on getting samples if possible.
3.) With exception of replenishing stock, and keeping to a budget when buying, no tea buying for the rest of the summer. Since I forgot 1 tea when I was at Teavana’s and I forgot my coupon for $10 off if you buy $50 worth, so planning on going back next week…grins and got to go my other favorite store too.
4.) No more tea ware buying til the winter. I have more then enough steeper cups. Though once I move into my new place I will celebrate buying another steeper cup and maybe a tea pot.
5.) Try to ease off on having so much sweetener in my tea!
6.) I havn’t actually found a place to move yet, but when I do, want to find a neat cabinet/bookcase to put my tea in, with my wares. I prefer having them all together.

Chizakura said

Once you get used to no sweetener, you don’t go back. I used to put sugar in all of my tea, and gradually cut back until I started drinking without. During the without stage, I only drank a couple different kinds of teas that I found I liked a lot without until I was used to it. Now I don’t put sugar in any tea.
The other day, I was in a sweet tooth mood, so I did put a bit of sugar in my English Breakfast, and my face twisted in a few different directions. Haha. Won’t be doing that again.

Meanwhile I used to put three rounded teaspoons of sugar in my mug back in the old days…

OMGsrsly said

Chizakura, I used to do that too! Some teas I do like with a little sugar or honey, and I also really like my morning teas with some milk. But I try to mostly drink my teas additive free!

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I need to at least halve my tea cupboard of 520 teas (not all that I have are listed so I have around 550) and bring it down to a more reasonable and manageable number.

I also have more tea coming! I’ve ran out of space for stuff now so they are having to stay in original shipping boxes until I clear space on my shelves. But my mission is to try as many different types of tea as I can as well as keep a supply of the ones I’ve tried and loved. Not a bad stash for a year and halfs worth of tea hording and reviewing.

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wheezybee said

My tea-related goals this summer are to:

1) Come up with some solid criteria, find my absolute favorite Earl Grey, and continue my blogging projects: http://wordsabouttea.blogspot.com/p/battle-of-earl-greys.html

2) Use up all our old boxes of teabags and make room for better loose-leaf organization. So far we’ve been drinking a lot of Lemon and Raspberry Zinger iced tea, and it’s been moving that goal along.

3) Actually do that loose leaf organization! I want to get rid of any and all plastic bags, as well as bags without proper seals. Of the wonderful Verdant 5 for $5 promotion, the only downside is that the bags won’t close!

4) Finish the library book I just started – For All the Tea in China by Sarah Rose.

5) Learn more about and drink more green teas, as well as develop a better palate for them.

wheezybee said

School starts next Monday, so I guess it’s time to grade myself on how I did!
1) Yes!
2) Yes!
3) Not so much… but progress has been made.
4) Didn’t make it past the first chapter! It keeps getting set aside for costuming, blogging projects, and fiction.
5) Minimal progress here – I’ve been too obsessed with Earl Greys this summer, but I just wrote my first blog about a white tea, so that’s something at least!

such a good idea, I should go look at my progress or lack thereof :)

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