What tea goes best with an everything bagel?

Sorry for the region-specific food question. If you’ve never encountered an everything bagel, here’s a quick guide: imagine a nice fresh toasted bagel, outside sprinkled with a crunchy mix of poppy seed, sesame seed, salt, caraway seed, dried onion and powdered garlic. Inside is spread with cream cheese. It is, what the chef Wylie Dufresne noted, the “thinking man’s bagel.” http://www.grubstreet.com/2013/04/best-everything-bagels.html. I’d like to enjoy my everything bagel with a black tea…maybe a yunnan/assam blend? Would love to hear your ideas.

Also, if you know of any especially good tea/food pairing websites, please post them here!

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There is so much going on with an everything bagel that I tend to just stick to plain black tea when I have one. My favorite is Rishi China Breakfast, it is a good strong tea, just what I need in the morning.

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I like assams with an everything bagel because the sweet compliments the savory bits of the bagel.

Have to go with this, balances nicely…

Those are my favorite bagels.

I would go with Assam as well but would go with a strong Assam. I would probably stay away from a Yunnan with everything bagels. If you love everything bagels though, have it with a tea that you absolutely love.

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You guys are the best!

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I would say either plain ceylon or assam.

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Lynxiebrat said

I agree with Larial, a plain ceylon, not sure about assams because I havn’t tried out any plain ones yet. What I have in my tea collection would be: Rishi’s 1st Flush Himalayan Black Tea. Any other tea that has more of a savory flavor instead of sweet might mesh well with the everything bagel and cream cheese.

Hmm I wonder if Lapsang Souchong would mesh well with Bagels and Lox? Not yet a fan of LS, though planning on trying again with some other brands, and I like Bagels and Lox once in a blue moon, for some reason I associate it with Fall.

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ashmanra said

I love Queen Catherine from Harney, Fengqing Black Dragon Pearls from Teavivre, or their Superfine Keemun with an everything bagel. In fact, that is what I am having right now! I like to pair it with a hearty but smooth black tea.

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Update: I found a Ceylon from Upton that goes well with the E.B. I wrote a tasting note about the tea here: http://steepster.com/teas/upton-tea-imports/17757-frances-bissells-special-blend

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Katiek said

I’d go with a lemon flavored black tea.

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