Tell me the truth about tea pots

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Before, I purchased my first teapot, I read this article and purchased a Chatsford.
Right now, I own a Chatsford, a beehouse(Ihate the infuser basket), a forlife pot( I bought this to replace my vintage pot when those cracks become too big for me to use the teapot) and a little white vintage teapot that I use daily for my PG Tips. I went on a bit of a feenzy collecting old vintage teapots and have several, they can all be used, which is my one requirement for my collection. I hope the article helps you to make an informed decision. Just buy a teapot that you love and it speaks to you:)

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ashmanra said

I second that. Use a pot you love! My first was china, but I cracked it because I didn’t know I had to warm it first. My second was Beehouse and I own three of those. I like the size but I hate how the lid falls off. I bought my friend a Curve ForLife pot, and that is probably the best of that type. I have a Stump, and it is great, but you can’t put it in the microwave to reheat as the lid doesn’t detach. It is nice that they can stack, though. I have two Yixing pots, a large tetsubin, and a rice pattern pot. I have four gaiwans, but only two that I like to use. My first two burn me all the time. I have a tiny glass pot and a white porcelain gong fu set. And oh my gosh until typing this I had no idea how many teapots I have. O.O And I know I will buy more. Sigh.

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Huey Tan said

I have a Japanese cast iron teapot I rarely use to make tea in… Just because with the volume of tea I drink, it is not feasible. I never only do one cup… And yes, I am a glutton when it comes to all things I passioned about… Tea is one of them passions.

I still remembered staying 12 hours one time with 2 groups of friends at a tea house in Singapore… I ate 10 tea leaf eggs that day.

I love solid color teapots… And porcelain teapots I love due to its capabilities to keep that tea warm for longer than would a super fine bone china one. I have one rarely used antique white art deco style one made by I. Godinger co.. My mother in law collects both fine bone china teacups and teapots. I am clumsy… Break them easily so I prefer my regularly used to be a hardier porcelain types.

I have one newly acquired from “for life – curve series” that is my favourite because of the dripless spout and that great easy to clean infuser. Bonus that it keeps the tea warm for quite a while.

I also have another old regular I love because it fits under my dual duty “kitchen-aid” coffee maker where the hot water for making tea goes… Thats my starbucks sagegreen “tallish” teapot.
Only problem with that one is while being able to appreciate its “zen-like” shape… That teapot pours like a leak… Not functional at all.

I have also my wooden handle stainless steel faberware tea kettle that can go right from boiling water to steeping tea… I love that one too. It reminds me back in the old days when my family also drinks tea from a huge stainless tea kettle… From the hot just brewed sips to that cooled off mouthful that quenches thirst.

For a tea party entertainment… My neighbour (also tea lovers) gave me a 10 cup porcelain teapot with a cozy. I rarely use this teapot too and it is use as a container for my different flavoured tea packets now.

I am also contemplating using my rarely used red teapot as a suger holder…
I think its a great idea to keep sugar covered while still being able to pour sugar in a tizzy… From a teapot to a teacup!!!

Anyhoo… I love teapots. And am always on the look out for more to add to my collection.

Different mood for the different flavors.

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