What's your favorite English Breakfast?

I’m on a mission to find a really good English Breakfast tea. I’ve tried a few, but now I want to hear from the experts. I’d like to hear which ones you like. Please confine your replies to English Breakfast teas. If you prefer to drink a fine Keemun or Yunnan for breakfast, good on ya, I say. But I’m looking for the finest real EB. So what do you like?

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sandra said

I love a traditional blend: Kenya tea, Assam & Ceylon. I usually make my own blends.
I personally do not include Chinese blacks, I am still a bit uncomfortable around them, not very fond of their sweet-sour taste.

When I lived in the UK, a fave was Pluckley tea (still is, buy it on line)& Yorkshire Gold.
Have Clipper everyday tea which is my current breakfast tea. It;s rather good actually.

Mind you, I prefer to have my tea strong, no milk & no sugar.

Have you tried Clipper’s English Breakfast? I think it’s fantastic!

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ifjuly said

Butiki’s The Black Lotus. Utopia Tea’s EB is nice too.

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SimplyJenW said

I like Harney & Sons. I am a fan of English Breakfasts that are heavily Keemun based.

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1706 is nice for a teabag

Dilmah is my favourite teabag company.

Loose tea I’d like a crack at making my own blend

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yyz said

I haven’t had many English Breakfast blends but I do appreciate Cjay Teas ( a Canadian company that we can get at whole foods and a couple of retailers here). It’s a blend of *eylon and Indian teas( it’s not specific) but it has a certain richness and sweetness that I appreciate.

I think I need to revisit my rating because I ’ve bout it a few times now.

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