carol who said

Zero calorie sweeteners

I use sweetener in many of my teas but I don’t want to use sugar. I don’t like Equal, Sweet n’ low, or Splenda. I am trying Truvia and Monk’s fruit but I’m not completely satisfied. Who has found something they really like?

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Josie Jade said

I use SweetLeaf stevia. I’m not crazy about the flavor, but it’s better than real sugar for me and after a lot of research it seems to have hardly any chemicals like a lot of other sweeteners.

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Yvonne said

Sugar Twin. I use it in pretty much everything. I’ve used stevia in the past, but it never seemed to give me uniform sweetness in the way Sugar Twin does.

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Satsuma said

I use Stevita liquid stevia. It’s 96% steviosides, the purest I found. I tried a lot of brands and this is my favorite. There is no chemical, just extract from fresh leaves, distilled water and grapefruit seed extract (a natural preservative).

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MissB said

I’ve gone to great lengths for the right tasting sugar-free sweetener. I avoid anything that plays with the blood-brain barrier, so things like aspartame are off the list for me.

Truvia, by far, is my favorite substitute. I can find it in most grocery stores here in Canada for $6.99/80 packets.

My second favorites depend on what I’m drinking. Sometimes I’ll use a form of liquid stevia, or even pure stevia, which has zero added anything in it, and therefore avoids that nasty aftertaste many of us find with using it. Pure stevia however is very potent, and so a tiny bit goes a really long way.

I’ve also used xylitol with varying results, and Swerve is a new favorite as well. Erithryol sometimes, although it is a sugar alcohol, I find I have zero issue with it as I do with maltitol. I prefer to use it with baking however.

I also have some packets called Krisda Café that my daughter loves; I grab the vanilla and caramel flavored ones, and they’re great for portability.

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