Tea Soda?

Have any of you tried to make tea soda, another person started a thread about it and it gave me a really good idea: What if you cold-steeped a tea in soda water and then mixed in a little sugar. Frankly, it sounds delicious.

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Anna said

I have a feeling the soda water would go flat before the cold steep really took effect. I’d use a Sodastream or something similar instead.

Then again, I really abhor flat soda.

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Ricky said

Cold steeping it in soda water, would probably work… but it might be easier to make syrup and just pour that into seltzer which is essentially what sodastream is.

Anna said

This is true – for some reason I just assumed the object here was to avoid making tea soda the regular way, i.e. with syrup and soda water.

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I’m looking into doing this myself. I have had an interest in the soda stream, but don’t like that you have to use just water with their machine. I have found by searching online that it is possible to make your own carbonation system at home if you have a little technical know how. Hubby is going to put one together for me as soon as I gather the supplies.

I think it would be great to carbonate teas and fruit juices instead of drinking soda and look forward to the experiment. I expect it to be a nice addition to our soon to be drink station in the kitchen… although most of the carbonation system will be hidden away in the cabinet or behind the wall.

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Uniquity said

I also don’t like flat pop. I think you’d be better off with a concentrate, which is what Davids Tea did for their TeaPops all summer. They steeped a lot of tea in a little water then mixed with soda water and sweetener if desired. I loved it and imagine I will be making some at home when it gets warm again.

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I believe it’s Stephanie who makes syrups out of tea and then uses that to flavour the soda water. She might be worth following, and asking.

Personally – I have done the steeping straight into soda water method, just to try it out, and it wasn’t really successful. The soda water pretty much goes flat before you can cold steep long enough to get any real flavour.

Normally I’ll just brew a super concentrated amount (typically triple the suggested leaf) in an oz. or two, and then mix that with soda water to taste. I personally don’t like adding sugar, but I know others do to sweeten it. Right now, what I’m really into is making matcha soda! Since matcha is powder, it’s much easier to control how strong and flavourful you want it to taste, and the preparation I find it much easier.

Plus you can buy basically any flavour of matcha from Red Leaf, so it gives you a ton of options. My currant favourites to make in this method are Pineapple and Eggnog.

Andie select said

Ooooh I’m going to have to try making some matcha soda!


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So I gave it a try, and the tea was pretty bad. The soda was’t flat because I sealed it, and it did have the full flavor of the tea I used, but it just seems like using tea as a fizzy drink just isn’t a good combination… A little dissapointing…

Anna said

I prefer tea cocktails to tea soda, personally.

Dinosara said

To be fair all the “tea” sodas that I have made have actually been hibiscus/fruit tisane sodas. I don’t know how I would like fizzy actual tea.

Thats true, I used a black tea, so this gave a very unique flavor apposed to something like a fruity tea.

I’ve only made syrups with flavored teas so far. I like fruity black or green tea syrups added to soda water. Apparently my husband does too because he keeps asking me to make more of them! :)

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cheekhiong said

Never made one but had canned/bottled tea with soda “TEBS” a couple of times while I was in Indonesia. It tastes funny.

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Andie select said

I have tried with a soda stream before. I first tried a cold brew, then fizzing it, and that was a disaster. Apparently, you can ONLY fizz plain water…?

I tried a second time by fizzing the water and then adding a super concentrated tea/sugar mix. It was alright, but I haven’t tried to make more… It would take a lot more experimentation and I don’t actually own a soda stream. I was using the one we have at work.

Yes, the soda stream is made to work with only water. Hubby is going to make me a carbonation system (as soon I as gather the supplies) so I can carbonate juices, and possibly teas so we will drink less soda. Not too hard a task if you are a little mechanically inclined, and there are plenty of webpages online to help. If you have access to a soda stream, making tea syrups is really your only option to try fizzy teas.

I’ll expect most teas will be strange fizzy, but hoping to find a few… root beer, butterbeer, and maybe a few others that work well.

Thats a good idea

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