Metal Cup Strainers?

I’ve been considering getting a metal cup strainer to use with one of my teapots. Or possibly just with my mug to save the extra step. The strainer I’m currently using is a pretty flimsy mesh one. I nearly popped one of the joins along the bottom edge when I was cleaning it the other day.

I’ve been looking at the one DavidsTea sells, but I know Adagio and Teavana both have similar designed ones. I don’t know about the DavidsTea & Teavana ones, but I know that the Adagio one has a solid bottom, which I don’t really like since it wouldn’t drain completely. Can anyone tell me if the DavidsTea one has a solid bottom or does it have holes? And how fine are the holes?

Any sort of opinions or reviews on these, or others, would be marvelous. Thanks!

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Dexter said

I have one of these:

I use it in a coffee mug at work everyday. I love it, the lid covers the strainer, or you can use it as a rest to put your strainer on after you take it out. There are holes right down to the bottom and on the bottom. If you lift it straight up it does drain through the bottom.
The holes are pretty fine, I’ve done rooibos in mine and didn’t have much if any leaf in the cup. I love it, I use it everyday, no problems…

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Josie Jade said

I have the Davids Tea one and I love it! It has holes in the bottom and it steeps very well. It’s also very easy to empty and clean. I’m going to Teavana to look at theirs tomorrow because I’d like one that’s a little smaller to fit in my other non-Davids mugs and cups.

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tealife said

Teavana has a great strainer! Ive had mine for 4 years now and it still looks and works like its brand new. The holes are small on the strainer but their are many if them so all water will drain out.

Are there holes in the bottom of it?

john12 said

There are holes on the bottom of my Teavana strainer. I agree with tealife, it’s a wonderful product. I’ve never had a single leaf, including rooibos, make it through. Is rooibos made of leaves? I don’t know, but the strainer with the rubber gasket on top to keep it cool to the touch is great!

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Pandeme said

I also have the David’s Tea one, and I love it. As Josie Jade said, it has holes in the bottom so its easy to drain. Its also easy to clean, I just tip mine upside down and run it underwater before I clean it and all the leaves come right out.

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ifjuly said

i don’t have the david’s one but it looks a lot like the forlife ones you can buy separately or with their teapots, and i love mine. it has a bajillion holes on the side and bottom but is rather sturdy. the bottom of the inside stains with tannin that baking soda and lemon or white vinegar haven’t removed, but the rest on the sides and outside clean easily. the lid doubles as a caddy to hold the stainer once it’s time to take it out of your cup, and the dimensions and little tab on the side make it work for every cup, mug, and (non-gongfu tiny) teapot i own (the tab on the side makes removing it while hot a snap with no burnt thumbs either). i use mine a zillion times a day every day (i had a finum too, but the dimensions weren’t quite as perfect and i didn’t like the idea of a plastic infuser with hot water).


lteg select said

Got this same filter and I also love it. Great build quality and LOTS of room for the tea to expand, so every cup turns out delicious.

Rachel said

I also have this one and it works very well and is sturdy!

I have this one as well – works perfectly, no problems with it other than some tea staining I haven’t yet tried to remove.

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Lala said

If you have a local tea store, I would suggest checking there. They will most likely sell a few versions of metal (or other kind of strainers).

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keychange said

Just adding my endorsement of the strainers from dT. Tons of holes, but little to nothing gets through them. I also have the similar one from Teavana, and it does have holes on the bottom, but I find the rim of it a bit wide and bulky for my tastes. I’ve also heard good things about the finum brewing basket, and plan to acquire one one of these days. But yes, I own several dT baskets and think the world of them.

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Dinosara said

I have one of these: FORLIFE Extra-fine Tea Infuser and Porcelain Dish Set

And the infuser from a David’s perfect tea mug, which actually looks more like the FORLIFE infuser that ifjuly posted than David’s standalone infuser (maybe they redesigned it recently?). I have been looking to buy another one and have been thinking about them a lot! I like the FORLIFE one I have from the link above, but it is slightly smaller than the David’s one. It fits in narrower mugs than the David’s one, which is nice. But I do like the extra space in the David’s one, especially for teas that expand a lot. I wish I could look at the David’s standalone one in person, but that’s not going to happen any time soon.

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I use the one from teavanna that’s 75% off right now!

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Yvonne said

I have two DT’s Perfect Mugs, which come with infusers much like the one posted above. They are absolutely wonderful – hardly any residue gets through. I recommend them fully.

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