Help me with my first matcha order from Red Leaf

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Keychange- ask on :) I’m glad your asking all these questions bc it’s stuff I want to know too!! I just tried to mix my samples with a spoon and it was super lumpy so I ordered one of those $6 milk frother things someone suggested on the milk frother thread you started, so hopefully that will help. I am interested to see what the experienced matcha drinkers say! I hate to make a big investment until I’m sure I want to go all in with the matcha. I don’t like green tea either and the matcha I tried didn’t taste grassy, but I only tried the French vanilla and Irish cream. I finally decided to order some coconut matcha last night, I was going to order four, but I decided to pace myself for once and see how much I actually drink it. I’m also worried adding the extra calories from the milk and stuff will make me gain weight. Not that I’m super weight conscious, but once I went through a Starbucks phase and I swear I gained 5 pounds in one week from all the frappucinos and stuff, so I didn’t want to get a crap load of it before I figured out if this would be an issue.

Sil select said

I usually either shake mine in a sports bottle for cold matcha, or if i’m making a morning smothie, i toss the matcha, banana, yogurt, fruit..whatever into the blender and go at it.
If i’m doing a hot latte, i either add a little water to the matcha, use a fork to whisk it up and then add the milk or i use my little hand blender.
I’ve never bought any actual whisks or matcha bowls or anything. I think as far as flavoured matchas go…since i’m generally doing it more for the flavour, i’m not fussed about it. Though i almost always drink it with milk.

If i was getting ceremonial grade straight matcha, i might be more inclined to get a whisk and such…but i haven’t moved on to that yet, and may never…so i haven’t bothered yet :)

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