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Sorry my tasting notes are few and far between, I have been on here, I just haven’t taken the time to actually sit down and write out any notes. Apparently grad school, tea logging and me don’t mesh well haha but I had to take a second and talk about how much I love this tea!! I have fallen in love with Butiki teas and this one is no exception. The last lemon tea I had was not good at all, but I decided that since this was one of Stacy’s blends it would be different so I ordered some when it was put up and I was right! It’s perfect! It’s lemony, but not too tart, it has the desert element but not too overwhelmingly sweet. If you haven’t tried this you need to! Love it!


Also I just inadvertently figured out how to make things bold on here!! It’s a good day!


This one sounds soooo good. I think it just got back in stock today, too. I’m torn. I really want to try this one, but yet I can’t justify another tea order right now….decisions, decisions.

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I was recently sent a little of this with as an added bonus to a swap (thanks boychic!!) and I love love love it and hope to get my hands on some more in the near future! I have been trying lots of coconut teas here lately and so far this is one of my faves! Does anyone know if this is one that comes out every summer from Davids???!


Glad you like it.

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Got my red leaf order in the mail last week and was super excited to get their coconut matcha! I am a huge coconut fan and love all things coconut and have just started getting into the world of matcha, so I was waiting anxiously to receive this. One thing I have noticed with some coconut flavored teas and other food items is that they taste very artificial, and that is not the case with this matcha at all. It has a very natural coconut flavoring to it. The flavoring could also be described as a fresh coconut flavor as opposed to toasted coconut flavor. I really enjoy it and will definitely be reordering when this is gone. I don’t have a matcha whisk so I just poured this into a shaker bottle with some coconut milk and shook it up and I had a frothy, creamy, coconut matcha shake! This matcha was definitely high quality and can be found here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/coconut-matcha.html I am already planning my next order. This was also a nice option to have for a cold tea and really easy to make, instead of everything you have to go through for iced tea. There are so many different flavors I am excited to try!

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This tastes like Ed Hardy perfume smells and not in a good way.

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First tasting note from the traveling decaf tea box teas! I am not usually a fan of black teas, but I love this!!! This is what I wanted every single 52 Teas blend that had the word cotton candy in the title to taste like! I added sweetener to this and it was a caramelly, vanilla dream!

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I am so so so behind on tasting notes! I haven’t logged one forever! I hate to waste the energy on this one! It’s just meh… I can’t remember if I have done one on this tea yet or not but tonight I am not impressed with it. I have been super busy tonight trying to get an assignment done that had to be turned by midnight and then work kept calling, I decided once I finally got it finished to sit down and relax with a cup of something I hadn’t had in a while. Now I remember why lol I think I’m going to dump this as get something else…. It’s not horrible but it’s definitely not the best I have ever had. I have been drinking a ton of Butiki teas and I think now my taste buds are spoiled!

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Thanks for sending me this Moraiwe! I really like this one! I’m a big fan of white teas, and butterscotch isn’t something I would have normally picked out for myself, but I’m really enjoying this. I have been debating on ordering from the Persimmon Tree for a while now, so this experience might persuade me to do so :)

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I absolutely love this tea!!! I got this on my Butiki order and I adore it! I also got a sample of watermelon xylophone, and I decided that since I love watermelon more than cantaloupe that I would order more of the watermelon and order the cantaloupe on the next order, but I am really enjoying this 1/2 ounce of tea while it lasts! I have fallen in love with Butiki flavored teas, they are my new obsession! This is sweet, creamy and cantaloupe-y and does not seem to be chock full of caffeine, I drink it in the evening and everything. I will be sad when I run out of this and will definitely be ordering more.

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Ok so I got a ton of tea today! My mail must have been backed up or something! I got orders from 3 different places that I have put in over the last couple weeks and a swap! I am in tea heaven today! This is the first tea I have ever tried by Butiki and I love love love it!! It is crazy how many different nuances of flavor there are in this tea. I suck at describing tastes, but this isn’t like artificial, chemical floral taste that seems to happen with some tea suppliers, it is very natural tasting and creamy. I now feel like I need to try all the Butiki tea. I wish I would have bought more than 1/2 ounce of this, and I see another Butiki purchase in my near future. I can’t wait to try the other teas I got from them! I wanted to try them all tonight, but the caffeine would have kept me up all night, so I have to wait until the morning to try more :( I’m also excited to try my swap teas from Moraiwe!!

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I am 32 years old and have always liked tea, but just recently realized that there is much more to tea than just the tea bags at the grocery store. I am very excited to have started my tea journey!


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