susanne said

Need Advice - How Many Infusions for Black Dragon Pearl?

I’m new to Black Dragon Pearl – any advice for how many times I can infuse this one would be greatly appreciated.

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Sil select said

Depends on how many steeps you want to drink, how long you’re steeping them for etc.. Really, it’s all up to you! I know from my perspective i can generally get 3-4 steeps before i’m “bored” or just done with the taste.

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I definitely steep twice, sometimes three. (This is with a 9-10 ounce mug.)

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tdifraia said

I use a 16 oz infuser and add 2 tsp of pearls and steep for 4 mins. For my 2nd infusion Ill add 1 pearl and steep for 5 minutes. For my 3rd and final infusion I add 2 more pearls and infuse for a minimum of 6 minutes, all 3 infusions are great, but you can slightly detect the decrease in flavor with each infusion. I dont worry about infusing for too long with my final pot because the BDP’s never get bitter.

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