Fandom blends - maybe I don't understand?

These seem very popular, and so far I don’t really get it. Aren’t they just mixtures made online (without even tasting) by normal people like you and me, with some cool artwork? So maybe they are good and maybe they aren’t? Help me understand please.

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carol who said

It seems like they try to think of the character’s personality and choose things that reflect that. I agree that the blendings are made by normal people… but I would assume someone is trying it and tweaking the flavors. Of course, some are good, some aren’t. But also everyone has difference preferences. A tea might reflect the character but if it has hibiscus, I won’t like it. Sometimes I think the description is half of the fun.

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TeaLady441 said

Yes. Pretty much.

But some people really get into blending and buy the sample kits from Adagio so they can experiment at home and make sure they’re happy with the blend before releasing it into the wild. And there are a few ‘super blenders’ out there who have a lot of popular tea, and it seems to me that they do a pretty good job making something people would like to drink. Or is at least ok to drink. YMMV depending on the ingredient.

But part of it is definitely because of the artwork and the clever descriptions and how it inspires you to think about whatever character/fandom every time you make a cup of that tea and for me that’s fun too. I’d never say these blends are up there with Butiki or Lupicia, but there are a few that are quite good.

I’m still thinking about this sample of “Thor” tea that I drank a few days ago… The peach/apricot/mate combo was unexpectedly good!

But reading reviews here and Adagio might help you decide if they’re worth checking out.

Also, if you’ interested in any of the teas blended by Aun-Juli, she sells samples off site for $1: – look at #7 in the FAQ.

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I absolutely LOVE the fandom blends.
Cara McGee is one of the popular ones, and she was the one who got me to try different teas. I’ve been drinking tea since elementary school, but that was only my jasmine teas. With Cara, there was a hype for fandom blends and I was intrigued. I wanted to know how John Watson tasted like, or Lestrade. Those were my first two purchases with Adagio, and definitely the first tea that I bought that wasn’t Jasmine green tea. Cara was pretty much the one who gave me a kick in the butt to be adventurous and try a whole lot of tea :)

I don’t believe that Cara sells samples though. I know she brings them to all the cons that she attends, and she always has a tea party around the time for a con.
And she had these cute little contraptions for 221B Con!

The tea is great, but I absolutely love the artwork as well.

TeaLady441 said

Those are adorable!!! I love Cara’s teas too. She was the one who got me into it as well with TARDIS, but then I branched out and tried a lot of the Aun-Juli samples and liked a few of those too.

With Cara, I followed nearly three years ago, but for the fandom. A couple months later, she started talking about tea and her tea blends and then I discovered Adagio because of her!
Followed for the fandom, stayed for the tea haha.

3oz is a lot of tea though, so right now, I’m relying on swaps and splitting orders to try Cara, Aun-Juli, and a ton of other peoples blends :)

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