Custom Set of Damn Fine Tea


Now you can order up any combination of Damn Fine Tea your heart desires and enjoy some sweet, sweet savings.

Need three tins of Caravan for your Heavy Metal Lost Weekend? Done.

Need one tin of Mount Gray and two tins of Tiger Assam? Easy.

Gotta have the Red-Tailed Hawk, a Caravan, and a Double Knit Blend? You betcha.

There are so many combinations that a Professional Math Doer would have to calculate them all. We were exhausted by combination six.

3 Replies
TeaLady441 said

That’s awesome! I love that you guys have simplified this process. I just rec’d my tiger assam/red-tailed hawk and double knit blend combo last week, but I WILL be back once those get emptied.

Sil select said

oh yes…yes WE will…

I DO wish refills were possible..if you’re considering other things. I see having a lot of tins kicking around at this rate

TeaLady441 said

Oh, that’s a great idea! I bet it’d be cheaper to ship too!

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