20% off your first order with Whispering Pines Tea Company!

If you’ve wondered about trying us and weren’t quite sure, now is the time! :)

We’re offering 20% off of your first order from now until Saturday with coupon code “sip-inspiration”! Get your hands on some amazing new teas and save the world in the process! We plant a tree for every ounce of tea sold! :D

Check out our reviews first to see what teas you’d like. I would highly recommend Golden Orchid, which is currently the highest rated vanilla black tea on Steepster!


Owner and Tea Mixologist

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Ok Brenden Tea Mixologist, I’m doing it!!! Just placed my first order with you guys :-)
Thanks for this opportunity!
I was a little disappointed that so many teas I wanted to try were sold out but I managed to find stuff I’m excited about ;-)

Thanks for the order! :) What teas were you excited to try that are out of stock? I may have a bit of some of them that I may be able to add as samples :)

It’s so funny cause the first three teas I checked out were sold out and I thought, jeez, am I too late already??
Here are the ones I would have ordered, whatever you can throw as a sample will be much appreciated, thanks for offering :-)

Manistee Moonrise
Jasmine Coconut Green
Sleeping Bear
Whisper of the Woods
Apple Cinnamon Oolong

I have to tell you, the woods are in my back yard so lots of your blends resonate with me, I was reading your descriptions and I could feel and smell everything in my head, great job on that, love your stories ;-)

Oh, and your “plant a tree for every once sold” initiative is just awesome!

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lolainred said

Well you don’t have to tell me twice! Any favorites I just have to try?

I’d highly recommend Golden Orchid and Yunnan Silver Needle white tea :) But it’s all good stuff :D

lolainred said

Definitely added Golden Orchid to my order! I was sad to see Apple Cinnamon Oolong was out of stock, it sounded SO delicious!

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Out of curiosity, do you ship to Canada? I looked at your website but couldn’t see anything about international shipping.

We sure do! Our shipping rate to Canada is $12.50 up to $75 and then free :)

Cool! I’m not in a position to spend that much on tea right now, but it’s good to know.

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SarsyPie said

I’m really looking forward to trying the Port!

WOOT, Thanks for the order! I just now chopped the vanilla beans for your Port! :)

SarsyPie said

And that’s why I am excited to try this one. Real vanilla beans!

SarsyPie said

My order arrived today! Talk about fast! I started with the Golden Orchid, and it’s excellent. Review will be posted soon. :)

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Oh man. So jealous…kinda. XD I’d love to take advantage but I’m not a new customer….not to mention I’m broke. Lol!
I wish there were either smaller amounts available or orderable samples. That would be awesome. /hopeful look/ Lol. Lately I’m just too broke to spend that much money, relatively speaking, for teas I’ve never tried. Though that Golden Orchid is seriously tempting. XD

I plan on offering samples in the near future :)

Golden Orchid won’t let you down…currently it’s the highest rated vanilla black tea on Steepster ;) If you really want some, send me a message and I’ll see if I can get you a coupon code!

MzPriss said

The Golden Orchid is delicious!

Samples are a great idea ;)

Tealizzy said

Samples would be awesome!!

What would you think of a three-sample pack that would ship for $5?

Ask and you shall receive :) http://whisperingpinestea.com/samples.html

Tealizzy said

You’re awesome! I totally just ordered samples. Yay! :)

That’s so awesome. Thanks for putting that up. I’m totally going to order when I get home from work.
Will you eventually have all of/more of your teas available for sample order?

Darn it, if only I’d waited to order I could have gotten some samples of the teas I decided against buying full amounts of!

Aww, sadface! Your order was just shipped, too! Oh well, next time!

Shadowfall, I will most likely keep samples limited to around 10 options. It’ll help me with keeping track of inventory and such, which is already tough for me :P

Also, I just added an option for adding a free gift message. Samples like this would make a great gift to get someone into tea! :)

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Offer too good to pass up…Order placed!

boychik said

What did you order?

I ordered Golden Orchid, North Winds and Ailaoshan Black

boychik said

Cool. Our orders almost the same;-)

I would have loved to try a sample of the white tea, but I was too scared to order a full sized amount because me and straight white teas haven’t really blended well together yet :)

boychik said

It all changed after I tried Shang tea. Nicole introduced me to them. White tea could be so flavorful and changing with every sip. I will let you know. Was shipping expensive to Canada?

It was a little more than I usually like to pay for 3 teas, $12.50 (I usually aim to keep it at $10 or lower or else it starts seeming a lot more pricey)

But certainly not the worst I’ve seen and I couldn’t pass up the sale!

MzPriss said

@whatshesaid – that order is a PERFECT order – those are delicious teas

Good to know! I’m excited to try them :)

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boychik said

Just placed an order.
Golden Orchid
Silver Moonlight White Tea
North Winds

I really wanted Port, but its quite expensive without trying first. Any chance i can get a tiny 1 serving sample with my order, Brenden?
i would really appreciate that.

Thanks for the order! We generally can’t give samples of Port, but I’ll see what I can do :)

That looks amazing. I’m sure it’s the saffron that makes it more expensive.

Yep, the saffron and the vanilla – two most expensive spices in the world :( but so yummy! :D

boychik said

that would be great. thank you thank you!!!

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I’ve extended the coupon through today at midnight! :)

drStout said

Ah, I figure that’s the reason it have worked for me earlier today, thanks) Was looking for a place with tea blends that have some unique feel to them. Stumbled upon your store some few hours ago. The descriptions do have that feel to me, hope the taste will be as good)

Was a bit disappointed to find out that those teas I chose first were out of stock, though. Initially wanted some green or white tea based blends, with light spring-summer feel to them. Maybe I am wrong, but looking through the current selection pretty much all of them remind me more of the darker seasons. Interesting to try anyways. But that means I still need something light-summery)

Sorry about the out of stock teas! I’m actually waiting on shipments of our green teas, and I’ll be harvesting more White Pine next month. I’m sad that the Sleeping Bear Blend is out of stock, but not much I can do while I’m still in Arizona :P

I plan on working on more lighter, summer inspired teas, but first I need to become inspired. Going home to Michigan next month 4 years later than planned should get me going again ;)

drStout said

Good luck with getting inspired. I think, upcoming summer should provide opportunities aplenty) For now I can’t wait to get my hands on what I ordered. Haven’t seen many teas with cedar and pines in them) Actually, only one place by now. And no real vanilla spotted before) Will have to wait, though, that with me living in Ukraine.

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Courtney said

I was perusing your website, and although I’ve never tasted your teas, I’ve had some on my wishlist for a while. Generally, I don’t order from a company having never tasted any of their teas but, the “A Tree for a Tea” ultimately got me to place my order. I absolutely love the idea.

Also, your tea descriptions are awesome. I really enjoyed reading them all.

Hi Courtney! I’m glad you like our initiative for sustainability and our descriptions! If you don’t mind, could you share your order number with me? Generally I like to connect the orders with the steepster users so that I can browse tasting notes to decide what samples to include with the person’s order :)

Courtney said

Hey! Our order number is 100000090. Actually, my friend and I placed an order together and she was wondering if there was any chance to try the Traditional Tieguanyin as a sample?

P.S. I was exploring your website more and I noticed you’re a biologist. What do you study/do as a biologist?

Sure thing! Tradition TGY shall be your sample! I am a lot of things…they are all hobbies though. That’s my favorite thing about owning my company, is it allows me to have as many hobbies as I like and not have to worry about money :) Though, if I’d have to specify a section of biology I enjoy studying most, it would probably be ornithology. I love everything about biology though :) I’m also a nature photographer and a retired (as of 2 months ago) professional slackliner. You can also check out my photos here if you’re interested :) https://www.facebook.com/gebhartphotography

^by the way, there will be TONS of new photos on that page in June. I lost a lot of my passion for photography when I left Michigan, so when I get back I’ll be out taking new pics daily :)

Gorgeous photos.

Courtney said

Ornithology is a great choice. I study biology myself. Also, your photography is amazing! Your dog is beautiful too. :)

Aww, your pictures are breathtaking… I’m also passionate about ornithology and photography but I’m such an amateur!

I wish you all the best on your return to Michigan, lots of inspiration awaiting for you there it seems. Reading this thread made me think of one of my favorite album from Sfujan Stevens “Greatings from Michigan – The Great Lake State”… just beautiful to listen with my cup of tea this morning ;-)

Mandy said

Oh wow, lovely photos! So thats the secret to being able to pursue my photography hobby? Own my own successful company? I’ll get right on it ;)

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teaenvy said

Dang! I should read more on Steepster. I found Whispering Pines quite by accident thus morning and have been contemplating an order. One thing I was not able to find on the site is the amount of tea purchased for the price. It just wasn’t obvious so I hesitated to buy.
Customers seem happy though and that says a lot!

boychik said

1oz. im very happy with my purchase;)

Yep, price is per ounce! :) Thanks boychik!

By the way, I have made the coupon code permanent. It now offers all new customers 15% off their first purchase :) Spread the love!

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