1444 Tasting Notes

2024 sipdown no. 34

This tea is really lovely, there are hints of cinnamon coming through that I have found in other high mountain blacks as well. The body is light-medium with a sweetness that is subtle and fruit-like.

Cameron B.

Yum, love that cinnamon waffle character they sometimes have.

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drank Jeju Organic by Camellia Sinensis
1444 tasting notes

This is like a black tea mixed with salad greens. There is a lovely underlying sweetness as well. A very unique cup.

The description notes seaweed notes and maritime briney-ness, but I don’t get that. I recently had Coastal Oolong from MS, so perhaps that has swayed me since that was very ocean-esque. Though to be fair, this is my second cup of this one and the taste profile has been the same both times.

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I picked this up one after seeing it in an email from MS. I was immediately intrigued because I miss the ocean daily and love all things ocean-related. There is a definite marine-esque flavour at the forefront here — not fishy, but like seawater. The taste transforms into a light milkiness (like skim milk) towards the end. The tea is very light and steeps up a beautiful pale colour. Really fascinating!

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2024 sipdown no. 33

I’ve been meaning to write a note for this tea since my first cup. Since I’ve just steeped my last cup, procrastination is no longer an option!

This is slightly vegetal at the front, though quite a mellow vegetal taste. There is a subtle unripe peach flavour starting in the middle and becoming more prominent towards the end of the sip. I have really enjoyed this tea and would re-order.

1st steep 1 min
2nd steep 2 minutes, 30 seconds

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2024 sipdown no. 32

I would say the description is spot on: dark florals and sweet raisin. The only thing is that the flavour is lighter than I was anticipating. I steeped 5g last night and ended up adding my remaining 5g to the resteep leaves to get more flavour overall. This was my favourite cup, but so much leaf! Alas, another good tea from MS.

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2024 sipdown no. 31

This one is a nice cup to drink without really thinking about it, which I essentially what I’ve done to my entire package. These is a definite hay flavour here, reminiscent of many white teas, but with the most subtle savoury aspect to it. A lovely warm cup to enjoy.

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Logging a few sipdowns where I already added notes!

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Good job! My sipdowns have seriously slowed lately.


Thank you! I’m sure they’ll pick up eventually. :) Honestly, we recently moved and tea space took quite a hit, so sipdowns were necessary aha!

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2024 sipdown no. 20

I picked this up in my last MS order and it is just as delightful as last year’s harvest (2022). The red fruits add an incredible sweetness, yet the tea is ‘soft’ and smooth.

I would absolutely order this one again!

Harvest: July 2023

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2024 sipdown no. 19

Thank you Martin! The earl grey aspect of this tea is light to non-existent. I found it to have a “market spice” scent, but very light in flavour, with cardamom coming across, but not overpowering. It’s a nice enough cup of black tea — with an unassuming and non-astringent base.

Martin Bednář

Probably all the bergamot was gone. I hardly noticed any as well when sipped down.

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drank Kokati by Teaoria
1444 tasting notes

1st steep: Wow, this tea is really lovely. The scent reminds me of the holidays aha, but the tea is incredibly well balanced. The thyme is very clear and definitely comes through. The base tea is smooth and not astringent at all. A really lovely and unique tea from Martin, thank you!

2nd steep: Just as lovely the second time around. Impressive for a black tea!


This one was very unusual—I’d never had a black tea with such a savory herb in it.


I agree! I found the base really worked somehow, happily hah.

Martin Bednář

I am really happy that you like it. Although unusual, I feel I need to keep it in my cupboard all the time.

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I love black tea and this is usually what’s in my mug. I’m also happy to enjoy a cup of green or red rooibos (green preferable to red), herbals, oolongs (unroasted/green and red preferable to roasted), whites, and subtly flavoured greens (mango or pineapple, yum!).

Raspberry, strawberry, peach, rhubarb, passionfruit, blackcurrant, redcurrant, fig, and most fruits in general, maple, creaminess, hay, biscuit, lavender, and cacao/dark chocolate.

I enjoy bergamot when paired with flavours that mellow it (Camellia Sinensis Earl Grey Cream is one of my favourites).

Any smokiness at all, stevia, too much blackberry leaf, rose, jasmine, ginger (except in chai), cinnamon-heavy teas, anything cloying or fake/candy-like.

I’m vegan with an allergy to potatoes, so I avoid any animal products in tea, along with sprinkles as these often have potato starch (I usually just pick them out of blends).


Last updated January 2023.



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