Arshness said

Packaging for Swaps?

Just a curiosity for starting out…

But how do you ship a small swap like one sample?
Do you just put it in a ziplock or sample bag, put it in an envelope and ship it?
Or do you put it in a teeny box? Or a mailer?

I just wonder what everyone’s experience is on this.
Have you ever used a normal envelope with a sample bag in it? Would that work well?

Again, assuming sending like 1 sample.

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Katiek said

I’ve received samples just in an envelope, but often wrapped in some second wrapping as well (for example, sample in a small envelope placed in a larger envelope. or sample in a bag, wrapped in paper or another small bag in an envelope)

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I haven’t done that at this point, but have gotten a couple of small samples from companies that way. I think it’s just important that the little bags are relatively flat. You might keep in mind that the tea may get squished in the mail.

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Cheri select said

If I’m sending more than one, or something that’s not very flat, I like to put it in a mailer. If it’s flat, it can just go in an envelope with a little something to protect it. (I put a small flat sample envelope in a card before.)

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These are the perfect thing for tea samples. They fit around 10 teaspoons and completely non-scent leaking, so you know teas are staying fresher:×5-Ziplock-Stand-Up-Pouches-Bags-SUP-AA-Clear-Silver-/310658911232?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4854b6cc00

I just bought 200 of them yesterday to stock up, since I’ve used them before (I saved 1/4 of the money anyway, buying that many at once.)

K S said

How do you seal them?

Dustin said

They have a ziplock near the top. The extra bag over the zip is for heat sealing it closed if you wanted that extra seal, but you have to cut it off and use the zip if you want to get to the contents.

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Arshness said

Awesome! Thanks to everyone for the advice. I thought it’d be okay but didn’t want to make a faux pas either >_< Or mess up someone’s tea!
I’m sending a black tea with no big chunks so it should be fine…)

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Dr Jim said

I have sent a few samples by 1st class letter-type envelope. I checked for feedback, and one person I sent it to said it arreive a bit crushed, so I would only do so for a fine-grained tea that can stand some abuse. I’ve mostly gone back to padded envelopes, even though they cost a bit more for postage.

Arshness said

I sent it in an envelope but it was pretty flat and bendy so I imagine it’ll be okay. I wouldn’t send a big bulky herbal that way but this one was just black with some flower petals.

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