Pass the Stash TTB - CLOSED! On the move!

This tea box is designed to pass along any teas that you have that weren’t your “cup of tea", PLUS at least one tea that is specifically picked out to appeal to the next person on the list. This could be something from their wish list, or something that you have that is similar to what they like and you think they will like it. That tea should be labeled specifically for that person. Wrap it if you like, just make it a little special.

I will take sign ups for a week, but please note that it is not just first come first served. I reserve the right to check activity levels on the site, not to be a tea snob, but because there is a history (even a recent history) of new people signing up, getting excited, and then by the time the tea box is down to their name a couple of months later, they have disappeared. So that all people involved get to benefit from their participation, I want to make sure that the people on the list have at least some history of being active on here, and/or “swap cred” in the sticky post, and/or prior participation in a box.

Box guidelines:
- We’ll need to keep it US, UNLESS there are some people both in the US and whatever other country who are both fine with shipping internationally. Please be sure to use delivery confirmation.

- Please add at least as much tea as you remove.

- Please try to keep the box for no longer than a week, 10 days at the most.

- Please label the teas with the name and company, and any other instructions you have. Package them in packaging that doesn’t allow them to be smelled from outside the bag – otherwise their smell will spread to the other teas. Please avoid super smoky teas.

- I will know more about the shipping weight and what type of box/shipping will work best as I put the box together this next week.

Please respond if you are interested, where you are, and if you have any vacation coming up so I can consider that in the order. Also please indicate if you are willing to ship internationally.

Edit 6/22: I’m working on putting the teas into a spreadsheet today, and ordered some non flat rate priority boxes from USPS that will be here in a few days. I’ll start it out as soon as those are delivered. I need to get a location from Khamilton and then I can post a list.

Edit 6/25: Here’s the list! Since most of us are on the east side of the country, I put Washington state first so I would incur that postage cost. Please be sure your wish lists are updated so that your special item in the box is to your tastes! The boxes that I am getting from USPS should be here tomorrow, so Albertocanfly should get the box by the beginning of the week. I am including a hard copy of the tea spreadsheet, but I am happy to email it to Albertoanfly (and then it can be passed around) if you pm me your email address.

Albertocanfly – WA
Khamilton611 AZ (back from vacation 7/4)
Carol Who – IL (no last week of July or last week of August)
Cheri – MI
JennyFur – MI.
Skysamurai – MN
Christeana1 – NH
Deazinn -
Debbie – MD <~~ currently here.
Mandy – FL
Marzipan – KY

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Cheri select said

This sounds interesting. I like the idea. Sign me up!

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carol who said

I currently have the Herbal TTB and I am having so much fun. Once again we have a new theme and it sounds great! Please add me to your list. I will be out of town the last week in July and the last week in August. I live in Illinois.

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Mandy said

I would like to join too, but only if I can be towards the middle/end of the list so I can build my stash up a bit first haha. If not then I’m fine with sitting this one out (: I’m in Florida

I’m feeling the same as Mandy. I’d be interested if I can be at the bottom. About when are you planning on getting the box moving Marzipan?

I hope I didn’t make it sound too intimidating, I didn’t mean to. I think it will essentially be like any other TTBs but with the special item for the next person. I almost called it the “Un Birthday Box”, and it was sort of born out of a sample I sent to Cheri last week, because it made her so happy. I thought it would be fun to do both a TTB and include that little special thing for each person.

I’ll probably start it out mid next week, I’m sure you’ll have things to add. If we have 10 people it will run for 2-3 months too.

Arshness said

If it will run 2-3 months, I’d either need to be early or late in the list. Early would work as well as late so either is fine. Just want to avoid August. Really, just if there’s one person left in front of me and it’s about that time, I’ll poke you and ask you to bump me down, so overall don’t worry about it yet. Just whatever is fine. ^^

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Debbie select said

This sounds like fun. I’d definitely be interested. I’m in Maryland.

Deazinn said

Debbie can you please friend me and pm me? I have questions for you….thank!!

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Deazinn said

I’m not sure if I’m too new to be included…but I’m interested!

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Arshness said

Me please! I’d love to join! From Alabama.
I’d like to be low enough on the list to avoid having it in August as I have a family visit happening for two weeks.

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I would love to be in on this box!

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I’m interested. Going on vacation for the next 2 weeks (yay!).

Which state are you in?

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Skysamurai said

sounds like an interesting tea box!! Minnesota

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I spent some time last night getting teas ready to go for this. Repackaging, double packaging where needed, etc. there are……53 different teas in it as of right now. Some are single samples, one is a quarter pound, and everything in between.

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