T2 Store opened in Shoreditch London!

I can’t tell you how excited I was to find out my favourite Australian tea shop has finally arrived in merry ol’ England!
After speaking to the girls there, I was informed that they’ve been trying to get over here for years. Crazy huh? They seem to be doing amazingly well though, thankfully!
Anyway, just a general discussion for those British T2 lovers and to inform people to give their blends a try if you’re in the UK and wanting to try something new :)

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Sil select said

LUcky! I wish they’d open in the US or even better, Canada!

If they opened one in Canada, it could officially be a Commonwealth exclusive tea store :D

Sil select said

that would be awesome heh

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T2 is owned by unilever, (bought it last year) so I’m afraid the company I enjoyed is long gone. :(

Sorry to hear that ):
May I ask what has changed since it he company has been bought?


I had made friends with some of the workers at my local, but afterwards there was a ‘restructuring’ and they were laid off. Stopped going then, so I can’t comment on if the quality has improved or gone down.

I mean the original T2 wasn’t amazing, pretty pricey for a “Teavana/Whittards” level of quality. But I enjoyed talking with the sales people.

Hannah F. said

The quality is lovely. I’m a fairly recent tea convert, but they have a lot of interesting varieties now.

I agree, such a vast selection of wonderful teas. Shame my bank balance/cupboard only allows me to get so much at one time :’)

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