Frolic select said

You might just have too much tea if...

I always say you can never have too much tea but maybe it’s time to reconsider—

Your physical cupboard can not contain your stash.

You can’t find a tea you got yesterday after looking in all your normal tea storage areas (damn you Plum Brandy Cheese cake! Where are you hiding? I need another cup before I can review you)

You have several tea storage areas…

And they aren’t small

You won’t be able to drink fast enough to finish your tea in over a year even if you didn’t buy anymore

Your mail carrier is a little to familiar with you

Feel free to add on or say if any of these things are true about you.

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Wait what, too much tea?

Frolic select said

I know I know, it’s such a strange concept. It took me hunting all over the house for my Plum Brandy to even consider the idea.

I’m going to have to make some more tea drinking friends to have over and help me out.

Frolic select said

I found you Plum Brandy Cheesecake! Lets never part again, well until I finish you :(

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Frolic select said

I think one of my problems is I’m a recovering underleafer and an avid resteeper. It’s tough when you drink a crazy amount of tea every day but are actually going through very little leaf.

yyz said

I’m in the same boat as you;)

K S said

This has been a big problem for me. Back when I only had 20 or so teas it was fine. Now, well, a year is about a decade too short to finish it all. At least I have it all contained in my den… well, and a corner in the living room… and a few in the kitchen, but really that’s it I swear. Of course you know how hard it is too dump and entire sample into the teapot. I am trying.

Frolic select said

Yeah I have a horrible fear of finishing teas I like when I know I can’t buy more for a while so I’m bad at sipdowns.

I’m in that boat too. I also want to try everything.

Cheri select said

I don’t underleaf (I probably overleaf, but it makes me happy) but I am an avid avid avid resteeper.

boychik said

when you drink puerh, 5-7g can go for days…

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Cheri select said

I may have already told Frolic this, but I currently have a stack of boxes and envelopes in my family room from over the last couple of weeks because I don’t have a place to put them. This would be fine, mostly, except that one of the cats has now claimed the tea as his own.

He really likes the packages that tea come in, and licks them.

This is normally not a problem, except that last night I found him chewing on a baggie of tea that had fallen out of my swap this into TTBs box. Fortunately, it was neither a tea I wanted, not a tea I promised to someone else. This just really means that I need to put the tea away, so I need to clean out the pantry the rest of the way. (I’ve claimed about 2/3 of it, but I need to just take over the rest of it.)

Oooh, TeaVivre. He has good taste at least! ;)

Cheri select said

He likes the Whispering Pines and Golden Tips packages as well.

Frolic select said

Fabulous taste!

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