Sad Sunday: The Era of Free Shipping Has Ended!

Good (?) morning,

Unfortunately, I ran the numbers for the month, and free shipping on all US orders just isn’t going to cut it anymore. :-(((( (super sadface)

I bearly broke even on a large majority of orders, and a few orders, I actually paid you to drink my tea. Bear in mind that I still offer free shipping on orders $50+…so I hope that’s bearable. (end puns)

It’s a sad day, but fortunately for you, I can still continue to make my awesome tea because of it…and I think that’s a fair trade. (had to do one more pun. they are tearibbly hard to resist!)

You can read all about our permanent shipping policy here:

It’s written in stone (well, not really. I carve wood, so maybe I’ll do that…) so this is where it’ll stay from here onward. Free sample in all orders $35+, too!

Sips With Bears
Sad Bear Chief
The Tea Hobbit
Tea Whiz of the Woods
Brenden of the Pines
Your humble tea servant
Bearly Awake Brenden

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SarsyPie said

I don’t personally think it’s that serious, B. There’s still a free shipping threshold, which I’m sure everyone here knows I have no problem meeting. :p

At least you tried it out, which is great for everyone who got in on it. :)

Yep, and I got a lot of new customers from it, too! :D

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yeah, the way I see it, none of my orders will probably ever be lower than the threshold anyway… :)

Yay! Free shipping for you, then! ;-)

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Bummer. Missed out on that I guess. Lol. Though I have a feeling my next order probly isn’t going to be less than $50 anyway. /ponders/

Pondering is great for the body and mind, yet not so much for the wallet :-P

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Drat. I wasn’t able to order full size for a few months. At least I’ll now what I want for Autumn/ Winter now. (Golden Orchid and Fujian S’Mores.)

Mmm those are great Autumn teas!

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AllanK said

I am not worried that you have to spend $50 for free shipping. I do have a question. I saw some reviews of Shou Puerh mini tuochas from your site on Steepster but don’t see them on your website, have you sold out?

Hey Allan, I discontinued those because I couldn’t confirm that they were pesticide free, which is the only type of shou I’ll be selling from here on :-)

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Katiek said

I certainly understand why you can’t offer free shipping on smaller orders. The main thing is to find a model that lets you stay in business and keeps your great teas available.

Precisely. I think my policies are going to stay where they are right now. The $6.50 flat rate worked, so i think that $5 will be a good middle point :-)

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MzPriss said

I didn’t see how you could break even doing that. It was a nice idea, but I don’t want you having problems because of it because I NEED my WP!

I will always be here for you! :-)

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I think it’s honorable that you attempted at it…but it is wiser to retract. I agree with MzPriss, I NEED MY WP TEAS, til the end of times.

The fact that you already have a free shipping treshold (even for us Canadian neighbours!) is plenty. Plus your flat rate is more than reasonable I think.

Lol, to me, it makes no difference cause I can’t seem to be able to order for less than the treshold, so free shipping for me always, weehee!!

P.S. There can NEVER be too many puns.

SarsyPie said

O RLY? You and MzP NEED your WP? No one around these parts would gave ever guessed :p :p :p


Hehehe…Drink all the tea, all the time! :D

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Honestly I will still order as frequently, it’s worth it!

:D Thanks for your loyalty, Marzipan!

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Ost said

Well that was fun while it lasted!
That was super brave of you to try! Shipping prices can get horrendous!
Thanks for the time we could have free shipping. That was super awesome of you!!

It was fun :) And honestly, shipping prices are really quite low if you do it right. I never have to pay more than $5 to ship an order in the US…but then you have to calculate in the packaging, labels, etc…so yeah. Oh well, it was a fun month for sure :-)

Ost said

Seriously?? :O Wow, that’s cool you know the way to make it cheap. They like to rip people off at my post office. xD So I’m not a huge fan-haha!

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