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From now thru Sunday Sept 28, receive FREE ground shipping to U.S. addresses on all orders of $25 or more, using promo code STEEP25SHIP at www.teabar.com! We also offer sample sizes (0.5oz, about 5-6 cups of tea) for all of our teas.

As part of our Being in the World mission, Mahamosa donates 50% of after-tax net profits to charitable causes including hunger, poverty, environment, clean water, animal/natural life welfare, and other causes.

Try some of our bestselling fall teas!
Pumpkin Cream rooibos http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/pumpkin-cream.html
Cranberry Acai http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/cranberry-acai.html

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Oh, pumpkin cream rooibos! You recommended that to me last year when I was looking for a non-spiced pumpkin tea. It’s really good. Hmmm.

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You have too much tea selection. I need help deciding.

Hi Starfevre! I’m so glad you liked the pumpkin cream rooibos—it’s one of my favorites! On our homepage on the right side, we have tabs for New Teas, Top Teas and Fall Teas that might help you decide. I would be happy to suggest some teas for you if you would like—just let me know what types of teas or flavors you like or are looking for.

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Wandered around the steepster rating page and picked off the list: Raspberry Cream 1
Pear Green-White 1
Caramel 1
Cherry Kiwi Coconut Fruit 1
Earl Grey De La Cream 1
Pumpkin Cream 1

(Earl Grey is for a friend, I’m not on speaking terms with bergamot right now)

That’s a great selection of teas! I personally love the caramel and pear green-white, along with the pumpkin cream :) Thanks for your order!

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