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New Teavana Bars

Has anyone gone to the new “concept” Teavana Tea Bar? I know the common distain for Teavana in general but I would be interested in going to this new type of Teavana. There is one about 35 miles away in an unfamiliar part of Chicago and I’m not sure it’s worth the drive.

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I’m not sure it would worth the driver either but they’re worth stopping in if you’ll be in the area. We have a few in NYC. The food is decent and they aren’t as pushy as the mall stores are.

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Find a museum or bookstore in the farther area of Chicago, then go by Teavana after. I’ve only ever been to their stores.

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Where in Chicago? I generally dislike Teavana (mostly due to sales practices), but depending where it is I might consider going on a scouting mission to see what it’s like. Lol.

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