nimrod said

Recommend an herbal tea that actually tastes good

I would like an herbal tea (no caffeine, no green or black teas) that actually tastes good. I have tried a handful of herbal teas and haven’t liked any, even with honey. I’m drinking some raspberry tea (my wife had on hand for medicinal purposes) right now. Yep. Its nasty too. I’ve read that I should try Roobios South African tea, Peppermint, Chamomile, etc. What say you?

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Cwyn said

Indian herbal chai consisting of roots and barks that are sweet. The tea blend would be boiled, strained, and then milk added. I’ve seen it sold in cartons already prepared and even sweetener added, just heat and add milk or soy milk.

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I actually love unadulterated chamomile!

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CherryJam said

Try rooibos (with lemon & ginger), or licorice tea.

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Try honeybush. I like it better than rooibos. I recommend trying some of the amazing honeybush flavors from 52Teas. I am drinking the Maple Vanilla Honeybush now and yum!

Inkling said

I second the nomination for honeybush! I especially like Teavana’s Honeybush Vanilla.

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Elder Grove from Whispering Pines and Golden Honey Dew from Lupicia are my favorites.

I second the Golden Honeydew, and I also love Sweet Autumn from Lupicia (red rooibos blend).

I have also found the combination of Mint and Linden to be quite tasty, if you enjoy mint. :)

I wish I liked red rooibos. I would rather gnaw on a landscape timber than drink it – tastes the same to me.

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Uniquity said

Plain mint. Peppermint and spearmint taste different but both good. If you’re not a big mint fan, I think spearmint is likely the way to go.

Lemon balm or lemon verbena is another good plain herbal that I like. Tastes like lemon. Yum.

You could find something you’re okay with and a bit of either of these, or anything else, really. You could add fresh or dried ginger which can pack a punch.

If you like fruity flavours, there are a number of herbals that are dried fruit pieces, hibiscus, etc. Teavivre’s Blueberry one is really good.

If you’re avoiding caffeine, make sure you DON’T go for anything with mate or guayusa. Both are sometimes listed with herbals but are caffeinated plants (if that’s a phrase).

Honeybush and rooibos (green or red) are both caffeine free plants that are used as bases in some herbal teas. They have a bit of a woody taste and some people find them sour. They’re not super interesting on their own but with additions they can be really good. Some people get headaches from them though, which is interesting. I seem to hear that most about red rooibos.

Nattie said

Seconding the Rooibos – I really like green, but the red kind is most usual and just so-so. Both are good with additives.

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Anlina said

Some of my favourite caffeine free tisanes:

Teatoxy – Calm Me, Energize
Secret Garden Tea Co – Lemon Mango Punch, Pink Grapefruit
Algonquin Tea Co – Sacred Blend
DAVIDsTEA – Coco Chai Rooibos, Mulberry Magic, Jessie’s Tea, Watermelon Mint
Cornelia Bean – Ivory Coast Rooibos, Dragonberry, Orange Rosemary Rooibos, London Fog
Teavana – Citrus Lavender Sage, Dragonfruit Devotion
Metropolitan Tea Co – Dutch Licorice Rooibos

Bamboo as a base is really lovely. Sadly the only one in my cupboard that I could recommend is no longer available.

Uniquity said

I forgot about bamboo. I had one bamboo tea and it was pretty good but very hard to describe.

CherryJam said

Oh wow there is a Dutch licorice rooibos? Must try to locate some.

Anlina said

The Dutch Licorice is absolutely fabulous. It’s made with fennel instead of licorice, so it has the same flavour profile without being painfully sweet and it’s beautifully balanced with the slight woodiness of the rooibos.

I know Tweed & Hickory carry it, but you can probably find it in smaller quantities elsewhere. Metropolitan Tea Co is pretty ubiquitous.

Bamboo is awesome. Another great herbal is Olive Leaf. It tastes a lot like green tea!

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Angrboda said

I am partial to Celestial Seasoning’s honey and vanilla chamomile blend. I don’t like chamomile on its own, but I find the honey and vanilla actually makes it pleasant. (You could probably even get much the same result just adding a bit of honey to a cup of plain chamomile, really) Especially if you let it steep for a long time so that it’s a good strong brew. I’m also partial to Sleepytime Vanilla of the same company. I tend to have a cup of either of those before bedtime.

I was also once sent a sample of a bamboo and pomelo blend. I can’t remember which company it came from, but if you search for bamboo and pomelo I think you should be able to find it. That one was fabulous on an epic scale!

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dort said

My favorite is harney and sons orange passion fruit tea, I’m not usually an herbal drinker and this is my exception. Its fruity, tart, and delicious!

Tweets333 said

Hi. 7 years later I just tried Harney & Sons orange passion fruit tea and finally I have found a delicious herbal tea. I would love to know of any others you would recommend, as clearly my taste is in line with yours.

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Lennny said
Favorite: Mint Meadley by Bigelow. Peppermint, spearmint, rose hips, lemon peel & hibiscus. Lemon Grass A.K.A. tea de limon, Tadin makes a great one, but they are all very similar IMO.
I find these teas to be very relaxing, however if I was looking for a more alerting tisane/herbal tea that is caffeine free: Lemon Zinger by Celestial Seasonings.
I don’t drink Celestial Seasonings teas if I can help it, as I have become a huge Green Tea snob in the last year, but they still make good herbal teas that are very consistent in flavor, and a good brand to start your Journey with.

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