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I’ve been making some signature blends, and I would like to add them to a fandom, however, I noticed that most fandoms have banners, and I can’t find any place where I can add a banner. Does anybody know how to customize a fandom after creating it? Also, I don’t believe I have the proper program to create a badge. Is there an easier way to do it?

Who here blends teas on Adagio? How did you put together your fandom pages? There isn’t much information on the internet that I can find, so I was hoping somebody could post something about their own experiences here.

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I do create blends on Adagio as well and have had the same questions. I’d be curious to see what you find out. Have you emailed them about it?

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Ok, lets see if I can remember, it has been a long time! Hehe I created the Minecraft Mob Fandom right when it was introduced. So for adding a banner, if you go to one of your blends, click the edit button on packaging and the band artwork will end up being the banner.

I do not have an easier way to edit the badge, I tweaked mine in Paint Shop and it was a giant pain. So, someone with more knowledge in graphic design might have to help you there.

Now if I can find a way to get my fandom made into a fandom sampler I will be happy!

Also, gotta ask, what is your fandom?

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Yes. Fandom Samplers would be great for gifts. I don’t know if I’m happy with my tea labels yet, though. You need about six flavors for the sampler at the very least. Maybe that’s all you need.

I think it might be based on popularity too, I know I contacted adagio once about how to go about getting my teas made into a sampler but they never replied :(

I think my Minecraft teas have 17? teas. I know I have more I need to make, but until recently a bunch were out of stock and I didn’t feel like making new ones.

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You were right about the banner. Thank you. :)

yay! glad to help! I want to see your teas when you feel comfortable sharing them :)

They’re Doctor Who blends. I wanted a Rose blend, but realized I was opposed to most ingredients used in other people’s blends. That probably sounds bad, but I guess that’s why anyone can make their own signature blends. You can be picky about what goes into the teas that you buy.

Hehe, I totally get that, several times I have seen teas for fandoms and I just think ‘that is so not the right tea blend!’ :P

Exactly. I mean, I wouldn’t say my tea was more accurate. In fact, mine may be more off, but it’s kind of fun making your own versions. Now, if only they would fix their site so that you wouldn’t have to update the art for your signature blend 20 times before it sticks…

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If anyone can make an Adagio fandom badge for me, I will send them tea.

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Kat said

Kind of off topic, but I always feel really frustrated when I really want to gift someone a fandom tea or own a fandom tea, but all the components are gross and not to my liking. Like OH NO this Pokemon blend has hibiscus and strawberry and I know I won’t like it, but I want it for the novelty. I feel like that’s my reaction to almost all fanblends.

That has been my reaction to several! Also I hate that the sizes are humongous, I just want a sample

Kat said

Yes! Or maybe a decorative tin of like an Oz for like 10$!
Because I have to pay so much for the tin, which is half the point, I’ve only actually ever bought one blend, not because I liked the fandom, but because I liked the blend itself.

that would be awesome! I would so prefer that over the massive bag with the screwy labels. So far all I have bought are my own blends (been gifted and sampled from TTB a few others) because I want to make sure they taste good, and since I blended it there is a very large chance I will like it :P

I would definitely buy the sample tins if I didn’t have to buy 10 tins for each flavor. I’d probably end up buying 30 or so of the various flavors I want, just to gift them to friends.

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OMara said

I’ve blended some teas on Adagio. Example I know almost positively that you can only have your teas made into a fandom sampler if its popular enough. I also wish you could get samples of the blends as I’m not really big on shelling out $10 with the possibility of not liking it. Maybe, we could request this from Adagio? I haven’t been drinking their teas or browsing the website recently, as I haven’t been impressed with the tea quality and variety of non fandom blends. I wish I could make you a fandom badge, but I no longer have the time I used to and no more software….

Well, I appreciate the thought. Thanks. :)

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Hi all! I just wandered over to Adagio and it looks like they are doing sample tins now for $4 of the Signature Blends. It says that there is enough for 5 cups. Just thought I’d pass that info along :)

oh no…that is super dangerous but AWESOME!!

I know! They come in cute little tins.

Yeah, I saw it around 1 this afternoon and bought several tins. xD

Kaylee said

Can someone report back on the state of the tins once you receive them? I want to buy the Kaylee one but I’d literally be buying it just for the tin so I want to be sure it’s decent.

TreeGal said

Whee! I’m sure I can justify THIS tea expense to my budget-watching husband… :P

OMara said

Oooh goody!

Kaylee, I think they’re the same tins that they use in the fandom samplers. If so, I have several of them. They’re about 3" by 2" and maybe 3/4" tall. The whole thing is made of some kind of thin but sturdy metal. The lid slides on and off, and there’s a little metal nub on the underside that locks into place when it’s closed and keeps it from opening accidentally. The lid has the artwork for the blend on it (I think it’s some form of sticker, but none of mine have showed any signs of peeling off or anything). The bottom part of the tin is orange, green, and white in color and it says Adagio on the underside.

There’s a small picture of the tin at the top of this page, the one that says “Perfect Carlos”:

So, has anyone bought one of the tins in the samplers and also one of the larger bags and compared the labels? I am assuming that the labels on the tins are somewhat better than on the bags because WOW do the ones on the bags look awful. Half the time the printing is uneven and it is usually unreadable…makes me wonder why I even bothered designing fancy labels for my teas :(

Kaylee said

Thanks for the thorough description, Cameron B.!

Amanda, it’s disappointing that the labels on the bags are so bad! Especially if you’ve put time and effort into them.

I know, right? I will be getting some samples of my blends in the very near future and I shall report back if they look better on the tins.

If not, well, I guess I will have to redesign them.

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I received my tins last week. All of my labels look alright, except one which has turned out darker than I would like. I have the worst time trying to change the artwork for a tea, so I the last few times I’ve had to delete it and recreate it. I had friends taste test my blends, and they all turned out really well, though the all fruit tea is a bit bland in comparison to my other flavors, but I need to work on the label art for that anyway. When I received my tins, they were wrapped in paper, three stacked on each other. There was actually a lot of tea dust in the packaging too. The tins aren’t air tight in my opinion. I also found some tea elements from one blend in another, so if you do buy one blend, the problem could just be that your signature blends are all made at the same time.

Anyway, I have some other tea ideas that I want to work on next, so I may make my first teas available, then start working on labels for the next. I literally just take pictures of it though, and then adjust the color and add text. I don’t know if I would be able to scan the labels very well since I draw them in a sketchbook.

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