Drinking this one on a warm Saturday morning. I finally cracked into my new cake, and it’s probably one of the prettiest cakes I’ve seen so far. Lots of light and white leaves mixed in with the dark colored ones, it reminds me of some white tea cakes I’ve seen.

The wet leaf has a really unique smell. It doesn’t have the same ripe date or apricot smell—still fruity and strong, but something different.

The first steep is quite light overall in flavor, with a little bit of body-centered bitterness. There’s a sort of buttery note in there, almost popcorn-like. It’s a little weird to describe, but different from the creamy feeling I’ve been getting from other sheng. Maybe like caramel corn? It definitely tastes better than caramel corn tea sounds, though.

The second steep picks up on the viscosity and rounds out the smooth body. The bitterness protrudes a little, but not uncomfortably. It does persist into the aftertaste a little ways, though.

Third steep has a little bit of spice to it. At least, that’s my guess, it’s kind of a sharp, almost tingliness. Very faint though. I might be looking at the wrong thing.

Need to head out so cutting this session short!

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