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This is the tea shop I frequented before DT came to town.

They have wonderful high quality teas, but if you don’t know much about types of teas, regions, estates… this place can be intimidating. And unfortunately, the staff does not make it easier.

Also, if you are looking for tisanes, there is a very slim choice. The employee didn’t even know that mint teas can be helpful for digestive issues! And there are no flavored teas. And their organic teas are hidden in an awful binder, instead of being prominently displayed. “Hey, look, we have organic teas!”

In spite of all this, every tea I took away from that place was of very good quality. But I’d rather pay less and get quality service and all my infusion needs in one place. Sorry Un amour des thés!

EDIT: I neglected to mention one other infuriating aspect of this shope (which they might have changed since I last went in…) You are not allowed to buy quantities smaller than 50g!

Kay Kanada rated this place
and said Edit

Wonderful customer service – the staff is just awesome!

I just wish that they would consistently use the glass cups for tea tastings, instead of those one-use throw away paper cups…



Age 2 – Stealing sips of orange pekoe from my Grandpa’s cup.

Age 4 – Being spoiled by my Nanny with my own cups of tea.

Age 13 – A mug of camomile from my mother to accompany a good book.

Age 17 – Strong black tea with milk and too much sugar to wake me up for school.

Age 18 – A tea (or five) a day keeps the doctor away.

Age 19 – Exploration and experimentation. With loose leaf teas at “Un amour des thés” in Montréal.

Age 22 – I embrace DavidsTeas with open arms.


Laval, Québec

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