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I was worried by being pretty underwhelmed by the scent of this tea, dry and steeped. But, it’s quite good! I steeped for 3 minutes at 205, and it came out robust but sweet and creamy. I don’t think I’d go any longer, and might try 2 minutes as per Bigelow. In any case, it helped me stay awake for a particularly ridiculous 12-hour work day. Let me outta here!

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Whoah, orange! This was intense and really enjoyable. I made it last night as my post-workout, pre-bed tea and it filled both roles. It’s really refreshing but also relaxing. I found it really sweet ‘n’ juicy, like biting into a clementine. This is the strongest, most natural orange flavour I’ve had in a tea. I had just eaten an orange, too, so I believe I’m qualified to remark on this. I’m going to have to ice it soon!

Tina S.

Oh I’m so glad that you liked this one. I agree the orange taste is really natural. Did you notice the slight cream that I did too?


I did! I think straight-up orange can be a little too abrasive, so the sweet + creaminess smooths it out really nicely.

Tina S.

I agree. Word of warning, this one doesn’t cold steep well, but an iced hot brew is delicious!


Ah, thanks! I do tend towards cold steeping due to the laziness factor so it’s good to know.

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Okay, this was bloody amazing. I had a cup of this kindly made for me in preparation for a road trip yesterday, and it was delicious. The caramel flavour is really incredible. I’ve never had a caramel tea that blew me away, so I was surprised that the flavour in this was so spot on.

This morning, I had to go for the combo of this with the green apple matcha. Perfect! Tart, fresh green apple with gooey, sweet caramel. This stuff tastes so sweet, and it’s so smooth and lacking any bitterness, that I don’t really understand how it works. But, I am loving it and I’m so glad to have had the chance to try ‘em! I’m also impressed by how vibrant the matcha is. It tastes very fresh, and is that awesome deep green colour, not the sickly powder green I’m used to seeing in flavoured matchas.


So. Damn. Good. I’m eager to see how you feel about the others and how long it takes you to order your own .


Not long. It won’t be long. I’ve been on the site a couple times already today.

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This is even better than I was expecting! It’s a very fresh-tasting sencha with a gentle, delicious sweetness from the peach combined with subtle, earthy notes from the gingko. Nicely done.

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drank Spring Morning by Teaopia
658 tasting notes

Oh, this is fine but I’m unenthused. The berry flavours are nice, and it’s subtle enough not to be overbearing (read: I will be able to finish the pouch), but I just don’t get along with the sencha Teaopia uses in their blends. It’s kind of scratchy, and not very flavourful. I’m also finding that their blends kind of blur together for me as the fruity ones end up tasting the same.


I find the same with DavidsTea’s sencha. However, 52teas’ seems to be much better, I’ve found so far!


Yeah! I think the flavoured senchas I’m most consistently impressed with are Tealish’s and Den’s fruit-flavoured ones (the pineapple is the ultimate flavoured sencha!).


I am not familiar with the Sencha that Tealish, Teaopia, or DavidsTea uses, but, I know that 52Teas uses a Chinese Sencha while Den’s uses Japanese, that’s why these two are different from one another…


Japanese sencha seems to be the norm, which I do think works best with most fruit-type flavours. But, sencha is so variable according to freshness that I find companies that take note of this tend to have better blends. If it gets stale then they tend to taste a little dusty and bland, I think. So when I say that I like one sencha base over the other, I typically just find it fresher and crisper as they’re always Japanese aside from 52Teas. The Chinese sencha is interesting, for sure.

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This was surprisingly good! Unabashedly fruity, and nicely refreshing. I’m shocked to find that I think it actually tastes a fair bit like Tealish’s Fairy Dust. This is completely welcome as I’m out of Fairy Dust right now. Not much else to say. It’s a nice balance of berry and tropical fruitiness.

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I had a coupon (from signing up for a mailing list in store) for 50 g free with the purchase of 50 g in Teaopia. I will go to great lengths for free or discounted tea, and realized it was expiring today (it actually turned out to be yesterday but still worked), so headed down today before work.

I lucked into an employee who was different from the others I’ve had at the two Teaopias I’ve visited; he was actually friendly and easy-going, and seemed pretty honest in telling me which teas he thought were good/popular, and which he and customers found lacklustre.

Anyway, he said this was one of his favourites so I thought I’d might as well grab a cup to go. It’s interesting. Very almondy, very sweet with some tartness from the currants. I enjoyed it but don’t think I’d buy any, as I’m not such an almond person. I was worried that there would be too much going on (which had me wondering about the accuracy of its name), but it was pretty well-balanced in the added flavour department. I can’t say I’m a fan of the sencha they seem to use in their blends, though.

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Okay, I’ve had this several times now and haven’t logged it because I couldn’t really figure out what I thought about it. It’s just kind of weird. It’s not bad, and it accomplishes some sort of ice creamy taste, but it’s odd. I don’t care for the carob in it, nor do I care for the stevia!

Anyway, when I put my hand into the chaotic tea corner, I grabbed this one. I need to use up what I have, so I went with it. But I wanted to change it up, so I basically made breakfast out of it by adding the most coconut milk I have ever added to a tea (Aroy-D, in a carton, from an Asian market; it’s the way to go for coconut milk). I have mostly concluded that I don’t like my cherished coconut milk in tea because the fat floats to the top and gets weird. But, I used a lot. And I already think that the coconut milk tastes like ice cream when it gets really thick. So, the texture rocked. And it was sweet and creamy and tasty.

But, there was the WORST bitter aftertaste on it. Yuck. I definitely find that I like stevia in food but can’t handle it in beverages. I’m going to have to try a super-creamy coconut milk latte with another tea because it showed great potential and also kept me full for hours!


I feel the same way about stevia… boo


Yep. Unfortunate!

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I had this to-go today in an effort to knock off some of the teas I haven’t tried that I think sound okay-ish. This one falls firmly into that territory.

The description really confuses me. I got lots of fruitiness from the scent, both dry and steeped, and the flavour! Fruity and a little floral. It was quite sweet, nice and smooth. Not bad!

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This was a blast from the past today. I’m doing some 12-hour (incredibly slow, boring) shifts at the office conveniently located near a DT, and have taken to popping in for a to-go cup. The problem is that I never know what I want; I have pretty much any of the teas I have any interest in drinking at home. And I feel silly paying $2.63 or whatever for a cup of things I have tins of. But, I have to do it. It’s just too damn convenient.

Anyway, I haven’t had this one in ages though I often pause over it when choosing what to drink. I think it was in my first-ever DT order, so we go way back. And it just jumped out at me today. I knew it was the tea for me. When the employee opened the canister to scoop mine out, the scent was incredibly powerful and had me excited to get back to my desk for some quality time with that turquoise paper cup. It didn’t disappoint. It’s as good as I remember it being. I think I might need to indulge in some fresher stock, as my love for this one has been renewed. So sweet! So creamy.


I too have some of all the teas I’m interested in. Now I only pop in to DT when there’s a new tea and wave off the sales people’s attempts to sell me other things. I relly do want to try the birthday cake ones though!


Yeah! DT employees have seemed rather into up- and other-selling lately. By other-selling, I’m referring to last week when I went in just for a cup of Glitter and Gold and she seemed really disappointed that I didn’t want to try Hot Lips instead.

Tina S.

Wow, that really makes me sad. And glad my store hasn’t dared try that crap on me. I’d be so upset about it.

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