Three Wishes Tea

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Black Green Blend
Artificial Flavouring, Chinese Black Tea, Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers, Rose Petals, Sunflower Petals
Bitter Melon, Dark Wood, Flowers, Fruity, Green Melons, Melon, Pineapple, Sweet, Cantaloupe, Rose, Vanilla, Floral, Grapes, Peach, Rosehips
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200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec 13 oz / 394 ml

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I wish, I wish, I wish
In old Arabian tales, there was always a genie around ready to grant you three wishes. In comparison, the modern world seems a bit dull. So how do you escape reality? Try this rare tea. Its exotic fragrances of jasmine and rose water will transport you to the time of Ali Baba. Enjoy it chilled, or look into the hot steam and dream of genies.

Ingredients: Chinese green tea, black tea from China, sunflower petals, jasmine blossoms, rose petals, artificial flavouring*.

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125 Tasting Notes

3224 tasting notes

A few months back I shared some TARDIS tea with a coffee-loving friend who also happened to be a Doctor Who fan. He was really hesitant about trying “my fancy tea” but I think he was intrigued by the TARDIS blend. So together we had some tea and he admitted it was different but pretty good. The next day he called and told me he went to DAVIDs and bought tea. This was among the ones he bought and though it is not something I would pick out, he said it was good and that piqued my curiosity.

The flowers made me hesitant but I still wanted to try it so when Aimee Popovacki and I were arranging a swap, I asked for some of this. I figured it was the best way to try the tea without committing to a whole lot of it (the beauty of swaps!). So today when Aimee’s package arrived, I decided to brew up a cup.

Tastewise, this is definitely floral but not unbearable. There is also a sweetness that I can’t quite place but is really nice. Honestly, it is a very pleasant cup. I don’t know if I would restock but getting through what Aimee sent certainly won’t be a problem. So thank you Aimee for sharing with me :)

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Floral tends not to be up my alley, so I know now to give this one a pass.

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709 tasting notes

Finished up this one today. Steeped approximately 3 minutes at 80 degrees (because I remembered there is green tea!) it was quite nice. This is one of those ones that I enjoy, but get annoyed about because DT recommends boiling water on the label, but that makes it bitter and gross because of the green. It is lightly fruity and flowery, with decent black and green teas behind it. If I ever get my tea stash pared down to 1/4 of it’s size, I would consider keeping this as permanent stock. There is nothing else in my collection that is similar. Glad to have a sipdown though!

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1230 tasting notes

We meet again Three Wishes, for one last cup in my stash!
This time I went really conservative, 2.5 mins, 175f. Much much better!

Very floral, peachy with depth of the black tea. The black tea isn’t getting bitter here. Not sure why DT had the steeping times so nutty – sometimes I think they just stamp 98c for 4-7 for most teas.

Three wishes?
1. Never get injuries in jiu jitsu or weight lifting again
2. Always get the perfect cup of tea
3. Free tickets to all the concerts – pfpfffff $200+ to see BIGBANG tomorrow? I’ll just admire GD from afar on youtube for free

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec

I think my concert-related wish would be for more bands to make stops in my city.

But $200 is ridiculous. I’m glad most of the bands I listen to don’t charge that much.


Injuries while lifting = tiger balm. ouch.

Oolong Owl

Me and tigerbalm are good friends. Epsom salt is another close friend.


this is one of my fave teas <3

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160 tasting notes

This tea confuses me… It says it is black (Admitedly blended with green) but tastes entirely like a green tea with tasty peach flavoring! Not bad, overall a great green pech tea. But not quite finding any black to it!

Dry it smells wonderfully fruity and once brewed, the greenish brown liquor smells like fresh peach! I get green tea leafiness and sweet from the peach. The scent is great and the taste is also wonderful. No bitter and not artificial. Still, bit confused as to where the black tea is…

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470 tasting notes

It is far too hot to make any tea, and I’ve been drinking the same iced tea for about a week now, so I thought I’d do a backlogged review of this instead of adding yet another tasting note to Bangkok. This is also the first loose-leaf tea I made iced, so it seemed fitting!

When I made this hot for the first time my reaction was basically, “what the hell?!” It’s supposed to be a jasmine/rose blend, yet it tasted way more fruity than floral. Hot, it was not something I liked at all, but instead of leaving the bag to languish in my cupboard I made it iced. And suddenly, it was a whole different tea! The jasmine popped a lot more, and while the rose was still subdued there was a wonderful fruity mango taste. I don’t like hot fruit teas at all really, but iced is a different story—and mango is my favorite fruit, so really this worked out for the best. Now it’s one of the first teas I reach for when I need something cool, so even while it wasn’t what I expected/wanted I think it was actually a pretty fortunate accident.

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442 tasting notes

I have a soft spot for this one. Three Wishes bills itself as a black, but everytime I have it I remember how it actually tastes more like a beautiful peachy green, with a bit more body than a green usually has. Hot or cold I always enjoy it, as long as I brew it properly. Even though Davids has it as a brew at boil, I like to do it around 85-90. This brings out the peach and keeps it from being overpowered by a flavour of overbrewed black. I don’t know anyone who counts this in their favourites at Davids, which is a shame. It really deserves more fanfare than it gets.

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Is there really black tea in this?! It’s been a staple in my cupboard for a long time now and I never knew haha

Tina S.

There is! Davids even classifies it as black on their tea wall. Anyone I know who likes it brews it green, though!


I never would have guessed, tastes like a green all the way to me!


Yeah, the one time I tried this (I think I still have some left), I brewed it as a black and it was terribly bitter, because the water was too hot and the infusion too long. I think I noted to try it as a green next time (although I probably still won’t like it, not being a fan of overly perfumey/floral stuff)!

Tina S.

I’m not a fan of florals either, Kittenna . . . and yet this one mellows into a really nice tea. Definitely give it another shot . . you may be as surprised as I was!


It is possible that it’s not so terrible… perhaps I’ll try it today if it’s here and not at the office (although pretty sure it’s there, unfortunately). At least one friend initially recommended it to me, so I was surprised when I found it to be so terrible!

Tina S.

I can’t wait to see what your second experience is like!

Michelle Butler Hallett

I agree with Tina S and find this one definitely needs cooler water; boiling water makes it bitter.

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3134 tasting notes

Another tea I’m finally trying!

The aroma of this one is SO delicious. Both the dry and steeped tea have this wonderful floral, rose petaly, juicy aroma that makes me drool (or as close as I am willing to get while in my office with other people).

Hmm, I steeped this one for only 4 minutes, but I’m getting a distinctly unpleasant oversteeped flavour from it. What is with me and screwing up teas lately?! It’s still drinkable, but bleech. Also, the floral aroma that I enjoyed so much is appearing in my mouth… and although I like smelling flowers, I’m not a big fan of eating them! Yes, definitely too floral in flavour for me.

Well, looks like another bust (my wallet says: thank goodness!). Another tea I’m happy to have tried, but will not be picking up again.

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec
Kay Kanada

Hmm this one has been in my cupboard for a long while (got it for Christmas) and I STILL haven’t plucked up the courage to try it. Now it’ll stay there for a couple months longer… :P


Haha, it’s not that bad, I just recommend a short infusion time (maybe 3 min) and also, don’t overdo it on the leaf – I may have done that. It might be more pleasant weaker, but it truly was kind of like drinking perfume. Unfortunate, because the smell is lovely…

Kay Kanada

Drinking perfume! I remember one time I had a really bad martini somewhere, and I told my friends how it tasted just like hairspray. They couldn’t understand how it could taste just like something I have never tasted. You understand me! (Well, that is, unless you’ve for some inexplicable reason have actually drank perfume.)


I don’t find it very floral BUT I treat it with kid gloves. 2.5 minute steep and a scant teaspoon per cup. Most of the DT blacks are pretty hardy, but not this one.


Oh, and I forgot – this has green tea hiding in it so boiling water isn’t a good idea. Took me a long time to realize that one. At least I think this is the one that has green tea. That’s what my other tasting notes say at least.


AHA! Uniquity, that’s probably a really good point! I think it does have green tea; I should definitely give it a shot at a lower temp before dismissing it completely. I even knew that, I just forgot.

Kay – I most certainly haven’t drank perfume! :D I don’t even wear it. But I mean, taste and smell are highly linked, so it makes sense that you can equate something you smell to the way something tastes… right?


Best of luck! The steeping parameters that are printed on this one are way off – I think even Davids forgot this has green tea. : )


Well it wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve heard their parameters to be totally off. I just tend to be really naive and go with what is suggested :D Glad I’m on here to get advice from people who clearly pay more attention to things than I!

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8209 tasting notes

Thanks to the lovely Courtney for this sample. Yet another David’s tea that I haven’t tried so it was happy to receive it from her as a surprise :) once i read the ingredients I was a little wary but i’ll drink nearly anythin…at least once :) Not crazy about this one, though that’s to bee expected as floral teas and I are very hit and miss. Still though, not nearly as bad as i thought it might end up being. The floral is just a bit too much for me, even if there’s a peach? after taste that’s happening that i do enjoy.

Thank you so much for this new tea experience courtney!


I have a packet of this (I hope it’s sipdown-ready) sitting downstairs in my “drink me” pile! Didn’t like it the first time….

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1124 tasting notes

Ah super late tasting note! Today was crazy, class, then job interview, then taking my friend to davidstea for the first time :D i actually managed to not buy anything while there! She picked up a few teas, this being the one we tried when we arrived back at my place.

The smell is super peachy. A bit of floral, but mostly peach, with a bit of melon. Wet leaf was also very fruity.. Hmm, I was hoping a bit more floral to be honest, but the leaves look pretty! They unfolded enormously, and the pretty flowers are floating about. Very magical :)

Taste – wowza, i got tons of melon and peach!! I could have sworn this was a fruit tea! A slight bitterness near the end of sips, black teas doing I suppose. I would have liked a bit less of that fruit flavoring and a bit more floral once again, definitely more Jasmine! I love Jasmine haha.

Overall, a surprisingly tasty tea, but maybe not quite the flavor I was wanting (expecting?) however, I might pick up a sample of this the next time I’m at Davids to play with temperatures and things.

Yay for introducing my friend to buying loose leaf though! She really enjoyed this tea, which I am super pleased about :)

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

I’ve introduced a few friends to loose leaf, so far, and it’s a wonderful feeling. Congrats to you and welcome to your friend. :D


I’m so happy she finally bought some! She has been drinking DavidsTea Silver Needle White Tea at my place whenever she comes over for the past month, and she finally asked me to take her tea shopping. Such an awesome feeling! She always laughs at my tea buying, I told her it may have begun for her now! Haha :)

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767 tasting notes

i drank this several times many months ago but noticed i hadn’t logged it. i’m cleaning out my virtual cupboard and wanted to make sure i have note of drinking this tea once-upon-a-time.

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