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This place has closed :(

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Tea Desire - Coquitlam Mall in Coquitlam, BC
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This Tea Desire just opened up in Coquitlam Centre. I’m pretty much ecstatic having a tea shop so close. And they’re still hiring, from what I understand.

The place is very clean and brightly lit, and very wide open and friendly. Along with their own tea line (which is displayed in the typical setup of a wall of large tins of loose tea behind the counter), they also sell and promote a lot of Tea Forte products and teas, as well as Mighty Leaf and another brand I didn’t recognize, and have since forgotten the name of.

I ended up purchasing Monk’s Blend, Golden Yunnan and Irish Cream before finally tearing myself away and heading home. The two girls that worked there were cheery, friendly, and quite helpful. Not the pushy salesmen type.

The place was FILLED with tea accessories—all the walls lined with tea pots and mugs, and a section to one side reserved for a full setup of matcha equipment. They also sold many beautiful tea tins, including special collector’s Tea Desire ones. In the centre they had a setup dedicated specifically to just tea sets (pots with matching teacups) and travel tea tumblers (including Libre, but with MANY other types as well). They also had a samovar, although I think it was just for show.

They also had a full selection of yixing teapots; I am glad to know that if I ever make the jump to buying one, there’s a place nearby with a good selection. They were beautiful.

Overall, the shop is beautiful, sleek and modern. And it’s close enough that I’ll probably be visiting often. There is no tea tasting or any such setup yet, as they haven’t had the health inspector in yet, but they hope to set one up soon.