I’m not 100% sure what pushed me to pick this off the shelves at my local grocery store – I am not a mint tea person, and I’ve had too many bad run-ins with teas attempting to recreate a chocolate flavor. One typically overpowers the other. Not only that, but the cinnamon and cardamom intrigued me – I can see it complementing dark or milk chocolate for a chai type of deal, but white chocolate? In white tea? Whatever may be the case, I picked it up. Call me one of those girls who picks up anything with spice at the mere hint of chillier weather (still in the high 80’s here!), I tossed it in my cart and began to wonder if I would regret it. Still, at only $2 something, I wasn’t too worried.
Well wow, was I blown away. This is the perfect tea to drink when it’s rainy and cool out. Even if it’s still a Texas summer, but maybe it’s cloudy for a change. Regardless, it somehow worked! The white tea is mostly in the background, making sure none of it is too heady or acidic. The white chocolate is prominent, and somehow enhanced by the cinnamon and cardamom notes. If you’re worried about the cardamom, don’t be – the spice level is still low in this, everything just compliments the other. Lastly, the peppermint peeps in to steal the show. I primarily dislike mint teas because they upset my stomach (acid reflux is NOT a joke), but this doesn’t have the intense minty-ness of typical teas. The mint here makes this a Christmastime classic. Like peppermint bark!
Anyway, enough of that. I also love that there is little caffeine in this. Despite my adoration of black teas, dealing with some health issues has left me on a white tea kick. I still do not enjoy herbal teas, which is why I was so taken aback by this one. Celestial Seasonings is typically a brand I associate with herbal teas, and they’re usually too flowery for me or they work better as iced teas. This one is perfect hot, and I was so excited that this is the one white tea I’ve seen from them! Needless to say, you should pick yourself up a box. I already bought two more in anticipation of winter time!

Flavors: Peppermint, Spices, White Chocolate

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