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bowl tea with a pinch-full of tea. Afternoon 1/7/2020.
Underwhelmed vs my memory of Version A. There is an oiliness to the second bowl’s liquor. Smell is nice. Doesn’t taste clean in comparison. Seems to be the agrochemical version.

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2020 version. works well as bowl tea with water just off boil.
Dry leaves smell terrific.

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12/29/20 530am.
3 grams. Steeped at 160 F and a minute for a few steeps, then direct from kettle. Using glass pitcher to brew. Tea liquor is cloudy. This is a daily drinker and not one I’d typically celebrate in the morning.

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Trying new brewing method for greens. Using intentional temperature and amounts. Brewing in round glass pitcher, naturally strains better than other pitchers I have.
2 grams aiming for 130 degrees F starting brew temp.
This tea was good for 3 or so steeps. Tasted fresh, but gyokuro is not my favorite – I don’t tend to “get it”.
High temp water gave a few more steeps in the end. Tea was broken and light as to spill a bit into cup. Method better for heavier/intact tea leaves.

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12/25/2020 5am
Last of sample.

7 g 6 OZ / 180 ML

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12/23 Afternoon
First time using a clay pot for oolong.
Maybe too much tea for this pot. By steep 5 or so, very smooth. The flavor is very unique and the sweetness definitely comes through.

5 tsp 3 OZ / 100 ML

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I had a very informal tasting of this a few days ago.
I remember it being super pleasant and thick on tongue – almost creamy.

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12/22/2020 5am
Tea pot – using my neglected, first intentionally purchased clay teapot, maybe 180 ml?
First ripe puerh is a few months. I had forgotten the unique flavors and progression of shou, and am glad I’ve broken the ice with this old friend. Shou was the tea that got me so “into” tea years ago.
I’d also gotten so used to using the Hawaii pot (very tight fitting lid) that I’d forgotten what spilling water/tea was all about. I’ve missed watching water spread and creep along my unfinished tea table. The patterns that water takes on wood grain are enchanting.

This is effectively my first tasting of this tea from a small sample I received months ago. It has been kept at about 70% RH with my other shous.

I rinsed the first pot. Second and third were pleasant and subtly dramatic – I haven’t experienced these flavors in a while.
4th steeping has darkened and seems to be improving still. I’m thinking its oaky and there is this sweetness that I can’t peg.

5 g 6 OZ / 180 ML

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12/19/20 530am
First try of a 25 gram sample. Hawaii pot. No rinse. 7.3 grams. Cbd.
Notable, pleasant aftertaste lingers after second bowl.

12/30 5am
Same preparation as above.
Enjoyed while studying.

7 g 7 OZ / 200 ML

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My last tasting of a sample received in Fall 2020.
12/18/2020 mid morning bowl tea.
Listening to Jazz and working in tandem.
I’m very new to charcoal roasted oolong – very complex flavor. Rich.
I’m reminded of coffee. I’m reminded that darker roasted oolong should remain a staple in my collection. Chance just has it that this type of teas seems to dance well with graceful-lumbering jazz. What is a word that describes lumbering, but graceful?

Mmmm, this feeling of chocolate is pleasant.
I wish there was a way to categorize my cupboard in Steepster so I could group similar teas together – create “shelves”

200 °F / 93 °C 3 g 7 OZ / 200 ML
White Antlers

An expression I love is the French ‘jolie laide’-which roughly translates to “beautiful-ugly.” It’s a term that embraces the unconventionally beautiful for whom we need a second look to fully recognize the charm of their oddities. So that could encompass ‘lumbering, but graceful.’


Thank you for the offering! I think I’m after something slightly different. I want to describe the slow, bumbling of lumbering, but eloquence/grace as well. Maybe leisurely… The “ugly” aspect of jolie laide is the part I’m hesitant on. Either way, thanks again for the thought – and expansion of my vocabulary!

Cameron B.

I think leisurely is nice, or maybe deliberate?


Thanks Cameron. Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas!

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I enjoy tea and music.

I am specifically exploring the personal storage and aging of puerh tea. I also enjoy exploring the diversity of oolong, red tea and green tea.
For 10 years I tended to overcomplicate tea consumption and just now have started simplifying, or at least, have been reprioritizing my efforts. My focus has shifted to recognizing how a tea makes me feel instead of its flavor/aroma. I’m not very good at classifying taste and smell anyway (chuckle). My aim on Steepster (currently) is to prevent my experiences from being lost to my forgetful mind.

Equipment and methods:
Hawaii Pot – my favorite clay pot for indulgent sessions of raw puerh. Capacity: 250 ml. Simple design, tight fitting lid. When paired with White Bowl during solo session, I fill about 3/4 way.
White Bowl – glazed clay bowl, 175 ml.
Kettle – 2L clay kettle, typically fired on an electric coil burner. Set to hold just under boil – probably about 200 degrees F.
Storage – I use an old wooden desk with drawers to store and age some teas. Notably, one drawer is for short term. I try holding this to 70 degrees F and 60-70% RH. This drawer offers easy access to puerh samples being prepared for tasting. Most morning sessions will draw from this drawer. I also have long term raw puerh storage that hold solid at 65% RH and a ripe puerh storage that holds at about 70% RH. I’m using wetted clay pebbles to help maintain RH levels. Room temp is generally conditioned to 70 degrees F and humidity is about 50% RH.

Tea rating interpretation:
95 – Medicinal and notably pleasant
85 – Medicinal
75 – Notably pleasant
65 – Unremarkably pleasant
55 – I wouldn’t gift
45 – I wouldn’t purchase
35 – I wouldn’t drink again
25 – Yuk



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