White Symphony

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Tea type
White Tea
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Astringent, Flowers, Sweet, Sweet, warm grass
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Typical Preparation
Use 7 oz / 211 ml of water
Set water temperature to 180 °F / 82 °C
Use 3 g of tea
Steep for 4 min, 45 sec
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59 Tasting Notes View all

“Sipdown no. 36 of 2014. The last pot is better than this morning’s, perhaps because in an effort to drink it up I went heavy on the leaf. It could also have something to do with having eaten pasta...” Read full tasting note
“Disclaimer: Really out of my element on this testing. Having nothing to really judge it against, will just record impressions and opinion (but take it for what it’s worth right now). This is a...” Read full tasting note
“This is my first white tea and I really liked the flavors. The smoothness of the tea and the flavors reminded me mostly of green tea without the grassy flavors. Definitely a good anytime tea. 1.5...” Read full tasting note
“Meh. Nothing special. Had a few sips/half a cup and decided I wasn’t ready for this tea yet. It has a strong scent of something I don’t enjoy, but the taste isn’t too bad.” Read full tasting note


An exquisite version of the White Peony variety, this is a delicate tea made from unopened leaf buds and the newest two leaves to open on the tea bush. For White Symphony, many more buds are included than is typical for classic White Peony. The liquor is very light, similar to Silver Needles. But the flavor is much more complex: faintly floral, warm and sugary like honeydew or white nectarine. Soft mouthfeel and clean, uplifting finish. If you’ve been enjoying White Peony, we invite you to savor this more refined version.

origin: China
type: white
steep: 195°F / 91°C @ 3-5 min

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