Tencha-Kuki Houjicha

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Earth, Honey, Tobacco, Green, Hay, Roasted, Salty, Seaweed, Wood
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From Den's Tea

It is made with only the stems of high quality Tencha. The stems are lightly roasted to bring out their natural flavor. It is rare tea even in Japan and only sold at Den’s Tea in North America.

Origin: Nisho, Aichi
Harvest: First Flush
Species: Yabukita

Tasting Profile:
Unique flavor that is elegantly smoky like aromatic wood and naturally sweet like honey.

Den’s Preferred Brewing:
Water: 4oz boiled
Leaves: 2 grams or 1 rounded teaspoon
Steep: 120 sec
2nd Cup: Water Boiled; Steep 30 sec

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27 Tasting Notes

525 tasting notes

So I’m looking at my notes from the last time I wrote about this tea. Apparently I wasn’t all that impressed with it. Well, things have changed because now I find it deliciously comforting. It’s toasty grains and somehow savory. It’s like the crunchy browned rice at the bottom of the pot. These days, my family uses rice cookers, so no more crunchy browned rice for me, but man, that stuff was tasty. This tea tastes like that. I’m going to miss this tea. That was the last of my bag. :(

I’m working from home this week (Thanks Sandy!) so I’m able to drink down my tea faster. I’m missing my tea at work though.

Throat feeling crappy. :(


Feel better soon!


Drink some Echinacea tea! I swear by that stuff when I’m getting sick.


Thanks guys! I’ll have to look into the tea next time I’m at the store.


Oh no! Sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly. I finally forced myself to go to the doctor yesterday. :(


LiberTEAS, I’ve been worried about you! You’ve been ill for some time now, I’m glad that you finally went to the doctor. Mercuryhime, feel better soon! I got that familiar tickle and soreness in my throat two days ago and attacked it with tea and Airborne. I feel fine now. I hope you’re able to keep the cooties at bay, too!


Hey LiberTEAS, it’s funny how as kids our parents have to force us to go to the doctor and now we have to force ourselves. Being a grown up can be a bummer. :) I hope you get better soon! Nik, I’m pouring tea and hot soup all over that sore throat! Hope it works!


Feel better soon! I second Claire: echinacea tea works wonders.

About the Tencha-Kuki Houjicha: It sounds similar to genmaicha. I’ll have to try it!


It’s really tasty, but not as rice flavored as genmaicha. More toasty grain than anything.

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6770 tasting notes

This is my first Den’s Tea and I’m REALLY excited. I’ve been wanting to try Den’s for a while! Dry loose smells like gently toasted nuts or oats, even. The liquid post infusion is even more gentle in scent. It’s very light in color. It a bit on the mellower-side than I assumed…which isn’t a bad thing…just an observation, really. It’s a toasty, semi-sweet, honey-like flavor with woodsy aftertastes to it. This is a pretty solid Houjicha! I have had some ‘iffy’ ones but this makes me want to voluntarily try more and start even liking them more than before. Well Done.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

Psst… Try their Apple Sencha (that was my 1st Den’s tea) and matcha:)


I have some Sencha’s coming up later today!!! Woot!


Grape and Pineapple tho…have any spare Apple you want to share by chance!? LOL


Just realized I totally over infused this by over twice the suggested length…still good tho and as it cools post infusion is good too!!!


No more apple:( I practically ate it haha!


ooooooo nomnomnom

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

by the looks of it you should have your 2000th review done today.


42 is a lot for one day! Even for her:)


LOL at you both! LOL

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

True but if anyone could do it, it would be her. LOL :-)


She’d need a bionic bladder for that!


Oddly enough…the only tea that makes me pee a lot is Green…lol…

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Trust me I don’t want her to. If she did then I wouldn’t with the contest. LOL


Hey… you tried the Sakura Sencha from Dens! :)

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3134 tasting notes

Sigh. I am going to fail in my quest tonight. But 4/8 isn’t too bad. (I realized after that there are two teas I haven’t tried from Amanda, so that one didn’t count. Sigh.) I guess I’ll get to the other four tomorrow.

Anyhow, this one’s from Mercuryhime, and I did a bad thing and brewed it up prior to my run, so didn’t drink it until probably 2 hours post-brewing, all total. The re-steeps of a couple other teas I drank didn’t handle that two hours of sitting so well, but this one actually did! It was sweet, nutty, and roasty, reminding me of genmaicha. Also, there was a lovely green tea-ish aftertaste. I actually really enjoyed it! I am going to enjoy a re-steep of it shortly, as I push through my exercise-fuelled exhaustion to package up at least some of the swap samples I have yet to do. I am such a swap delinquent!

ETA: I forgot to note that the second infusion of this one was pretty delicious too, and I drank it cold (room temp). Third infusion suffers only from the leaves having sat too long; I think they could go a lot farther than this if fresh! This tea is delicious.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

you’re a trooper!


Hahaha… I may meet my goal yet! I brought down some more samples from people, 2 of which I may loathe and not finish drinking! So cheating kind of, but oh well! (And two are teabags, so re-steep potential is low!)


I have lots of samples to try too! Hope I get to it someday. :)

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564 tasting notes

I really love this one. It’s nutty and roasty but there’s an underlying sweetness that mellows out the whole cup. I wanted to warm up after being outside (2*F air temperature) and this was the first thing I reached for. Something about the roastiness warms me right up. Mom also loves this one, so I may have to restock when it’s gone!

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280 tasting notes

I had this again yesterday evening, and I noticed something for the 2nd time that really impressed me.
There is an underlying umami that comes out of this tea, especially in the aftertaste. It is a really unique flavor I’ve only found in green teas, almost marine-like, but it comes through at the roof of the mouth and in the nose at the very end (again, the aftertaste). It is a little sweet, too. Anyway, I was surprised that this came through in a roasted tea, and so wanted to give this one another thumbs up. That doesn’t seem like something that would come through in any roasted green tea….I think it probably has to do with the fact that these are tencha, rather than bancha or some other low quality leaf.

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311 tasting notes

Today brewed this as a ‘tea in a hurry’: dumped a few teaspoons into the bottom of a quart thermos, added hot water from the water cooler tap, and went to my meeting. An hour and a half later, it is still delicious: no bitterness, astringency, still just sweet, toasty, delicious.


I love teas like this!


It is a wonderful thing to be able to trust a tea to tolerate this degree of ‘abuse’, because my work days do sometimes require that my tea tolerate this, or I have to go without for the afternoon. This and a handful of shu puerhs are the best I’ve found for those circumstances.


I agree! I often just toss the tea leaves in my travel mug and leave them there to steep. Puerh and houjicha have worked the best.

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592 tasting notes

I was so excited to have this tea again that I burned my tongue on the first sip. Drat (whoa where did that word come from?). Anyway, I can still taste the nice roasted grain taste from this tea. It’s also a bit sweet, which makes for an overall very comforting tea for me. Because I’ve banned myself from making any new tea orders for a while, I will cherish the rest of the sample that bluebelle sent me!

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40 tasting notes

I’ve been drinking Den’s Tencha-Kuki Houjicha before bed (or whenever I need to unwind) for the last couple weeks now, and I’ve grown incredibly fond of its subtle brew. Unlike Den’s traditional Kuki Houjicha — which has a darker, more robust roast — the Tencha Kuki Houjicha is lightly roasted and produces a more delicate, golden liquor.

Other reviewers on Steepster have mentioned the natural honey-like sweetness of these stems, and I have to agree. It still has that vegetal, “fresh green beans” taste that I remember from the green kukicha, but it’s much more “woodsy” thanks to the light roasting these stems undergo. Out of all the “green” teas I’ve tasted, this is probably the most “white.”

On the package for this tea, it comes with a single suggestion: “Brew casually.” After trying various states of boiling water and different leaf ratios, I have to agree. Throw a couple scoops of tea in your pot and add some boiling water — I’ve yet to mess this one up. It might not knock you off your feet at first, but there’s something immediately soothing about the Tencha-Kuki Houjicha

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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46 tasting notes

Sweet. The instructions say boiled water for two minutes, but I just poured boiling water into a room temp gaiwan, which dropped the temperature down to about 180F. Then I tossed in a large pinch of the tea.

I love how the dry leaves smell like cocoa.

I was going to go for a second round, but there are magic elves in my house that whisk away used cups and dishes as soon as you leave them somewhere for more than two minutes. (Hi, Mom!) I’m kidding. Off to get a new cup to compare whether I like it better with boiling water, or cooler water.

EDIT: Def better with hotter water. Also: not that tasty when chilled. Because I made some extra and popped it in the fridge overnight and the next morning I poured it out and it was, uh. Hm. Sticking to this one taken hot. :P

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32 tasting notes

Definitely one of my favorite teas- I come back to it over and over. The flavor is kind of sweet and toasty. It reminds me a little bit of the flavor of honey. My husband thinks it tastes like brussell sprouts, which I think is kind of strange. It’s an easy one to brew- temp and steep time will not adversely affect the brew. Good for me, the tea killer.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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