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  • “Golden Moon sample No. 21 of 31, chosen at random. I had a hard day. I just sold my childhood home, which I’d been holding on to since my mom died in the mid-90s, mostly for sentimental...” Read full tasting note
    __Morgana__ 1183 tasting notes
  • “We are having another dreary, rainy day, so I had to pull out something jasmine from my stash; it has a magical property which puts me in a good mood! Beautiful rolled leaves striped with jasmine...” Read full tasting note
    JacquelineM 1112 tasting notes
  • “ok ive been wanting to try a jasmine tea for a while now and the sample was 0.99$ how could i go wrong? the leaves/balls smell nice they are not strong at all like i had expected them to be and...” Read full tasting note
    Kitch3ntools 84 tasting notes
  • “This is one of those teas that falls into the “eh” category. A take it or leave it kind of tea. But frankly, right now, I’m pretty happy to be drinking tea. I really haven’t...” Read full tasting note
    teaplz 187 tasting notes

From Golden Moon Tea

Freshly picked green leaves are layered with aromatic jasmine petals, which impart their piquant aroma. When the Tea Master determines the precise moment of flavor perfection, the leaves are fully fired and dried to preserve complexity.

This fine-quality, jasmine loose leaf tea is exquisitely crafted by hand to bring out the full flavor of the tea leaves along with the exotic fragrance of the jasmine flowers. A smooth, elegant tea of refinement and character. Also makes a delightful iced tea.

About Golden Moon Tea View company

Golden Moon is dedicated to offering outstanding, whole-leaf teas of the greatest quality and finesse. All Golden Moon Teas are hand-plucked and meticulously crafted to enhance leaf character, aroma, color, clarity, body, complexity, and above all, flavor.

26 Tasting Notes

1183 tasting notes

Golden Moon sample No. 21 of 31, chosen at random.

I had a hard day. I just sold my childhood home, which I’d been holding on to since my mom died in the mid-90s, mostly for sentimental reasons. I thought I was ready for this step. Sure beats being a landlord from multiple states away (so my thinking went). Or having it sit empty and having to deal with upkeep from multiple states away (so my thinking went). And it’s in an area that, very fortunately, held its value during the recession and even appreciated some, so no downside there. And the transaction was relatively painless because the lady who was renting it bought it, and so I didn’t have to put it on the market.

But when I had to sit down with the notary and sign the deed, I started to feel really sad. So many memories tied up in that house. We moved into it when I was 5. I’m trying to make myself look at the bright side. At least the buyer wants to live in it and update it, not tear it down and build a McMansion on the little lot. So if I ever find myself in the neighborhood with my kids, I’ll still be able to show them the house mommy grew up in.

But. Stress. And work stress this week too, no time to work out for 2 days. I’m hoping to take a few days off as soon as I get a project done, maybe get a massage. Yeah, that’s what I’ll look forward to, she said.

Anyway, I thought I had a conference call at 7 p.m. tonight but it got postponed, so I actually have a shot of doing a workout. But I really don’t feel like it, so I am hoping a gentle caffeine lift may help motivate me.

I haven’t had jasmine pearls before though I’ve seen pictures of them. The pictures don’t really do them justice. They’re quite charming looking in real life. They look like tiny, variegated aquarium snails. Or miniscule turbans. Or rolled up bits of rattan. They have a strong, sweet, jasmine smell.

The liquor is pale yellow with a hint of green and has a rich jasmine smell. It’s got a lot to it without being artificial or overwhelming. I’d happily wear it as perfume; it smells lovely and fresh. It would make a nice spring/summer eau de toilette.

The taste is very, very sweet and slightly vegetal, with the predominant note, not surprisingly, that of jasmine. The tea has a light body, but I’m not sure I could rightly expect jasmine to be chewy.

By the end of my first steep, the pearls had only partially uncurled. Some of them were starting to look a bit ringletty. The flavor on the second steep, while still light bodied, had more depth. It felt a bit silkier, like it was leaning toward green oolong land. The pearls were pretty much uncurled at this point, except for a few that had a tightly wound bit still at the end of the leaf and looked a little like… sperm! I gave them another run through, believing that there might be more flavor hiding in the curls. There was, though the second steep was tastier. The third was heading toward washed out.

I can’t remember the non-pearl GM jasmine well enough to compare these two. Perhaps it’s my mood and my great need for comfort today, but I have a more positive visceral response to this one than to the other.

Can someone who is more experienced with green teas in general and jasmine green tea in particular educate me on why one would have both jasmine pearls and regular leaf jasmine in one’s cupboard other than for variety in how they look and whatever difference there may be in how any given one tastes vs. another? Is there something else I should be considering? If I had to choose between the two at the moment I’d pick this, but perhaps there’s more to it I should be thinking about?

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 30 sec

First of all: ::HUGE HUG::

Second of all: I’m not very edumacated when it comes to jasmines (but I love some/hate others), but that’s not gonna keep me from throwing out some thoughts. ;) I think you’ve nailed it with the flavor and visuals. Pearls have a sweetness that I don’t like when combined with jasmine and I don’t know why that is. I think the other thing is price. I think that generally pearls are more expensive. So someone who likes pearls but has less of a budget might keep both. The pearls to be enjoyed occasionally while the greens/oolongs are more of a daily drink.

And finally: Everyone sing along! Every Jasmine Pearl is sa-cred. Every Jasmine Pearl is great. If a Pearl is wa-sted God gets quite iraaaate!!!! :D


Ah, that’s a good insight. Pearls are special and sacred, and to be enjoyed occasionally. I shall remember that.


I am sorry about your house – hope the tea helped


Thanks, I’m over it, I think. Just a moment of weakness, thinking about all the firsts I experienced in that house, and of course, all the love. :)


Rabs, read your note on this one re Tootsie pop grape. OMG! Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I wouldn’t have picked it out without the hint but it does have a really really sweet taste that has that character to it. Good call!


Hooray! This means that I’m not completely bonkers! ::wiggles eyebrows, puts a lampshade on like a hat, and hops away on a pogostick while giggling:: ;)

Peggie Bennett

Pearls are to be enjoyed occasionally? Oh, then I’m doing it all wrong. Because almost every day at my house, it is special and sacred, usually in the evening.

…..oh well. :-) I L-O-V-E jasmine pearls, they are one of the ones that I can drink anytime and the smell (like bergamot) makes me smile!

Peggie Bennett

Oh and yes, big hugs indeed. Even if you’re ready, it’s always a little hard to let go of special places.


Thanks, Peggie. :-) And gee, why the heck not make every day special and sacred? Carpe diem and all that!


Er, so I’m thinkin’ that y’all sorta didn’t get the “sacred” joke? Monty Python? The sperm song? ::crickets::


LOL, now that you mention it, I remember it. Haven’t heard that in forever!

Peggie Bennett

Oh yeah. Sorry, I haven’t seen Monty Python in a very long time.
I say Carpe diem to jasmine pearls and…sperm?!? haha!


Teahee! Sorry I was in a bit of a goober state-of-mind last night. Wait, what am I saying? Sorry I’m always in a bit of a goober state-of-mind. ;)

Also to clarify: I’m also very carpe diem to pearls as well. :D I was only speculating on why someone would have both in their cupboard beyond taste/look. I think it’s all about the taste, but price was the only other possible reason I could think of. :)


Hmmm, I know the SPAM song but not the sperm song! I’ll have to check “the youtubes.” LOL!

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1112 tasting notes

We are having another dreary, rainy day, so I had to pull out something jasmine from my stash; it has a magical property which puts me in a good mood!

Beautiful rolled leaves striped with jasmine flowers. A real treat to look at.

First infusion: Sweet, light, and delightful! I had it in my mind that I preferred jasmine oolongs, but I see that I once again put myself into an incorrect box! I love this tea!

Second infusion (4 min): Slightly darker in color. A slightly more green taste and slightly less jasmine taste make it a very harmonious, delicious cup. Totally in a better mood!

Third infusion (5 min): This tea has had it – I am sipping slightly jasmine tasting warm water. I will finish it because I’m freezing!!! but if I had more of this tea I would only make two infusions.

To me, the second infusion is the better of the two, but both are very enjoyable.

I would call “TIN!” but I have a tin of A+D Jasmine Green in my stash, plus I really, really want to try Samovar’s Jasmine Pearl Green Tea first. It looks exquisite!

Jasmine tea is my happy tea!!!

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec


I wasn’t super fond of this one. Luckily I have Adagio’s Jasmine Pearl (x2 tins) and lotsss of delicious jasmine silver needles ;)


I did enjoy this one, but I did have a feeling that there might be better ones out there and wanted to experiment before I bought a tin. People always say that they wish you could bottle happiness – well, jasmine tea is pretty close :)


I just (re)discovered Jasmine Tea and now I know what you are talking about! Jasmine tea is fast becoming my spring-afternoon ‘happy tea’, too! I get it, now! YAY!

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

I just discovered Jasmine (green) tea and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can see it being happiness in a cup and springtime in a cup. I can also see it becoming a favorite.

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84 tasting notes

ok ive been wanting to try a jasmine tea for a while now and the sample was 0.99$ how could i go wrong? the leaves/balls smell nice they are not strong at all like i had expected them to be and there cute little pebbles :) they looked really cool opening up in the hot water. the smell of the wetl eaves and tea….they remind me of those foam tub toy blocks i had as a child that stick to the wall when their wet. i tasted it unsweetened and it had almost no flavor so i added my normal amount of sugar and well…it tastes like it smells…i dont think i like jasmine tea….i will try others because i dont want to compleatly close that door. the tea itself is yellow which i didnt expect either but it is very pretty.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

the future hubz LOVES this. he said it reminds him of his childhood when he used to eat the honeysuckle flowers at his home in VA.


Hrm. I’ve had pretty good experiences with a few jasmine pearl teas. I got my sampler pack of this in so I’ll give it a whirl soon and let you know how I think it stacks up? I’m not sure if the other GM sampler monkeys [teaplz, Ricky, and Auggy] have tried this yet.


:) i still wanna try a few more jasmine teas i just dont think this particular one is for me. im excited to see what you think :)


Now now, Auggy’s the real monkey :D * points at the pink monkey avatar *.

I haven’t tried any of the Jasmine samplers. I think Auggy needs to try this though, maybe this will be the 100/100 Jasmine :D

This one might cuddle with her at night instead of stabbing her with a spoon :D

I’ve only really had Adagio’s Jasmine Pearl, and that one’s a bit light if I recall, if you want some let me know. Though that might push you even further away from Jasmine Pearl =(


@ Kitch3ntools – if you and the future hubby like honeysuckle, you should try the Ancient Yellow Buds that I tried out this morning. Very honeysuckle-y.


I haven’t tried this one, but I did try the straight Jasmine, and I really liked it a lot. Very strong, sweet, juicy, and floral!


@LENA ill have to take a look at that! thnx :D


I think the only GM Jasmine I’ve tried is the vanilla and I didn’t like it, but normally I LOVE jasmine. I have a couple I could send you if you want to try (Teavana’s Jasmine Oolong, Lupicia’s Jasmin Mandarin, Harney’s Dragon Pearls).


ok this is the 3rd time im posting this lol these comments keep getting screwy

denisend id love to try those :) (<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="mailto:kitch3ntoolsgmail.com">[email protected] is my email)


Hah, either you need an < / a > in there [hope this posts correctly] or something weird happened and the auto-formatting didn’t work. I wasn’t aware that this took html.

Excuse my deleting. I was testing. Anyhow, HTML failed. Apparently it doesn’t.


And yet it totally absorbed the < /poop > I tacked on the end of that. Hmm.

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187 tasting notes

This is one of those teas that falls into the “eh” category. A take it or leave it kind of tea.

But frankly, right now, I’m pretty happy to be drinking tea. I really haven’t had ANY since January 1st.

I actually have three different kinds of Jasmine Pearls in the house, thanks to takgoti! I figured I’d try the Golden Moon one first, before I try some high-quality takgoti versions.

The look of this tea is gorgeous! Pretty little pearls, a beautiful blue-green with yellow strings interspersed. So soft and silky to the touch. The pearls smell like a juicy, floral jasmine. They’re extremely fragrant. Each pearl has jasmine seeped right into it. I couldn’t wait to see what these leaves would do in the water!

They unfurl beautifully once the hot water touches them. I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t unfurl more than I thought they would. Most of them were still somewhat rolled by the time my timer rang.

So I poured, and the wet leaves smell like a milder version of the dry. And the infusion smelled delicious, with a rich, heady jasmine scent. A sweet green smell underlying it as well. And such a pretty light yellow! Similar more to a white tea than a green, actually.

The light color should have tipped me off to the taste of this tea. Because it’s very light, especially when hot. The jasmine doesn’t really come through until the aftertaste, and the forefront of the flavor is definitely a Chinese green taste: a bit bitter and vegetal, maybe a bit mineral-like.

The problem is just that the tea is just too flavorless and unexciting. It’s not that it’s a bad tea, perse. It’s just I wanted a fuller tea taste, and more body. Not necessarily bold and brisk and strong, like a black. Just more rounded and interesting, especially on the jasmine front.

In short, the tea is weakness. Maybe a good introduction to jasmine, but I don’t see it winning any awards. I’m sure that there are better jasmine pearl teas out there.

Second Steep

So I decided to steep this a second time, at 3:30 minutes, and the same water temperature. The leaves opened up a little bit more, but still didn’t completely unfurl. Odd. The juice was around the same color as the first time, except with a bit more of a honey tone. The tea had a bit of a thicker mouthfeel, and much more sweetness. The sweetness became a bit overbearing after a while, though, with the jasmine only appearing as an aftertaste. After the tea cooled, it seriously began to taste like Juicy Fruit gum. I don’t know why, or how. But it was bizarre. More of like an aftertaste of Juicy Fruit. Like you’ve chewed it for too long and you spit it out, and then your whole mouth feels like it.

Really odd.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

That’s too bad. It might really step up in the second steep if you feel daring, though. I think I’ve run into a few that are like that.


Too bad indeed. I’ve also found that jasmines open up a lot more as they cool down. Did you find that with this one? Anyhow, I hope the ones I sent meet you well. For its ubiquity, jasmine tea seems to be difficult to get right.


I think I might steep it again, just to try it… and yes, it definitely got better as it cooled. I thought I mentioned that… but I guess that didn’t make it into my review. :(


Apparently [after a re-read] you eluded to it, but I was just too dense to pick up on it. My bad.

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243 tasting notes

In case you have not noticed, most of my recent infusions have been ones I am doing in a travel mug on my ridiculously long drive to work – which means my tea is infusing for way longer than necessary and being drank while the leaves are still submerged in the cup. As one of my first entries (on a Dragonwell – I think Teavana’s) explained, this is how I usually drank green tea, over-infused so as to get every ounce of tea flavor out of a single infusion. Today is no exception.

I really want to finish the Golden Moon sampler. I have but a few samples left – I chose this one because I really needed to relax today and this usually does the trick. The little tiny pearls are perfectly curled and rolled into little balls, none of them are broken or damaged, no torn or flailing leaves, very nice. The aroma off of the un-infused tea is jasmine and green tea, so far so good.

Added the sample pack to my travel mug, filled ¾ with hot water and the rest with cold water (I do this so that the tea is not brewing so hot because it is going to infuse for so long – this is not correct practice, I know this, but I do not want to scorch it up front and have a wasted cup of tea while on the road.) The pearls took about ten minutes to completely unfurl into long green leaves with a light honey colored liquor, the fragrance is strong Jasmine. The flavor initially is green with some Jasmine. After a bit longer on the infusion, the tea shifts in flavor to be less vegetal green and more Jasmine. By the end of the cup, it is mostly Jasmine, no real other flavor playing any role here.

Overall, I like this tea, you cannot have it every day, but that is true of most people and most Jasmine teas. The floral aroma and smell is just too powdery and overwhelming to enjoy every day. When I need to relax and have something special, I could definitely see me reaching for a cup of this, it was very good, but too strong for every day.

7 min, 0 sec

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911 tasting notes

This is nice. Very light, bordering a bit on perfume-y but not crossing over and I’m not getting a ton of tea taste from it, but it is still nice. No nasty aftertaste or obnoxiousness, just a soft jasmine. Not too complex, not a big depth of flavor and more jasmine than tea, but sometimes the tea taste in a jasmine can turn me off so this avoids that problem.

Overall, it’s pretty inoffensive. Just a jasmine tea. I know I keep saying it’s nice, but it is. I can’t really go farther than that, though. Nothing bad is going on in it, but there’s nothing stupendous either. It’s just nice. I feel like I’m damning it with faint praise but I just can’t get all that excited about this tea. But I it doesn’t make me think icky thoughts either so that’s gotta count for something, right?

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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2243 tasting notes

I got a ton of Golden Moon samples in Rachel’s sale that I always wanted to try! thanks so much I don’t love Golden Moon’s sample packets as they seem a LOT of metallic packaging for one cup of tea…they could have a few cups in there! I was hoping I could get two cups out of this package of tea, but nope, I guess I was fooled by the gigantic packaging. There are some pearls but there also seems to be a lot of dustings, unless those are just pearls that fell apart. I waited a long while for the water to cool and steeped for about four minutes. The fragrance and flavor is divine! I love the sweet jasmine. For a couple sips it seemed a bit dry on the mouth but otherwise I love this one. The second steep is just as nice. I’m looking forward to trying the other samples as I LOVE their Sinharaja.

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314 tasting notes

I just wanted to jot down a few words, because I have to run:


I think this tastes delicious and uplifting. Pretty much what I expect of a good quality Jasmine Pearl tea.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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251 tasting notes

I think I’m the odd one out on this one! I really liked this tea. The jasmine flavor was definitely there, but was not as overpowering as some of the other jasmine teas that I have tried. I think this will become my new “favorite jasmine tea”. I brewed it in a glass mug so I could watch the pearls unfurl, which is always a fun way to spend some time.


Is this in the sampler (I was confused if GM offers 31 teas and they were all in the sampler, or if it’s just 31 of their most popular teas…). I hope so, for today is February 1st and I placed my order for the sampler this afternoon! I can’t wait til it arrives!!


This is in the sampler. I think that it has all of their teas in it. You will have a great time with the sampler. I’ve really enjoyed it, but my shopping list is now ridiculously long.


GM’s sampler is their entire catalog! How often do you get to taste a company’s entire output? This was pretty much the basis for my tea education (along with two wonderful swaps from Auggy and takgoti). Can’t wait to see what you think, Jacqueline! And I’ve been enjoying your reviews of everything thus far, fcmonroe!


Thank you teaplz!


Nothing wrong with being the odd one out =] I guess I do prefer stronger Jasmine teas o.O strange indeed, cause there was a time when I hated jasmine. Then again there was a time I hated Earl Grey as well.

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382 tasting notes

Golden Moon Sampler Tea #2
So, given how small the golden moon samples are, I’ve decided to try and use them up in one go. There’s a little too much in each pouch for my ingenuitea though, so I’ve dusted off my teapot specially for this occasion. Of course, upon doing so, I was confronted with the problem of lid. Or rather, lack thereof. I can’t even find the pieces left after it broke during the move! Did I throw them away (like an idiot)? Ah well, for the moment I have used my MacGyver-like ingenuity to come up with a temporary fix. (It’s a pickle jar lid. Not optimal what with being made of metal and getting kinda hot, but needs must!)

I had a hankering for some Jasmine tea, so I decided to go straight for that rather than letting fate decide this time. The pearls themselves are of course lovely, and watching them unfurl is a treat. The taste is everything I expect from a Jasmine tea, floral with a slight undertaste that reminds me of (and this may sound weird) rice. This is quite delicate though, even after using all of it in my pot, it requires no dilution. Drinking this reminded me of how much I like Jasmine tea, but I’ll have to form a larger basis for comparison before I decide whether or not to buy.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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