2003 Golden Sail Brand Yunnan Pu-erh

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  • “Grabbed a couple of these today when I want to House of Cha in Lawrence. I had no idea what brand they were so had to google them – found that they were 2003 Red in Red Pu-erh Tuocha but when I...” Read full tasting note
  • “Like last time, mixed some of the broken remains of this tuocha with some 2007 Organic Menghai Banzhang Old Tree Pu-erh leftovers from breaking off pieces of the beeng. Got about 4-5 good steeps out.” Read full tasting note

From Guangdong Tea Import and Export Co. Ltd

This is a high quality ripe pu-erh tuocha (‘Te Ji’, Superior Grade). The tea leaves are shiny and tea buds are fat and tight with brown and red color. The color of the tea liquid is thick reddish and has strong aroma. The tea has effects on decreasing the level of blood sugar, lowering body fat, and losing weight.

Guangdong people know about Pu-erh tea and it’s their daily drink for a long while. It is said that the fermentation method for Pu-erh tea was actually invented in Guangdong. Guangdong Tea Import and Export Corp. is a state owned company since 1952 with many years experience in Pu-erh and offers trustworthy authentic products. For example, it’s well-known for its production of the famous Guan Yun Gong Pu-erh tea cake.

Vintage: 2003

Factory: Guangdong Tea Import and Export Corp

Form: Tuocha

Genre: Shu/Ripe/Cooked/fermented

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4 Tasting Notes

807 tasting notes

Grabbed a couple of these today when I want to House of Cha in Lawrence.
I had no idea what brand they were so had to google them – found that they were 2003 Red in Red Pu-erh Tuocha but when I typed that into the search here on steepster this brand came up so I guess I am posting this here.
Steeped in my Gaiwan – first time using it. That was easy enough. Boiling – 45 secondish
Smell – oh I totally get where people say there is a “fishy” aroma to this for sure.
Liquor: Crimson Brown.
First sip: Too complex to come up with one word to encompass it on one sip.
So I will use that – COMPLEX.
Slightly Sweet, Creamy – ish, and yes a little fishy – ish.
I really don’t want to say that though because I want to love this.
I don’t hate it – don’t love it either.
Handed it to hubby – I had not said a word about it but he too said “smells fishy” took a drink then said “tastes fishy”. LOL but he took a second drink anyway soooo what’s that tell ya?
Now, for the record I did NOT do a rinse.
I will go do a second brew and see how that goes and come back ….
(walks off over to counter)
WOAH what the ….
okay I MUST be doing something WRONG wrong wrong here …
its comical really.
I steeped the mini toucha a second time and it looks like TAR and I hate to say the C word here but looks like the darkest coffee I have ever seen! (get your mind out of the gutter what did you THINK I was going to say?) anyway … Now instead of a crimson tint it has this deep purple (great band reference) to it. It still has that fishiness – and let me just add regarding that – IF you can get your mind over or around or even under the fact it is a little fishy and allow your senses to be sensible to the earthy nature of this tea its a lot better – but one has to have good mind control, or will power, or imagination. Thing is – maybe I DID do it right – because as scary as it looks, I like it better this steep!
Hummm I don’t know what to think of this experience, except that it HAS been an experience and that is cool. I like experiences! Are you experienced? (great song reference) – if not I would say go for it – nothing to lose really, except maybe a small part of a brain cell because this tea has me sort of feeling funny but in a good way. Wasn’t really expecting that – but hey makes for a fun tasting note, that seems to be going on and on and on … guess Im done for now. I will steep this probably two more times – see what happens and if it changes from what it is now, other than getting weaker of course, and obviously no longer steepable, then I will make new notes.
Yeah – okay – bye.

Boiling 0 min, 45 sec

I enjoyed reading your review, and it made me laugh!

Wow, you really are trying teas from a number of different tea retailers, aren’t you? Kudos for being so adventurous!

I had literally had pu-erh only once, steeped once (so you already have more experience than I do steeping pu-erhs), and I remember it having a really dark color. Can you tell us how the other steepings went?


LOL thank you! I honestly really did feel a little funny after drinking this tea. I did steep it one more time – it was even DARKER!!! It was intensely dark. It tasted about the same – a little richer but not as much as I had expected considering how dark it became. After that steep I tossed it A) because it was late and I was terribly lazy and B) because the way it had me feeling was a little scary lol. I quit drinking about 4 years ago and with the 70’s behind me lets just say nothing has given me THAT kind of feeling in a very long time. Now I am not saying it was without joy lol but well I was pretty spaced out and seriously who would expect that from tea. So a good meditation tea perhaps. :)
I also had a less fishy pu’erh last night that I reviewed. From Enjoyingtea.com Chinese Restaurant Chrysanthemum Puerh Tea.


Now I’m really curious (especially after recently reading indigobloom’s review of a pu-erh). How exactly did it make you feel? More like an ‘upper’ or a ‘downer’? If you think its good for meditation, I guess like a ‘downer’? Hopefully in a way that both relaxes and raises awareness (like theanine does), rather than the way recreational drugs lowers awareness? I didn’t think pu-erh would have that kind of effect on someone. hmm Pu-erh is sounding more and more interesting …


Exactly – both – very relaxed and laid back but I was cracking really witty jokes left and right with a stupid grin on my face!
It was really nice.
TRY IT lol


I think it raised my awareness though – I mean when I was writing that review – I was SO in the moment. But then when I was done I was chatting with hubby like not a moment went by so in a way spacey but also very able to focus on what I wanted to.


That all sounds pretty good to me: relaxed, having a sense of humor and presence of mind, and feeling a need to engage others. It sounds like a good example of how I understand theanine and caffeine to work together. Tea has a similar effect on me, but maybe not exactly in the way you have described it here. I’m still sticking to my guns regarding waiting to try pu-erh, but you and Indigobloom have definitely increased my own curiosity about it!


Ahh, I loved reading this thread!! and Azzrian, you are so on target with the description of how it made me feel… high, in a way, but also alert and engaged with the world…. and also laid back! with a twist of racing heart syndrome!
SimpliciTea: I am falling in love with Pu’erhs… and I am so curious to see what your (eventual, or not if I have my way haha) review of it will say!!


(and by not, I mean sooner than later! just realized that might read a bit oddly)


Yes I am eager to see other tea logs on this as well. :)


You both are so funny. Sooooo, it’s became a game? To see if you can tempt me, or anyone else ‘out here’, enough through your reviews to really want me to make the effort to buy some of this ‘psychedelic’ pu-erh, drink it up, and see what happens, eh?


Haha indeed and why not we just want to spread the joy around :)


SimpliciTea: life is a game, but I make my own rules :P
and yes!! wanna swap tea by any chance lol


Azzrian: I certainly agree, keep spreadin’!

Indigobloom: I like that: you make your own rules! How true that is.

Swap? Maybe sometime this summer/fall, when I have gone though all of my samples? Maybe?

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80 tasting notes

Like last time, mixed some of the broken remains of this tuocha with some 2007 Organic Menghai Banzhang Old Tree Pu-erh leftovers from breaking off pieces of the beeng. Got about 4-5 good steeps out.

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