BoYa Puerh GuShu & Wild leaf Sheng Cha 2018 Spring

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Tea Name: BoYa written as 伯牙 in Chinese Character which belongs to 1st one as below:
1) 伯牙 (BoYa),sheng cha
2) 子期 (ZiQi), sheng cha
3) 桐琴 (TongQin),Shou cha.

高山流水遇知音(GaoShanLiuShuiYuZhiYin) is a well known story happened more than 2000 years ago in China. When BoYa was playing zither, occasionally ZiQi came by and attracted by the melody and directly pointed out when the melody was describing towering mountain or babbling stream. So ZhiYin(知音, understanding melody) is used for describing bosom friends from then on.
This tea was made from spring tea materials of GuShu(old tree) and wild tea both from BanPen(班盆 where belongs to BanZhang tea area, also called one of five BanZhang villages) . Unique aroma from dry tea leaves from ancient tea tree with refreshing mountain flavor and wild tea floral flavor. Strong tea threads tightly curled together with sleek like smoothness and brightness on surface. According ratio of tea buds and attached with obviously white tea hairs.

Rich tea liquid with golden like yellow color, clean and clear.
Bitterness is rich because of ancient tea tree mixed with bitter content from wild tea also from BuLang tea region.
Astringent and some spicy.
HuiGan comes fast with momentum lasting long time and deep into throat.

Saliva producing is on high level and comes like waves one after another.
Tea flavor spreads into mouth and deep into gap between teeth.
Strong ChaQi makes mind clear and breath smooth and clear.
Package: 100g/pcs, 5pcs/tong.
Storage: GuangZhou dry storage.

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