Opus Rouge Rooibos

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Fruit Rooibos Blend
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Berries, Grapes, Perfume, Sweet, Tart, Blueberry, Red Wine, Floral, Flowers
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Loose Leaf
Caffeine Free
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195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 30 sec 6 oz / 177 ml

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  • “Made this one as a cold brew mixed with Teavana’s Peach Tranquility. Brewed for about 12 hours. I thought I would mix this one because I am not the hugest fan of it on its own, and the opus rouge...” Read full tasting note
  • “So for anybody who was not already aware: yes, I did get the job at Teavana. Handily, it would seem – the manager practically begged me to stay interested when she called me for an interview, and...” Read full tasting note
  • “Bubblegum tea! lol I had just a bit leftover from the 2oz of this I purchased recently. I really didn’t enjoy it as much as I could remember. But it is still massively fruity and has a punch of...” Read full tasting note
  • “I bought this on a whim at the boxing day sale. It smells extremely grapey on first smell, and tastes quite grapey as well. I don’t get the hints of vanilla, I do get quite a tart taste from it,...” Read full tasting note

From Teavana

Inspired by the world’s best rich red wines, this most luxurious green rooibos blend is a symphony of sweet and fruity. The blush of red grapes, blackberry, cranberry and black currant blend beautifully, creating a scarlet red hue. Creamy madagascar vanilla, sweet orange and hibiscus flowers finish off heady, rich flights of fancy. SUPERFRUIT ENHANCED

Sweet and crisp grape, blackberry and cranberry flavor with a smooth vanilla finish.

Ingredients: Grapes, hibiscus flowers, green rooibos, grape slices, citrus peels, plum pieces (plum, rice flour), black currants, blackberries, natural and artificial flavoring, red currants, morello cherries, stevia leaves, vanilla pieces

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34 Tasting Notes

871 tasting notes

Made this one as a cold brew mixed with Teavana’s Peach Tranquility. Brewed for about 12 hours. I thought I would mix this one because I am not the hugest fan of it on its own, and the opus rouge seemed to mix well with others. It was not so great with the peach tranquility, it wasn’t terrible either. It is basically grape mixed with peach, which just isn’t working for me. It is very juice like, and on the verge of being bitter, like when you get an unripe, bitter, grape. I will finish this one, but most likely not do this blend again.

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107 tasting notes

So for anybody who was not already aware: yes, I did get the job at Teavana. Handily, it would seem – the manager practically begged me to stay interested when she called me for an interview, and told me I did “amazing” at the end of said interview. The paperwork was a pain in the butt (they want you to do everything electronically! no, I can’t “upload” a voided cheque because I don’t have a SCANNER, wtf?), but it’s finally all in, and I should be in their system with an employee number and stuffs by next week. I had my after-hours training shift on Wednesday, and my first real shift on the selling floor last night.

(Most of this is about that, less about the tea. I seriously wish there was a non-tea blog option. Maybe I should just create a non-tea tea entry called “tea retailer/experience blog.”)

Anyway, I think this is the one I had in the store last night. It’s awfully hard to remember, because the assistant manager is the one who made it for me, and we got interrupted by customers before he could get it going. Afterward, we were trying to determine what the heck he had made me, and we were pretty sure that I’d decided on this one. I will not rate it for now though, just in case.

(As a note, I do plan to continue rating Teavana teas. My employment information is not connected anywhere online with my real name, and so far I think people can see I neither exclusively rag on, nor exclusively praise their teas. So I think I’m safe.)

It’s super juicy and fruity, which I like. I am, after all, someone who probably would have been the target audience for the juice-like teas in the sample carts if I hadn’t already been a tea drinker on my own when Teavana came to Canada. (As a side note, I had to refill one of the sample carts last night, so for anyone who is wondering…it’s 1/8th of a cup of rock sugar in 32oz in those samples. That is from the American “recipe” cards we were sent.)

Having been sitting in my Timolino in the fridge overnight, it’s a bit more sour than I remember it being yesterday (I’m thinking this blend has hibby…), but it’s still refreshing. You cannot taste the rooibos at all, so, taste-wise this may as well be an herbal…but again, that does not particularly bother me personally, and there is little price difference between the rooibos and the herbals. I recommended this one to a girl last night; I hope she likes it.

I spent a large chunk of last night pulling tins off the wall and giving them a good ’niff. A lot of the rooibos and green teas look decent, and I have a whole list to try. Then again, Pineapple Kona Pop still smells amazing, despite being middling at best, so I hope I am not getting my hopes up.

As for Teavana…it’s a little early to tell, but it’s going okay so far. My manager seems pretty laid-back/forgiving, so that helps. Hours so far look good. Pay is shockingly bad, and staying past my probation on THAT looks iffy; but that’s weeks from now, so we’ll see.

Training went well; we covered selling from the tea wall, sampling and pushing the cast iron on the unsuspecting. (Har.) I flinched at some of the up-selling tactics, but it’s mostly stuff I’m familiar with from previous work – I’m just more sensitive to it with a product I have so many personal opinions about. I thought for sure that I would have been hired with a bunch of other tea freaks, but on the contrary – most of the other new hires barely had an idea how to brew tea loose, so significant parts of my “training” involved explaining things to my new co-workers, or giving them tips. I deliberately angled to do the “front of the class” role-play second (after someone else stumbled through it, and before everyone else could try – the perfect position to show people up, basically), which I felt a bit guilty about. But my mother and the manager at my other job I discussed this with assured me that I’d done the right thing “to get noticed and get ahead.”

My closing shift last night went okay, despite some moments walking around feeling lost and useless. The scale hates me; I don’t seem to have gotten the order you do things in worked out. I discovered that most things do have a price tag after all, just not on the paper tags where you’d obviously think they were. I’m most awkward at the tea bar, and only got through drink orders based on my own experience making my own tea, but I’m sure I’ll get smoother. Most people said, “Really?!” when I told them it was my first day. Overall, it was probably one of the most relaxing days at work I’ve ever had, despite being my first shift, because most of the questions people had about tea were a breeze for me to answer, and I can fudge my way a bit with product-related questions for now – it’ll lose me sales until I know the product better, but I tend to learn product fast anyway.

The assistant manager told me, “I thought you’d need a lot more guidance, but you seem to have picked up on everything pretty fast. But then, I heard you killed it in training.” He then gave me “improvement advice,” which mostly consisted of telling me that I don’t over-pour enough(!). His exact advice was to start with an over-pour of 8 grams(!) because most people will say yes to it. Ugh. My only over-pours had actually been out of sheer awkwardness (being new to it), and/or the customer saying, “No, that’s fine,” before I could dump any back out.

Now. As painful as that is to me… I was amazed at how well the selling process honestly seems to work on people who aren’t already tea drinkers. It actually works the way they tell you it does in training, which I’ve never seen in retail before. I was trained on “transitions” to get people to follow you from the sample cart to the cast iron and through the store, and I was astonished to find people trotting after me in groups like children after the Pied Piper when I used them, obediently sipping every sample I gave them. This shit actually works? I had multiple people follow me throughout the store, exclaiming delightedly over everything I showed them before I took them to the wall to show them the teas in the samples, and then they bought them – both of them. I was astonished at how people were perfectly willing – even eager – to buy whatever I told them to buy to replicate the samples, to listen to all my instructions, and not question a thing I told them. No one even seemed to clue in to what a selling tactic it is to mix two teas (sometimes almost totally unrelated – hello, a white and a mate?) and then require you to buy both to get the same taste. I had to keep reminding myself that these people are not stupid, just clueless, and trusting us to tell them what to do. Which makes me a little sad. Because they will get a bit taken at some point by a retailer that is, naturally, also looking to make sales. My first purchases at DAVIDs, I got talked into multiple unnecessary tins, too…

(Oddly enough, people don’t seem quite as willing to listen to advice that they should. I mean, people bought nearly any tea I showed them, but only nodded politely at my firm advice that they upgrade to a better infuser than a tea ball. Argh.)

So some bad points, but not as bad as I’d truly feared. I hope I continue to like it.

Also, I need to find out what my staff discount applies to, because it’s a whopping 40%.


Sounds like a great beginning to work! I hope it stays like this for you :)

Autistic Goblin

I’ve never been to Teavana although there is one here in Winnipeg. Most people don’t do their research before going into stores.. not just tea but with anything :D In time they will learn (I hope) or at least they’ll know what they like :D


I’m glad you have a job!!! Nice to be surrounded by tea!!! I was in sales in my last job and really worked at finding out what people were looking for before selling to them which made me feel better about a sale. I got a salary and commission for a computer company though, but still it felt better not slamming someone into what they would feel bad about later. I’m sure you’ll find your rhythm too.

Daniel Scott

@Bonnie – Definitely. I hate convincing people to buy stuff they will regret, which is one of the biggest problems I have at my other current job. The product there used to be varied enough that it was a matter of finding what worked for them; now stuff has been discontinued, and new stuff is very similar to the old stuff (because it sold better, right?) so now my job is like convincing people to buy multiple copies of the same thing… Ew.

The only thing about Teavana that discourages me so far is the “average ticket.” It’s one thing to get a whole team of people working to raise an average dollar sale, and another thing to hold people individually accountable when someone gets a cup of tea instead of $50 of bulk. That makes me nervous. Everyone in the store apparently has a “grade” of B or higher, and I was told that I’ve already gotten some “sweet” sales and that I’m doing okay. Still worries me.


Part of life is finding out and testing our definition of integrity. Honing our skills and working it out. You obviously care about these things and will bump your head now and then like we all do. I’m sure you’ll find a way that works for you though because it’s worth the effort!


ugh I’ve worked commission before… and it’s never fun. Don’t let it get you down. and I’m a bit jealous of your discount! :P


(I have a feeling you’ll be very popular during swap season)

Daniel Scott

Just think, the other job I was kinda up for around this time is Pandora jewelery…which is commissions-based, and pretty cut-throat, I understand. Apparently the manager is still interested in me (or so I hear from a friend that works there), but so disorganized that she hasn’t even called me for an interview in like…a month. Seriously?! I decided not to take it because I didn’t like the “beauty” requirements I heard about from the female staff – even if I’m not required to wear foundation, lipstick and heels, I find it distasteful. But they do offer WAY better pay…

I’ve never done a swap, honestly!




Congrats on the job! Take advantage of the access to the various blends and TRY THEM ALL!!! Enjoy the fellow tea-drinkers you’ll meet too :) My advice: chat with your store manager about posting on to social media (like Steepster, for example.) I know Teavana has strict social media rules on what employees can disclose, and I would hate to see you reprimanded for something you meant with good intentions. Just my opinion :)

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541 tasting notes

Bubblegum tea! lol I had just a bit leftover from the 2oz of this I purchased recently. I really didn’t enjoy it as much as I could remember. But it is still massively fruity and has a punch of hibiscus. I like hibiscus, so it’s great for me! A good tea to share with non-tea drinking types.

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151 tasting notes

I bought this on a whim at the boxing day sale. It smells extremely grapey on first smell, and tastes quite grapey as well. I don’t get the hints of vanilla, I do get quite a tart taste from it, although it tastes like there is some kind of sweetener in it… which is not my favorite thing, as I generally drink teas black. Not a bad cup.

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513 tasting notes

This was super amazing! A real treat tonight. I was intrigued by the smell, it smelled like grape juice in the package, and it delivered. The resulting tea is juicy and fruity with almost no underlying rooibos taste. The tea is nice and tart, it doesn’t need any sweetening as far as I am concerned.

This is another tea I picked up on sale and I think I really lucked out! It may be a teavana blend and heavy on the fruit, light on the actual base, but the flavour is totally right up my alley. I can see myself drinking this one more often!

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85 tasting notes

What a nice, fruity tea. The liquor is this beautiful reddish-orange color. I find that the flavors are nicely balanced, although I am not getting that vanilla in the finish but instead a sweet orange flavor. My biggest problem with this tea is that it’s kind of sour, in a citric way. I wonder if I steeped it too long? It took me a while to remove the leaves since I was so amazed by my cat loving raisins. Had her for over 7 years and I’m just finding this out now! She loves to chase them as I toss them across the room. That was a digression but it’s just as interesting as this tea so thanks for your patience!

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

EEK raisins are poisonous to cats…luckily she only had 3!

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1220 tasting notes

It needs to stop being 70 degrees now, thanks.

Cold brewed this, it’s still not wowing me like I hoped it would. It’s like drinking juice. Upscale juice.

Good thing I bought some plain green rooibos. I’m curious to see if that makes it less cloying for me considering there’s so little of it in here.


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15 tasting notes

In my opinion this tea is amazing for both taste and soothing a sore throat. My daughter and I had a nasty respiratory infection that just wouldn’t go away. I was strolling the streets on my break at work and visited Teavana as I often do since I’m a tea-aholic. I bought some Opus Rouge and brewed up a pot of it. I used double the amount of the recommended tea for steeping, so it made a nice dark coloured tea. The tea felt so soothing on my daughter’s and my throats and we drank the whole pot between us. The very next morning we woke up feeling like a million bucks. I now require this tea in my cupboard at all times. I enjoy it without being sick of course, but I love how it helped make my daughter and I feel so much better. It tastes incredible too, so it wasn’t difficult at all to drink the whole pot. It’s also very nice iced. It’s my daughter’s favourite iced tea.

190 °F / 87 °C 8 min or more

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440 tasting notes

If you like grape juice, you’ll like this one. The grape dominates here, making it a strong tea where I can’t taste any of the other notes (or the rooibos that they claim exists in the mix but which I can’t seem to find in my package). This isn’t a delicate white grape flavour, either. This is a nice rich red/purple grape flavour that attacks your tastebuds and makes sure you know that it is powerful. I think it would be amazing in a punch with some sprite or gingerale . . . I may have to try that next time!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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117 tasting notes

This is one of Teavana’s new offerings. I got a cup while in their store. It’s delicious. It would be freaking excellent over ice. It’s basically fruit juice, because it’s so full of berries. I’m going to buy some next paycheck to make iced tea with. Yum.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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