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  • “This ‘herbal’ and I are sorting things out. I have a hard time calling it an herbal, even though I know that, by way of tea terminology, it’s entirely the right word. It just seems so strange. It’s...” Read full tasting note
  • “Oh. My. Goodness. This is freaking AWESOME. Because Teagasm doesn’t adequately describe what I’m experiencing at the moment, I’m going to say ChocolaTeaGASM. So good. So very very good. I am sad...” Read full tasting note
  • “The boss man is out of town for the weekend with his cycling team doing a training camp of sorts. I’m at home. On the sofa. It’s totally quiet. The kids are in bed. I need something incredibly...” Read full tasting note
  • “Another one from Wombatgirl and one I’ve been curious about since first I took it out of the box. Wombatgirl sent me a nice little tin with the sample in it, which is definitely air-tight. And...” Read full tasting note

From Tisano

Tisano’s innovative patent pending process uses proprietary methods to select the delicate fibrous shell around the cacao bean, which carries many of the same antioxidant agents, and magnesium and potassium as well as a high dose of Vitamin D, which the cacao bean does not have.

Tisano’s single origin Cacao Tea is the first pure chocolate herbal infusion that is steeped in timeless tradition to provide the following health benefits*: • Boosts energy & stamina: Theobromine which is found in cocoa and chocolate provides a mild, long lasting boost with a mood improving effect to help you maintain energy, stamina, and vitality*. • Immune system support: Antioxidants are free radical scavengers that help defend healthy cells, protect the body and support overall wellness*. • Promotes a healthy heart: A daily dose of antioxidants has been shown to ward of free radicals that have been shown to contribute to various forms of cardiovascular disease*. • Antidepressant: Theobromine naturally raises serotonin levels and increases feelings of well-being*. • Fat and Calorie Free: A chocoholics dream come true, Tisano is a naturally fat and calorie free way to satisfy even the most intense chocolate craving*. “Chocolate is one of the most misunderstood superfoods. It is often considered to be an unhealthy indulgence, but in reality it provides many important health benefits,” said Patrick Pineda, President of Tisano. “And while drinking our new chocolate tea may taste guilty, it is quite the opposite. Not only is it rich in antioxidant and flavinoids, it also contains a rich and enticing flavor without the fat or calories.” Pineda first became intrigued with herbal chocolate tea through his work with his company, Eastbluff Trading Co, which provides high-quality organic Venezuelan cacao to the U.S. After experimenting and brewing the chocolate tea at home for friends and family, Pineda decided to trial the tea at Expo West to garner feedback from industry influencers and consumers alike. After receiving a tremendous response and winning Best in Show from VegNews Magazine, Pineda decided to officially launch Tisano Cacao Tea at the World Tea Expo. Tisano’s Organic Cacao Tea brand of pure chocolate tea is available at select locations in Southern California, Maryland, Colorado, Montana and online at About Tisano™: Founded in 2010, Tisano is an exotic herbal tea company that is committed to providing high-quality cacao teas. Tisano is a family owned and operated business that is grounded on the three principles of tea: “qualitea” “sustainabilitea” and “integritea.” Tisano believes in giving back and goes beyond fair trade by sourcing directly from the farming communities that grow the finest organic cacao.

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34 Tasting Notes

158 tasting notes

This ‘herbal’ and I are sorting things out.

I have a hard time calling it an herbal, even though I know that, by way of tea terminology, it’s entirely the right word. It just seems so strange. It’s comprised entirely of shredded cacao shell — little flakes of it — and seems even more of a stretch for the term than usual, to me.

Oh well!

I was pretty excited to get it. For four dollars you get a pretty impressive 4oz bag! This is good, because they want 3 teaspoons of the stuff per 8oz. of water.

Opening the bag, the scent is heavily, unapologetically, mouth-wateringly chocolate. Tea isn’t the only heated beverage that I love a little bit more than I should, as it happens — I’m also quite fond of artisan hot chocolates, and there is nothing quite like that rich, real-chocolate smell.

I steeped it up with glee. Steeped, the aroma is even better — like rich drinking chocolate.

And then…I was sort of disappointed. It was quite bitter. I actually would have expected this, given the product itself and its unaltered organic authenticity, if it weren’t for the tasting note and description, which suggest it’s quite sweet. Which is not to say that I wanted Hershey or Swiss Miss sweet; as I say, I like good chocolate, and am quite fond of some bitter, fruity dark chocolates, and I can say with authority that I wasn’t looking for the over-sugared chocolate thing we’ve got going in this country.

This is not a terrible thing, though. I can work with this. I am just going to have to play with it in order to figure out how best to coax the chocolate flavor into a creamy, tasty state…because the aroma promises it, and I desperately want the flavor to come more into line with what the scent is.

In the first effort to figure out how to do that, I prepared it tonight on the stovetop, like a chai — boiled/simmered for a few minutes, topped with milk, heated again, strained. I added a bit of turbinado sugar, but not much.

I was also sort of naughty and used whole milk, just for over-the-top indulgence.

It is quite good. There’s still bitterness, but it’s pleasant, the way that chocolate bitterness can be, and the chocolate flavor is rich. A lower-cal option to actual hot-chocolate, but prepared this way, I’m not sure it’s much better, and so will be continuing to play with this one for a while.

Yeah, twist my arm, right? ;)

Leaving a rating off until I’ve played with it some more.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Totally thinking of putting this in my coffee pot w/ the coffee!:)


Oooh. I think that sounds like a delicious idea!


Or w/ espresso in an espresso machine… chocolate espresso con panna… yum!


I didn’t get bitterness to this… but from what I understand it can get bitter if you use too much “leaf” … or should I say shell?


RE: your comment about calling this herbal… actually it should be considered a fruit tea since cacao is a fruit, shouldn’t it? I have problems w/ naming herbals too, primarily those that have no liquor. I just can’t bring myself to call them a tea or tisane.


Sad… it says it can be found on Amazon but I can’t find it. Did find this though. How does the price compare? I like that 2% of the profits go to a co-op.


LiberTEAS: Thanks for the advice! Your tasting note is utterly drool-worthy, so I will have to try backing down the quantity next. I’ll report back about how it goes!

Cofftea: I suppose calling it a fruit tea would probably be pretty accurate, haha.

And that is the listing I used when I ordered mine, yup! The bag I received did not have the window in the front, but it’s definitely the right stuff, as the back of the bag has on it.


Oh ok cool. Yay for cacao being a fruit!:)

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I actually had the pleasure if being able to try a bit of cacao at a coffee plantation in Hawaii and it was good. You just scrap off the creamy jelly like outside of the seed and eat it and it is sweet. You can bite it but it is an aquired taste. It is very bitter and rich. I liked it but did like the outside more. Then again I am a fan of dark chocolate.


This made me break out the Valrhona 85%. Mmm.


Me too Rachel! I put unsweetened cocoa powder in my yogurt and coffee.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Never thought of that Cofftea. I even have cocoa powder in the house just need yogurt now. It’s on the grocery list.

Thomas Smith

Going to have to try this – I’ve had plenty of different preparations of chocolate beans/nibs but have never considered the outer husk. Wonder if it’s pre- or post-fermentation?
I’d expect bitterness from the theobromine and caffeine… probably some astringency from the catchetin loads too. Short steep times, maybe?


Update: Cutting back the leaf really did seem to help a lot. 2 tsp. / 8oz, rather than the recommended tablespoon!

I can’t tell you whether or not there’s been any processing. I know very little about how chocolate becomes chocolate. It doesn’t look processed — it looks very much like the fine flakes of inner bark that you get from pine trees — the stuff that’s smooth, thin, and brown, broken into chips. That means very little though, probably.

There is some mild astringency, but it’s not too bad. At some point I’ll write another tasting note, but I’m too lazy this morning. ;)


Sophistre, your post says you paid $4… where is it sold at this price? Looks to me like $14 for that amount…


Jude: I bought mine on amazon. At the time, it was packaged in a silver bag, not a tin; it looks like they’ve significantly changed their packaging…and perhaps subsequently their pricing! I wrote this review almost half a year ago, so probably they’ve grown as a company and can charge more, what with using tins and such. Bad news for the pocketbook…but possibly good news for the company. Hopefully that means they’ll be around for a while to come! Sorry I couldn’t be more help, though. :(

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4843 tasting notes

Oh. My. Goodness.

This is freaking AWESOME.

Because Teagasm doesn’t adequately describe what I’m experiencing at the moment, I’m going to say ChocolaTeaGASM.

So good. So very very good. I am sad that I only got a sample packet of this from Tea Review Blog (going to write my review of this tea for the blog in a few moments) because I could drink this every day. I will have to hunt this down and buy some.

Rich. Chocolate. Sweet. Chocolate. Delicious. CHOCOLATE. This is better than any sipping chocolate or any hot chocolate. Oh… yum yum yum yum yum.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

VERY few teas actually make me say “holy freakin crap!” out loud when I read the title of a tea. This is one of them! Yes, it made me talk to my computer:)


Anyone who likes chocolate must try this. It is amazing. And… now it is gone. I need to get a bigger tea mug.

Paul M Tracy

Any idea where you can buy this wonder tisane? The Tisano website says it’s available on but I couldn’t find an entry.


I don’t know. I received it as a sample as a reviewer for Tea Review Blog. However, the website does indicate that it’s available at some Whole Foods and I’m going to ask my local Whole Foods to start carrying it as well… because I MUST HAVE MORE.


I found it, along with several of the company’s other products.

It doesn’t have the fancy-shmancy tin, but it is, in fact, cacao tea from the company owned by the dude — Eastbay Trading Co.

Until you can locate the tin at a retailer, this may do in a pinch! Not bad for $4.00.


I’ve never had anything from this company! I was looking at a few of them on TRBWOW!!! Sounds interesting!


Perfect sophistre as I don’t want the tin anyway- thanks!:)


After reading something from a local cafe on FB, I just got a wonderful idea- add some peppermint to it, steep it in milk, and add matcha. Yes, I know, I don’t like matcha and dairy… but I think it may be good. Shoot. I just found reason I need this NOW lol!

Patrick Pineda

Wow… thanks so much for the great comments… We are just starting our roll out of this product after some great testing. We are small family run business that started in chocolates and cacao buying fairly traded cacao from farming communities in Venezuela and me and my brothers were the first to export organic certified cacao, thats how we came across the idea of the tea.

sophistre you made me laugh out loud… We started with the polybags to get the product out there and get reviews from our Amazon and Ebay customers and once we won an award at the Natural Products Expo we decided to go FancySchamzy tin route and brand Cacao Tea chocolate herbal tea under Tisano, which means – Tisane and Artesano (spanish word for artisan).

Cofftea we are actually launching blends in the spring… maybe i can send you some samples for feedback?

Paul and anyone else who wants cacao tea our site is finally live and we are doing sample giveaways to get the buzz going… very grass roots guerailla marketing, small company of family and friends trying to get the idea of Tisano chocolate tea out there.

p.s. – i am the guy under the story tab with the blue shirt carying 120pounds of fresh cacao beans across the river!

Thanks again for all your positive comments – you made my day!

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361 tasting notes

The boss man is out of town for the weekend with his cycling team doing a training camp of sorts. I’m at home. On the sofa. It’s totally quiet. The kids are in bed. I need something incredibly indulgent to celebrate. Enter Tisano Cacao “tea”.

This is a funny drink to call tea, but I’m not one to argue semantics, it’s a plant product, so cool, it’s an herbal tea. It also gets the title of my new favorite herbal tea. Holy smokes. I love super duper dark chocolate, think one notch sweeter than baker’s chocolate. This tea is actually a little sweeter than even that, but it is so rich and smooth with absolutely no additions. The only addition I added was some Hojicha in my second cup to add a little extra roastiness to it.

Ahhh… alone on my couch, the tv all mine, no one making any requests of me, and this cacao tea in my hand. Shhh…. I’m savoring.


LOVELY! Sounds delicious! Enjoy!


Mmmmm, I had what’s probably something very similar to this lately, as well. Quite tasty!

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1353 tasting notes

Another one from Wombatgirl and one I’ve been curious about since first I took it out of the box. Wombatgirl sent me a nice little tin with the sample in it, which is definitely air-tight. And child-proof. And very nearly Ang-proof as well, so prying it open resulted in a little spillage (and some air turning blue).

What we’ve got here are some flakes of something that I’m guessing are cacao bean shells or husks or something. I feel we’re kind of stretching the term ‘herbal tea’ with this one. I mean I know that the definition of a herbal herbs and plants steeped and prepared as a tea, without it actually being tea. And I know that cacao beans are also plant parts so it’s still covered by that definition.

But at the same time, aren’t we really more like moving into hot chocolate territory with this one? I’m posting about it because it’s already on the site. If it hadn’t been, I don’t think I would have added it and just sent Wombatgirl a pm about what I thought of it instead.

It tastes like a cup of cocoa too. Slightly bitter though for the absence of sugar. I’m reminded of that sort of hot cocoa where you’ve got a powdered mix and put hot water on it. This tastes a bit like that made with only about 20% of the proper amount of powder. If I were to add a little sugar (and I shall try this once there’s better room in the cup for stirring) it would come really close to a cup of thin, watery hot cocoa. If you make this really really strong and add sugar and milk, I’d wager you were nearly there.

If what you’re looking for is an actual herbal tea that tastes like cocoa, then this is a very good bet for it. I bet it’s also really great for mixing in with other things, adding a little flavour to an otherwise slightly dull tea.

This is pretty good for what it is. But I’d really rather have some real hot cocoa.


What I like to do with it – take this and then regular black tea to get my own chocolate black blend.

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328 tasting notes

This is the gold standard of chocolate tisanes. As it is 100% cacao nibs and no honeybush/rooibos fillers, this is 100% chocolate taste. Does this taste like a hot chocolate? Not as rich – but it is extremely chocolatey with a hint of sugar. The addition of milk would only improve this. I also blended my previously infused sampler w my Zhi Tea Gongfu black (similar to Premium Steap’s Red Empereror). Now I finally have the perfect black tea. The richness and syrup-i-ness of the gong fu was a perfect match for the cacao nibs. I highly recommend this.

Paul M Tracy

I can’t seem to ever catch them when they have this in stock. I’ve been wanting to try it since it was first reviewed here.

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411 tasting notes

Yum. Drinking a cup of this with some half and half and simple syrup. Wonderful evening treat.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

Is this as much like hot chocolate as they make it sound? :) How is it without half and half and syrup.. just plain?

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818 tasting notes

So, I think this is the one TastyBrew sent me as a surprise, especially since she’s reviewed it. This is really good. Great chocolate flavor!! A little thinner than I would like, but delicious! And a great herbal to have later in the day! Thanks, TastyBrew!!!


Glad you liked it! I make this super strong and let it steep forever. It’s also a great thing to add to other teas you want chocolatey. I added some to a later steeping of cinnamon swirl bread one time and it was super yummy. it’s a fun one to play with.


Ooh, that sounds yummy!!

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1629 tasting notes

I finally finished this little sample up! There was a lot in there. I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. This one tastes like a watered down dark chocolate. So delicious! I added sugar and milk to this.

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902 tasting notes

I have been stalking the “shop” button on the Tisano site ever since I saw LiberTEAS’s review of it. So when I saw they were giving away samples, and you just had to pay shipping, I jumped at the chance. Got it in the mail today (yes, 4 out of 5 weekdays this week, I got tea in the mail), and almost immediately brewed it up.

The dry “leaf” smells soooo good!! Got a tin of Hersey’s Cocoa? Go sniff it, and you’ll know exactly what this tastes like. Not kidding, I did a side-by-side sniff test. And after it brewed, it smelled better. Seriously wondering if that stuff is edible, or if my insides would really get messed up if I tried it.

Okay, just realized I totally didn’t follow directions (then again, when do I ever?), and only used 1 teaspoon per cup (instead of 3). Yes, I could have read the package, but again, when do I ever do that?

Okay, even brewing it at 1/3 the suggested volume, this is still pretty darn good. I love the dark chocolate taste that’s there. Yes, it’s a smidge weak…but, honestly, I could drink it like this and be perfectly fine and happy. Yes, I’ll try it the way it’s supposed to be done next time. But seriously, the smell of this stuff is amazing!! It’s like I’m baking a chocolate cake and the smell keeps wafting out of the kitchen. I’d love to have a whole tin of this to experiment with; I think it’d be great to blend in with other teas to give them a chocolate edge!

Boiling 8 min or more

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193 tasting notes

If I closed my eyes and took a sip of this without knowing it was tea I would think this is hot chocolate! This is really really good! I just ordered a free sample from the company (had to pay S&H charges of $4.95) which was a great way to try this tea. Although I think it is just a tad bit pricey because you are supposed to use 3 tsp per 8 oz. But for a special treat I could definitely see ordering a tin of this! It is super yummy!

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