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From Verdant Tea

For a great caffeine free Chai, or as a spice base to add to your other favorite teas like pu’er or Big Red Robe, we offer the balanced spice of our take on the traditional chai, and we don’t skimp on the delicious saffron.

Ingredients: Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Fennel, Cardamom Seeds, Elderberry, Cardamom Pods, Peppercorn, Burdock, Saffron.

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22 Tasting Notes

1186 tasting notes

This is sooo good! Why have I been holding off brewing this?!?!?! I ordered 2 oz (I think) back about a month ago, and have just not been in a chai mood, and I was worried it wouldn’t live up to how good the Laoshan Village Chai is. But man, this is good! It’s very similar to the village chai, minus the caffeine! swoons this might be my new nighttime chai! And yes, I am going to try blending this with some of my Laoshan black, and some other teas as well! I steeped this for the whole 5 minutes, and it’s a spicy, stimulating brew but yet warm and comforting at the same time. This has a bite though! There’s a spice in here with some nice zing to it :D and it feels very cleansing on the throat. Very happy I finally dove into this bag!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Got to get some! I’ve been collecting a bin of spices for blending my own tea creations when I feel the creative urge. Loving the Verdant Chai Spice and Ginger Winter Blend so much.


I need to start blending! I don’t know why I haven’t, I think I’m worried I will mess them up, but I need to just give it a shot one day, there’s nothing to fear :) except maybe a strange tasting cup of tea.


I should try this one as I need a good chai spice mix, and I do like the spices in Verdant’s chai teas!


I’d definitely try some, it’s a very good chai even without being mixed! :)


My box of additions began before people like Verdant had the Chai mix. Sometimes I wanted a little ginger or cinnamon chip in my puerh or a few cocoa hulls and a splat of orange. Over time I have played more with every-day base tea and enjoy being creative. Always using the best ingredients is key. My tea shop sells organic herbs and spices including locally grown medicinal herbs from the Rocky Mountains. (I have 2 spice shops in Old Town too, Savory is online and one of the best in the U.S.)


I should look for a good spice place in my city! It’d be fun to make my own spice blend or combo to add to teas when I am in the mood :)

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1792 tasting notes

The dingbat undergrads have already been out full force pumping Electric Avenue and partying at 5pm, so might as well talk about my chai spice experiences so far. Because chai rules the world!

I first tried this plain to see what its true story is all about. The fennel in this blend is loud, at least for me, but I like it. It screams, “I’m unique, so pay attention to me!” Next, I can taste the ginger, then cinnamon, then peppercorn. Surprised the clove isn’t more palpable since I tend to pick that one up easily.

So I had this great idea to combine it with the last of my Chocolate Phoenix chai since a) I don’t care for that one on its own and b) why not? The result is that the two complement each other beautifully. Despite the fact that the chai spice blend also contains cardamom, overall, it really puts the brakes on the cardamom in the Chocolate Phoenix chai, which is my main issue with it.

Oh yeah, and I also tried it on the stove top, combined with some soy milk, brown sugar, and a dash of vanilla. That fennel is sure giving the cardamom a run for its money. And I’m getting the heat from the ginger.

In a way, I kind of prefer drinking it as is. It has a very clean aura. Hard to explain.

Yak yak yak, back to work. I ought to invest in a pair of heavy duty earplugs.


oof. the wax ones work well.


I like fennel too. Warming.


Wax earplugs, eh? Had no idea they even existed, but makes perfect sense. Those foams ones I’ve tried before are garbage.

The fennel is so beautiful here. Mmm.

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3294 tasting notes

I can’t believe I still have some of this!
I’m not currently a member of the TOMC, but I did really enjoy my membership! This is the 3rd tea from last January’s box, & I had just enough Yu Lu to make a potent cup, so that it’s a sipdown on both of them! There was a little almond milk in the fridge, so I added that, & I also borrowed my son’s Keifer grains, gave them a water bath yesterday to get all the milk out, and made a quart of coconut milk keifer, which turns out is ready, so I added some of that, & WOW! This is the most luxurious feeling Chai I think I’ve ever had! The coconut milk keifer is a little tangy, & so thick & creamy. I use canned coconut milk, not that grotesque crap they sell in the dairy case, & I love it! If you let it age long enough, it becomes yogurt which, for someone like me, is a rare treat indeed.

Verdant’s Chai spice is a little unusual in it’s spicing, & I’ve learned that I need to use quite a bit more than they recommend, because I tend to like my Chai a little strong. But this cup of yum, which is gone already, beats Starbuck’s Tazo Chai by a long shot!

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676 tasting notes

I met Annalisa and all 5 boys at Horsetooth Park this afternoon, armed with crackers and hugs.
It was a warm, cloudy day, perfect for playing without the worry of sunburn.
The park has a water play area, a tunnel mountain, various playgrounds for different ages, hiking trails and a dog park with fenced in swimming lake for dogs.

To both 2 year old’s, I’m “Dama” and to everyone else I’m “Grandma”.

After playtime, I took 8 year old Micah for some time alone. It’s important for him to know how special he is to me. His life has been difficult. Being 8 and bipolar, makes you feel different in a way that isn’t always good. He loves coming to my house and being my special boy.
I drove the long way home, stopped by the lower lake and we took a walk talking about fishing and why there were holes in the rocks. Then we went off to Happy Lucky’s for tea.

I brought my new Chai Spice with me. Who brings tea to a tea shop, or Chai Spice? I do!

For some reason, Happy Lucky’s was empty when we arrived and stayed that way. Maybe it was the clouds in the sky…sending streaks of lightening further out on the Prairie that was keeping people away. Whatever the case, Eric…Sam…Micah and I had Happy Lucky’s Tea House to ourselves!

Eric made the Chai in a fancy pot using a malty black tea base, milk and honey for all of us to enjoy.
Micah and I sat at the tea-bar and I poured tea very high above the little teacups from the copper teapot with it’s long curved spout. The 3 ft. stream of tea hit the cups creating froth without spilling a drop! (I’ve done this before) Everyone enjoys seeing me pour Chai!

This Chai was subtle, not too spicy or peppery. I could tell this was a Verdant Chai. Some Chai’s are ‘in your face’. By that I mean, there’s ‘lots’ of clove or cardamom or pepper and sometimes I feel like I’ve had Chai mouthwash!
Verdant Chai’s are gentle. Not weak, but not raw and rough either.
I can’t wait to try the Chai blend with Laoshan Black Tea. I know magic will happen with this Chai blend and Laoshan Black, who knows why…but it will happen. It’s a mystery! Maybe a miracle.

There are recipes so subtle that you might be tempted to rush past without consideration. We have become that kind of society. Rushing on to the huge tastes, the bold flavors. Refinement and restraint is something that I’m learning to appreciate and this blend is more refined.

Micah, my tea-guy friends and I all enjoyed our late afternoon Chai, and I’m looking forward to many more cups and some experimentation.

As Micah began to get over-active, I took him to the bins of tea and we began to go through the samplers, experimenting with the scents of mint and cacao, then lemon and ginger…and on and on until he forgot where he was and became interested in the tea. He calmed down and enjoyed himself again.

My daughter came and picked him up at the shop. Teatime with grandma is a memory I’m creating with my grandchildren.


Awesome! My ex also had bipolar..


what a lovely story Bonnie. Micah sounds like a wonderful boy. Tell him I say so! :)


I know Grandma has him spoiled! Just like I have mine.


I also am guilty of bringing tea to a teashop :) wonderful story and love your words….nice to see teas weave with love


What an adorable picture! Thanks for sharing, Bonnie.


Gorgeous Grandma & Gorgeous Grandbabies ♡

This is my best tea drinking buddy, Zae,
She is my 3 yr old GrandAngel.
I have to coax my other GrandAngels into
having tea with me~not her!
She coos….mmmmmmm…’s yummy…
Especially if it is a Chai, but she loves all teas.
I have tea parties with all of my GrandAngels,
But she is the only angel drinking tea with me.
The other angels want juice or Kool-Aid in their tea cup.
Love the stories about your grandbabies, Bonnie ♡


Wow!What a cutie! Keep trying with the other ones! Even my older grandsons drink tea because they see cool college guys drinking tea at Happy Luckys Tea House. I write about life for many reasons. One reason is because people on Steepster have grandparents and might get insite from me. Another reason is that getting old is nothing to fear. We’ll all get old, so have fun with it!
Thanks for being friendly and for the encouragement!


Thank you & thanks for the encouragement.
They all have learned to drink tea when they are sick…I insist on a cup of tea
before bed to anyone coughing…lol…choice of chai or chamomile…
I figure one day, they will get it :-)

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2816 tasting notes

I got this as a blend to mix with other teas, I don’t intend to drink it on its own. Last night I added about 1 tsp. to some plain generic honeybush and it was great, I also want to try it with assam. I think the saffron and the elderberry are both nice touches to this blend which make it a little bit out of the ordinary.

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

Assam would really make it great.

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470 tasting notes

Sometimes I am drinking a cup of tea and think to myself “man, this would be great as a chai!” Which essentially is why I purchased the revamped version of this: it’s all the spices without the tea, so you can add it to whatever you want!

First experiment: mixed with Ovation’s Apple Cinnamon, honey and a splash of cream. Delicious! It’s like Adagio’s Apple Spice Chai only, you know, a million times better. Don’t get me wrong I do love the Adagio blend but the spices here are so deliciously complex. I’m going to have a lot of fun with thiw!


I love this blend! Even without tea added it keeps me up though!


I do find chai blends energizing! If I want a chai-like tea late at night I will go for Celestial’s Bengal Spice—not the classiest, but better than bouncing off the walls at midnight!


I have one celestial blend but I’m nervous to try it.


Celestial can be really hit or miss. They’re obviously not up to par with loose leaf but some of their bagged teas are very nice. I can’t live without Sleepytime and they have a fantastic dragonfruit/melon blend. Some of them are so tart though, too much hibiscus!


I like hibiscus, lol. I think I have ginigerbread though. I bought it for my daughter

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129 tasting notes

Right now I am drinking a pot of this mixed with
1 teabag Perfect Peach & 1 teabag True Blueberry
(Celestial Seasonings)
1 packet Pyure stevia
1 tsp Chai Spice
Nice and light mixed tea, but very relaxing


Never thought to do blueberry-peach. Hmmm!


It’s good :-)


Hmmm….I thought I might add…
I think it is the hibiscus in the Country Peach which accentuates the Blueberry,
BUT, it may be that each person who tries this may prefer 2 teabags instead
of one if they have a bigger teapot, etc…
Each person would perhaps want to try it “their way” :-)

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171 tasting notes

Mmmmmm. . . Got my January tea of the month club box today. I made this, stove top, without a black tea base because I worked late.
Holy crap this is good. Spicy and smooth and damn I love Cardamom!


good idea!


I haven’t had Chai in my house since Sept when I ran out of Chocolate Phoenix Chai. So many of them suck, they need to have a good spice! lol

Terri HarpLady

mmm…I want a cup of chai…


Yeah, I’m gonna make more now. lol


Mmmm… that looks and sounds so good!

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694 tasting notes

I ordered some of this back in October, but I haven’t busted it out until now. I came home early today to work from home b/c of the cute little winter storm we are having in KC. What goes better with a winter storm than a huge glass of stove top chai. Oh yeah!

I love chai, but most pre-made chais I buy from tea companies just don’t seem to cut it. They are weak in one area or another or the base isn’t grand. Having the chai spice to mix with the base of my choice or not mix seemed like a great idea particular for a gal who was looking to avoid caffeine at night. Today I made this with honeybush. It was good. There was a lingering flavor there that I am not sure was the honeybush or the spice. My next try with the spice combo will be just a plain batch of spice to really learn the flavor of the spice. I also thought a plain batch with a dash of cocoa would be fun to try as well. Oh the possibilities.

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84 tasting notes

This is such a good blend that I intend to keep in stock. I love that it is herbal, but if I want to change it up, can add some black tea and it becomes different and even more yum.

And as an update.. as I had mentioned in the past, this was originally purchased for my husband who expressed a request for chai last year. He has been in hospital most of the past 8 months and even though it was only a short while ago that doctors said would never be home again, a miracle of sorts happened and he is indeed now home!
So, being able to share a pot of this together again is something very special and precious, and I am so thankful for that simple thing.


Miracles are all around. Glad you were blessed with this. Sometimes we just have to look for the little ones we are given each day. :)


Miracles are all around. Glad you were blessed with this. Sometimes we just have to look for the little ones we are given each day. :)


So happy for you! <3


That is so very true, mrmopar. :) Thank you!

Thank you Indigobloom!

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